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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 358
from Brown Corpus
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Since and difficulty
Since the desired effect is computational difficulty, in theory one would choose an algorithm and desired difficulty level, thus decide the key length accordingly.
Since the only known way to solve that problem requires factoring the modulus, the difficulty of Integer factorization is generally regarded as providing security.
Since the winds in the higher latitudes predominantly blow west-to-east it can be seen that there is an easier route ( west-to-east ) and a harder route ( east-to-west ) when circumnavigating by sail ; this difficulty is magnified for square-rig vessels.
Since no bridges existed, creeks and streams presented a major difficulty.
Since the longer devices tended to work correctly on the first try, there must have been some difficulty in flattening the two high explosive lenses enough to achieve the desired length-to-width ratio.
Since the 2000s television in Ireland has expanded with the launch of Setanta Ireland ( in difficulty ), Bubble Hits ( now defunct ) and 3e ( originally C6 on Cable, later added to Sky ), which are available through PayTV cable and satellite services.
Since the only known way to solve that problem is to factor the modulus, it is generally regarded that the difficulty of integer factorization provides a conditional security proof for the Blum Blum Shub algorithm.
Since males have no role in parental care and give nothing to females except sperm, it is suggested that females gain genetic benefits from their mate choice, but this has not been established, in part, because of the difficulty of following offspring performance because males take seven years to reach sexual maturity.
Since the great success of 2001, Dullea has had difficulty reproducing a similar success on film, although he was a regular vocal performer on CBS Radio Mystery Theater, which ran from 1974 to 1982.
Since mating occurs inside the nest, the difficulty of access means other males are excluded.
Since however the peculiarities mentioned by Lucian do not appear in Greek portraits before the 3rd century BC and since the Greek art of the 4th century consistently idealizes, there would seem to be a difficulty to explain.
Since all karts go faster when using higher engine sizes, the four classes serve as difficulty levels.
Since the length of the snake increases with each number consumed, the game increases in difficulty over time.
Since most of the goods produced by the economy were covered by this control mechanism, producing units had difficulty obtaining needed items over and above their allocated levels.
Since a few prospect students can afford considerably higher tuition fees, the institute initially faces a slight difficulty to recruit undergraduate students with very high National Entrace Examination scores.
Since 1977 the event had also paid host to the Jubilee Challenge, which is a shorter version of ten tors for competitors who are impaired in some way ( be that a severe learning difficulty or physically disabled ) thus showing that any one can take up the challenge.
Since the station is carried in gifted space on a commercial DAB multiplex, rather than a BBC-controlled multiplex, the situation had come about due to a combination of legislation, internal politics, and difficulty in actually changing the name on the DAB transmissions.
Since maximum scores for each song are normalized 50, 000 regardless of difficulty, overall scores on songs can be compared.
Since the Disk System extension was not released in North America, the American version was released as a cartridge, however, it lost the three player mode ( only allowing for up to two players ), the story scenes were removed and the difficulty was altered.
Since Doralee is able to forge Hart's signature without difficulty, the three women use the occasion of their boss ' absence to effect numerous changes around the office, in his name.
Since XML is inherently sequential and objects are ( usually ) not, XML data binding mappings often have difficulty preserving all the information in an XML document.
Since the Met already had two first-class Wagnerian sopranos, Kirsten Flagstad and Marjorie Lawrence, Traubel at first had difficulty finding her niche.
Since the affair had been kept secret she had difficulty obtaining information about him, and could not afford to visit him in the Edinburgh hospital where he lay dying.

Since and drawing
Since the conclusion of Calvin and Hobbes, Watterson has taken up painting, at one point drawing landscapes of the woods with his father.
Since his early childhood he spent his free time by drawing on any material he could find.
Since knowledge is used to achieve intelligent behavior, the fundamental goal of knowledge representation is to facilitate reasoning, inferencing, or drawing conclusions.
Since that time many authors have emphasized a syncretic approach by drawing parallels between different disciplines.
Since the standardization of PC-compatible computers and Windows after the 1980s, most full-sized computer keyboards have followed this standard ( see drawing at right ).
Since the release of the band's self-titled debut album in March 1974, Rush has become known for its musicianship, complex compositions, and eclectic lyrical motifs drawing heavily on science fiction, fantasy, and philosophy.
Since Appleby stopped drawing Roger, the comic has run reprints of Robert Nixon strips from the 1980s.
Since it was specifically an apa for writing and drawing funny animals as a genre and discussing the new fandom that was forming about them, it is a handy landmark to say that ' furry fandom existed at this time.
Since 1946, the town has hosted a Fourth of July celebration that has become notably large for a town of its population-running for several days and drawing visitors from many states.
Since Condorito's creator had forbidden his team of artists and writers from drawing Yayita with provocative clothes or " sexy " attitudes to keep her in her canon " girl next door " character, this pair of girls was created to take Yayita's place during the riskier jokes or situations out of character for Yayita.
Since then Corben has done more work for Marvel, DC, IDW, and most notably Dark Horse, drawing the Eisner Award – winning Hellboy.
Since the Klingon phasers were redesigned for the third film, the original holsters no longer fit the weaponry ; as a result, no Klingons had ever been seen drawing a phaser.
Since drawing proceeds from back to front with closer objects simply overwriting farther ones, the process is known as employing the Painter's algorithm.
Since the advent of computer-aided design ( CAD ), engineering drawing has been done more and more in the electronic medium with each passing decade.
Since 2002, films have been screened at the cemetery at a gathering called Cinespia on weekends during the summer, drawing an average of 3, 000 people who come with beach chairs, blankets and food to sit on the Fairbanks Lawn and view the films, which are projected onto the white marble west wall of the Cathedral Mausoleum.
Since 1870, the Church has designated St Patrick's as the National Cathedral for the whole island, drawing chapter members from each of the twelve dioceses of the Church of Ireland.
Since the sound strip on 35 mm film is optical, it is possible to create synthetic sound as well as images by drawing or otherwise reproducing forms in the soundtrack area.
Since 2006, Virgin Festival has established itself as a hugely popular festival annually held at Pimlico Race Course, drawing in a variety of popular acts.
Since there was often a confluence of traditional African, Islamic and Mediterranean cultures, scholars have found that drawing distinct divisions between Muslim areas, ancient Egypt, the Mediterranean and indigenous black African societies makes little sense.
Since 1874, the Navy's Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service (" SHOA ", as acronym of " Servicio Hidrográfico y Oceanográfico de la Armada ") has been the Chilean official authority on drawing and publishing nautical charts of the South Pacific Ocean for Military and Civil navigation.
Since blood flows throughout the body, acting as a medium for providing oxygen and nutrients, and drawing waste products back to the excretory systems for disposal, the state of the bloodstream affects, or is affected by, many medical conditions.
Since the Dandy revamp occurring in October 2010 ; Wayne Thompson took over drawing Bananaman, a popular artist in The Dandy who has previously drawn Jak, Agent Dog 2-Zero and, occasionally, Bully Beef and Chips.
Since moving to the Baseball Grounds the Suns have consistently led the Southern League in attendance, drawing over 1 million fans in its first four years.
Since JCP had no real history in those areas, they subsequently hampered JCP's drawing power for arena shows in the Southeast.

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