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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1309
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Since and great
Since the hazards of poor communication are so great, p can be justified as a habitable site only on the basis of unusual productivity such as is made available by a waterfall for milling purposes, a mine, or a sugar maple camp.
Since the difficulty of drawing the net is great, we will merely discuss it.
Since the validity of all subsequent planning depends on the accuracy of the basic inventory information, great care is being taken that the inventory is as complete as possible.
Since the land he desired lay within the great northern empire of the Hudson's Bay Company, he purchased great blocks of the Comany's stock with the view to controlling its policies.
( page 33 ) On the other hand, a little later on he says: `` Since 1692 a great but superficial change has wiped out God's beard and the Devil's horns, but the world is still gripped between two diametrically opposed absolutes.
Since the Catholic Church expresses such desire that the Sacred Scriptures be read, the following taken from the Holy Bible ( New Catholic Edition ) will prove a means of grace and a source of great spiritual blessing.
Since one fluke always protrudes up from the set anchor, there is a great tendency of the rode to foul the anchor as the vessel swings due to wind or current shifts.
Since then, the " great fish " in Jonah 2 has most often been translated as " whale ".
Since the 14th century, each century has produced artists who have created great drawings.
Since the great majority of people who first attempted to transcribe Chinese were not linguists ( and even if they were, the principles of modern phonemics were not discovered for another two centuries ), their endeavour was marred by a lack of systematic approach and many contemporary European misconceptions about language.
Since the original definition of the metre was one-quarter of one ten-millionth of the circumference of the Earth ( along the great circle coincident with the meridian of longitude passing through Paris ), the circumference of the Earth is about 40, 000 km or about 200, 000 furlongs.
Since English, German and Dutch have many of the same etymological origins, there actually are a great number of words in both languages that are very similar and do have the same meaning ( e. g. word / Wort / woord, book / Buch / boek, house / Haus / huis, water / Wasser / water ...).
Since leprosy had nearly disappeared in Italy, Alberoni obtained the consent of the pope to suppress of the hospital, which had fallen into great disorder, and replaced it with a seminary for the priestly education of seventy poor boys, under the name of the Collegio Alberoni, which it still bears.
Since playing a major role in the defeat of Napoleon, Russia had been regarded as militarily invincible, but, once pitted against a coalition of the great powers of Europe, the reverses it suffered on land and sea exposed the weakness of Tsar Nicholas ' regime.
Since Caprino's death, his son Remo has had great success developing a computer game based on Flåklypa Grand Prix.
Since then, the " great fish " in Jonah 2 has been most often interpreted as a whale.
Since then great changes have taken place.
Since one is required by Confucian philosophy to show great reverence to one's parents and grandparents, children may also be required to kowtow to their elderly ancestors, particularly on special occasions.
Since most of the silk went to Marseille, the French began to have a great impact in the region.
Since the early Middle Ages, the trade in furs was of great economic importance for northern and eastern European nations with large native populations of fur-bearing mustelids, and was a major economic impetus behind Russian expansion into Siberia and French and English expansion in North America.
" Since over 90 % of the neurons in the brain release either glutamate or GABA, these labels encompass the great majority of neurons.
Since the discovery of superconductivity, great efforts have been devoted to finding out how and why it works.
Since then, there have been many great names in samba, such as Ismael Silva, Cartola, Ary Barroso, Noel Rosa, Ataulfo Alves, Wilson Batista, Geraldo Pereira, Zé Kéti, Candeia, Ciro Monteiro, Nelson Cavaquinho, Elton Medeiros, Paulinho da Viola, Martinho da Vila, and many others.

Since and flood
Since " information " in electronic media is often used synonymously with " data ", the term information explosion is closely related to the concept of data flood also dubbed data deluge.
Since 1885 this has occurred in 1886 – 1887, 1889 – 1890, 1916 – 1917, 1950, 1955, and 1974 – 1976, with the highest flood of in 1974.
Since the completion of the reservoir system, the highest Chattanooga flood stage has been nearly 37 feet, which occurred in 1973.
Since its inception, many improvements can be credited with the development of the flood wall murals and many other improvements throughout the city.
Since construction was complete, no major flooding has occurred in the area protected by the flood wall and levy.
Since 1998, the Ishim River in Astana has been actively managed, for flood management and maintaining water level, in order to provide for recreational use and ensure the showpiece appearance.
Since hog production has become consolidated in the coastal region of N. C., the high water tables and low-lying flood plains have increased the risk and impact of hog farm pollution.
Since Inachus was dated 400 years after the flood of Ogyges and that Ogyges himself was considered a Titan or a primordial Autochthon " from earliest ages ", some ancient Greek or Romans dated the creation ( beginning with Chaos or Gaia ) only a few hundred years before Ogyges ( 2376 – 2050 BC ).
Since the 1997 Red River Flood resulted in water levels that took the existing floodway to the limits of its capacity, various levels of government commissioned engineering studies for a major increase in flood protection for the City of Winnipeg.
Since the 1960s, parts of Launceston have been protected by a series of flood levees that reach up to in height.
Since then, even though Glen Canyon was never built for the purpose of flood control, Reclamation has maintained a minimum of of flood-storage space in the reservoir ( approximately 9 % of Lake Powell's capacity ) to be available on January 1 of any year.
Since the completion of the flood defences in 2006 ( see below ), a " Civic Space " has been introduced to replace the old bandstand.
Since 2000, the Lower Balonne floodplain in northwest New South Wales has not received enough water to flood the plains as it once did every two or three years.
Since the establishment of the Environment Agency several major flood events have occurred and the Agency has been the target of criticism.
Since the flood, a flood plain has been established throughout the city making development along the banks inconsiderable.
Since the dam's completion, however, this flood cycle has been interrupted.
Since the Southern Ocean sea-level stabilised 3000 years ago, the rivers of the Port Phillip Sunkland ceased eroding their channels and have been depositing an alluvium of silt, clay and sand in the lower reaches of the flood plains.
Since 1887, the highest flood level at Forbes was in June 1952 when the river peaked at 10. 80m ( 35 feet 3 inches ) at the Forbes Iron Bridge.
Since the village was not counted in that year, it is thought that it may have been abandoned for a short time and then relocated to its present position above the flood plain.
Since then, the department has been involved in numerous initiatives and legislative efforts, including the establishment of new state parks, new flood laws, hunter safety programs, forestry education and the general rejuvenation of Indiana's forestland.
Since the active involvement of the CCC began in the mid-1990s, flood and stormwater management have been implemented in the park and surrounding lands.
Since the 1930s, considerable flood protection measures have been undertaken on the Piako River and surrounding catchment, especially mainly north of Paeroa-Tahuna Road and the Kopuatai Peat Dome.
Since then, the Navy had provided 43, 850 kg of food and relief goods to flood victims ; 5, 700 kg of ready-to-cook food, 1, 000 kg of dates and 5, 000 kg of food has been dispatched to Sukkur.

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