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Since and psychiatric
Since September 1939 in nearby forest called Szpęgawski Forest ( north-east of the town ) Germans had killed in mass executions about 7000 Poles, among them 1680 Kocborowo ( Konradstein ) and Świecie psychiatric hospitals patients.
Since 1969, D ' Adamo reported that Gigante had been treated on 20 different separate occasions for psychiatric disorders at St. Vincent's Hospital in Harrison, New York.
Since Judge Dupree refused both the defense and prosecution requests for any psychiatric evaluation to be done for MacDonald, he also refused the prosecution's request to allow into evidence any part of the Article 32 transcripts from MacDonald's 1970 U. S. Army hearing.
Since then these options have expanded to giving a warning, fiscal fines, compensation orders, work orders, road traffic fixed penalties or diversion from prosecution into social work, psychological counselling or psychiatric treatment.
Since some medical and psychiatric conditions mimic the symptoms of DPD, clinicians must differentiate between and rule out the following to establish a precise diagnosis: temporal lobe epilepsy, panic disorder, acute stress disorder, schizophrenia, migraine, drug use, brain tumour or lesion.
Since 1998 the building which once served as the hospital's psychiatric facility has been used as a homeless intake center and a men's homeless shelter.
Since 1992, she has been struggling to overcome depression and anxiety, in connection with which she spent two weeks under institutionalized psychiatric care at The Priory in the early 1990s.
Since then these options have expanded to giving a warning, fiscal fines, compensation orders, work orders, road traffic fixed penalties or diversion from prosecution into social work, psychological counselling or psychiatric treatment.
Since that time, all clinical and research services at the two primary Cornell psychiatric campuses — in Manhattan and in White Plains, New York — have been named after Payne Whitney.

Since and interview
In an interview with American Songwriter, Coyne stated that " Since we were releasing music every month, we thought it would be a little bit boring for us each month to say ‘ Well here ’ s four more Flaming Lips songs.
In retrospect, Schreiber said in a 2008 interview, he appreciates his mother's influences, saying, " Since I've had Sasha, I've completely identified with everything my mother went through raising me ... And I think her choices were inspired.
In a 1996 interview, Hall stated, " Since we went to Western Illinois University, Stabbing Westward had a certain ' kill everybody in the school ' vibe to it!
Since 2010, he has been the Executive Producer of In Confidence, an interview series made for Sky Arts.
Since 1978, Jandek has self-released over 60 albums of unusual, often emotionally dissolute folk and blues songs without ever granting more than the occasional interview or providing any biographical information.
According to a newspaper interview with a voice talent manager, " Since the Yamato boom, the word ' seiyū ' has become instantly recognized, before that actors and actresses who introduced themselves as seiyū were often asked, ' You mean you work for Seiyu supermarket?
Since the book came out, a Russian veteran has given an interview in which he confirmed their basic conclusion as to the fate of the Amber Room, although he denies that the fires were deliberate.
Since 1991 he has hosted Charlie Rose, an interview show distributed nationally by PBS since 1993.
Since you ’ ve got these five men under arrest, it will be best to taper the matter off here .” This conversation implicitly stated that the FBI should not interview Manuel Ogarrio and Kenneth Dahlberg, individuals connected with the money used to fund the Watergate burglars.
Since 2003, WWE programming has contained other Piper's Pit-style interview segments hosted by other WWE superstars.
Since 2001, the only releases have been a concert / interview DVD ( released in 2005 ) and a joint single with John Otway, " No Offence-None Taken ", available for download only.
Since then, the announcers that CBS has hired have been known to interview guests instead of paying attention to the parade.
Since 2005 it has received grants for the re-fitting of the training kitchen and construction and refurbishment to create a dedicated teaching area, counselling and interview rooms and a studio space for physical and community activities.
Since they had done a lot of business with the hedge fund Alex felt that it was only fair to grant him an interview, give him 30 seconds to give his best three investment ideas and then leave — Alex getting pleasure by treating Robin the way he had treated him.
Since Smith's retirement from Congress, she has devoted all her energy to this cause, traveling around the world to create partnerships, interview survivors, and raise awareness.
Since then his mother Martha Ross has jokingly refused to speak to Paul unless, as she stated in a 2007 Radio Times interview, he presents her with some Ann Summers lingerie.
Since then he and partner David Read make an annual pilgrimage to Vancouver, where the franchise is filmed, to visit the studio and interview the casts and crews of both shows for the Website.
In an interview for Blender, Martin and Dr. Luke revealed that they had originally intended Pink to sing " Since U Been Gone ", however, she turned it down.
" In an interview with Billboard, Dr. Luke explained the genesis of " Since U Been Gone ", saying
In an interview with Dan Snierson of Entertainment Weekly, it was noted that Clarkson sang " So together but so broken up inside / ' Cause I can't breathe " in " Behind These Hazel Eyes " but in " Since U Been Gone ", she sang " But since you been gone / I can breathe for the first time.
Since 1978, he has self-released 40 albums of unusual, often emotionally dissolute folk and blues songs without ever granting a real interview or providing any biographical information.
* Booknotes interview with Szulc on Then and Now: How the World Has Changed Since World War II, August 19, 1990.

Since and like
Since little is known about autism, and almost nothing has been written for the layman, we'd like to share one experienced mother's comments.
`` Since the war I have seen the way the Germans have behaved and I think, Holy Mother, we have behaved like this for hundreds of years.
Since these electrons are moving like planets, you may wonder whether there is an atomic sun at the center of the atom.
Since Fire Temple was at least partially built to conform to the dimensions of the cliff alcove in which it was built, it is neither round in form nor truly subterranean like other structures defined as kivas
Since in oral languages the elements of sound are for the most part produced linearly in time ( that is, in a word like cat the a sound comes after the c sound, and the t sound comes after that ), they can generally be easily written in a linear ( one-dimensional ) writing system such as an alphabet.
Since then a number of independent developers released games into the new decade, like Championship Rally, CyberVirus, and Alpine Games.
Since Claudius ( like most of the members of his dynasty ) heavily criticized his predecessors and relatives in surviving speeches, it is not hard to imagine the nature of Suetonius ' charge.
Since it does not think, it does not have a " mind " in anything like the normal sense of the word, according to Searle.
Since dextromethorphan is an optical isomer of the Schedule II opiate levomethorphan ( but does not act like an opiate ), an exemption was necessary to keep it a non-controlled substance.
Since mathematics is related to logic, he cites an example from mathematics: If we have a formula like ( a + b )( a-b )= a²-b² it does not tell us how to think mathematically.
Since both birds are stringy, and taste unpleasant, the skin and feathers could be kept and filled with the cooked, minced and seasoned flesh of tastier birds, like goose or chicken.
Since Galen states that he is using observations of monkeys ( human dissection was prohibited ) to give an account of what the body looks like, Vesalius could portray himself as using Galen's approach of description of direct observation to create a record of the exact details of the human body, since he worked in a time when human dissection was allowed.
Since quarks make up the baryons and the mesons, and the strong interaction takes place between baryons and mesons, one could say that the color force is the source of the strong interaction, or that the strong interaction is like a residual color force that extends beyond the baryons, for example when protons and neutrons are bound together in a nucleus.
Since Galileo was designed to provide the highest possible precision ( possibly even greater than GPS ) to anyone, the US was concerned that an enemy could use Galileo signals in military strikes against the US and its allies ( some weapons like missiles use GNSS systems for guidance ).
Since version 7. 0, support for " reversible debugging " — allowing a debugging session to step backward, much like rewinding a crashed program to see what happened — is available.
Since then, pop singers in the latter group have included KK, Baba Sehgal, Alisha Chinai, Shantanu Mukherjee aka Shaan, Sagarika, Colonial Cousins ( Hariharan, Leslie Lewis ), Lucky Ali, and Sonu Nigam, and music composers like Jawahar Wattal, who made top selling albums with, Daler Mehndi, Shubha Mudgal, Baba Sehgal, Swetha Shetty and Hans Raj Hans.
Since he is still in his teens, he's shown at times acting like a typical teenage boy ( such as his facial expression after Emma Frost walks by him in episode 3 ).
Since 1867, restrictions and / or the deconstruction of the samurai class meant that most blades have been worn jindachi-zukuri style, like Western navy officers.
Since 1980, linguists studying children, such as Melissa Bowerman, and psychologists following Jean Piaget, like Elizabeth Bates and Jean Mandler, came to suspect that there may indeed be many learning processes involved in the acquisition process, and that ignoring the role of learning may have been a mistake.
Since then WDC have moved much of the original MOS catalog to CMOS, and the 6502 continues to be a popular CPU in embedded systems, like medical equipment and car dashboard controllers.
" Featured on the magazine cover is defensive player Dennis Gaubatz, number 53, in midair pursuit with this description: " That is he, looming 10 feet tall or taller above the Steelers ' signal caller ... Since Gaubatz acts like this on Sunday, I'll do my quarterbacking Monday.
Since it depends only on the basic mechanic of betting in rounds, strip poker can be played with any form of poker ; however, it is usually based on simple variants with few betting rounds, like five card draw.
Since demurrer procedure required an immediate ruling like a motion, many common law jurisdictions therefore went to a narrower understanding of pleadings as framing the issues in a case but not being motions in and of themselves, and replaced the demurrer with the motion to dismiss for failure to state a cause of action or the application to strike out particulars of claim.
Since musketeers could not afford to take the time to stop and clean their barrels in the middle of a battle, rifles were limited to use by sharpshooters and non-military uses like hunting.

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