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from Brown Corpus
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Since and railroad
Since this book is concerned only incidentally with railroad rates, it will not attempt to analyze the methods by which the staff of the Interstate Commerce Commission has estimated out-of-pocket costs and apportioned residue costs.
Since that time the telegraph office has shifted in location from the railroad station at the Depot and shops at the Center back to the town clerk's office and drugstore at the Village.
Since early in the 1840s the topic of a transcontinental railroad had been discussed.
Since mainland China's railroad network was underdeveloped, north-south trade depended heavily on sea lanes.
Since the site was some distance from the nearest existing community, he asked the railroad company to make a special stop to offload the supplies he'd ordered.
Since its inception, the railroad line from East Dubuque to Bloomington has been decommissioned.
Since the end of 2008 the railroad right-of-way has been used for the placement of poles that carry electric power from the wind turbines in western Benton County to the substation at Montmorenci.
Since this dark green paint was in abundance on the railroad, it was the color used on the passenger cars.
Since the decline of the railroad began in the 1950s, the city's population has remained relatively constant.
Since its beginnings as a mountain ranch, Oakridge has been a railroad boomtown, a lumberjacks ' haven, and an outdoor enthusiast's destination.
Since the original plot was over the mountain West of Carlton, it was a matter of convenience for the railroad to build where it presently is, because negotiating the mountain was not feasible.
Since Mineola was in the heart of the East Texas timber belt, timber was plentiful for railroad tiemaking and lumber.
Since the railroad downgraded its facilities along First St. in 1957, the downtown has remained dormant.
Since 1750, Tildonk is traversed by the Leuven-Rupel canal and, since 1837, by the Mechelen-Leuven railroad line.
Since most of the team ’ s players were employed by the railroad, they could ride the train free of charge.
Since the team was composed mainly of railroad workers, the scenario gave the players limited time to practice and prepare for games.
Since the 1960s, railroad distributed power technology has been dominated by one company, Harris Controls ( originally Harris Corporation — Controls and Composition Division, later purchased by General Electric, and now known as GE Transportation Systems Global Signalling ), who have manufactured and marketed a patented radio-control system known as Locotrol that is the predominant ( perhaps only?
Since 1885, Niš was the last station of the Orient Express, until the railroad was built between Niš and Sofia in 1888.
Since the Illinois Central purchase in 1998 CN has been increasingly focused on running a " scheduled freight railroad / railway ", meeting on-time performance with rail industry-leading consistency.
Since mainland China's railroad network was underdeveloped, north-south trade depended heavily on sea lanes.
Since October 2007 construction works have started on a new railroad between Schaarbeek and Mechelen on the central reservation of the E 19 ( Belgian A1 ) with the purpose of improving the train connection between Antwerp, Brussels Airport and Brussels.
Since the 1980s, its northern and southern shores have been connected by the three routes of the Honshū-Shikoku Bridge Project, including the Great Seto Bridge, which serves both railroad and automobile traffic.
Since the settlement of Miles City, at the mouth of the Tongue, and the related settlement of Sheridan, Wyoming, located approximately 125 air miles to the south there has been much discussion of a north-south railroad connecting the cities and corridored along the Tongue River valley.
Since mainland China's railroad network was underdeveloped, north-south trade depended heavily on sea lanes.

Since and cannot
Since there are almost no schools in the country offering graduate work in interior design this rule cannot at present be observed.
Since a national interpretation cannot be avoided it is unfortunate that the elections were not held in a way to maximize party responsibility and the educational effect of mass political participation.
Since this type of item was not in the statute when section 381 was enacted in 1954, one cannot say with certainty what effect the enactment of that section should have.
Since apurva is non-sentient, it cannot act unless moved by an intelligent being such as a god.
Since a player cannot control another player's bids, and since all bids are non-refundable, the auction involves a considerable amount of strategizing and prioritization by players.
Since they have paid points for the items, they are a part of the character's legend, and cannot lightly be destroyed.
Since the implementation of the Statute of Westminster 1931 in each of the Commonwealth realms ( on successive dates from 1931 onwards ), the Act of Settlement cannot be altered in any realm except by that realm's own parliament and, by convention, only with the consent of all the other realms, as it touches on the succession to the shared throne.
Since inside pitching is a legitimate tactic in baseball, courts have recognized that being hit by a pitch is an inherent risk of the game, so that players cannot sue for any resulting injuries.
Since there are infinitely many positive integers, this means that there are positive integers that cannot be defined by phrases of under eleven words.
Since Carmichael numbers exist, this primality test cannot be relied upon to prove the primality of a number, although it can still be used to prove a number is composite.
Since μ is a function of x, we cannot simplify any further directly.
Since no variables of this language range over the reals, we cannot simply copy the earlier definition of definability.
Since non-Euclidean geometry is provably relatively consistent with Euclidean geometry, the parallel postulate cannot be proved from the other postulates.
Since electrical energy cannot easily be stored in quantities large enough to meet demands on a national scale, at all times exactly as much must be produced as is required.
Since the valves of the heart do not receive any dedicated blood supply, defensive immune mechanisms ( such as white blood cells ) cannot directly reach the valves via the bloodstream.
Since details of fact change constantly, these cannot be the most important.
Since it was a work created by the US federal government, a copyright cannot be placed on the source code, making the source code in the public domain.
Since every sequence of real numbers can be used to construct a real not in the sequence, the real numbers cannot be written as a sequence — that is, the real numbers are not countable.
Since the base of the case must be hard, it cannot be annealed.
Since the Church did not make either of these laws, she cannot be their arbiter — only their guardian and interpreter.
Since one cannot logically consider these subjects to be both " at the same moment " and " away in time ", an exclusive choice has to be made that defines these two separate domains, B and C. Our reality or domain B is created by the complex, but consistent transformation of A by our biological and mental makeup.
According to the what economist Nicholas Barr describes as the " classical definition of income :" the 1938 Haig-Simons definition, " income may be defined as the ... sum of ( 1 ) the market value of rights exercised in consumption and ( 2 ) the change in the value of the store of property rights ..." Since the consumption potential of non-monetary goods, such as leisure, cannot be measured, monetary income may be thought of as a proxy for full income.
Since 1927 South Australia has permitted majority verdicts of 11: 1, and 10: 1 or 9: 1 where the jury has been reduced, in criminal trials if a unanimous verdict cannot be reached in four hours.
Since there has been a lot of cross-fertilization between these styles, with many practitioners training or competing under the rules of more than one style, the history of the individual styles cannot be seen in isolation from one another.

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