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Since and scientific
Since the change to better nutrition, he feels he can report on improvements in health, though he considers the following statements observations and not scientific proof.
Since many scientific applications require incubation at temperatures close to human body temperature ( 37 ° C ), agar is more appropriate than other solidifying agents that melt at this temperature, such as gelatin.
Since most BME-related professions involve scientific research, such as in pharmaceutical and medical device development, graduate education is almost a requirement ( as undergraduate degrees typically do not involve sufficient research training and experience ).
Since the later 20th century, use of CE and BCE has been popularized in academic and scientific publications, and more generally by publishers emphasizing secularism or sensitivity to non-Christians.
Since 1979 the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution has addressed some of the major environmental problems of the UNECE region through scientific collaboration and policy negotiation.
Since the overwhelming majority of scientists accept the modern evolutionary synthesis as the best explanation of current data, the term is seldom used in the scientific community ; to say someone is a scientist implies acceptance of evolutionary views, unless specifically noted otherwise.
Since Fortran has been in use for more than fifty years, there is a vast body of Fortran in daily use throughout the scientific and engineering communities.
Since the U. S. Supreme Court ruling in Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc., lay judges have become " gatekeepers " of scientific testimony.
Since Kourouniotes ’ s excavation, anthropologists and scholars of Arcadian religion have studied the site in terms of its development as a sanctuary, but there was no further systematic or scientific investigation until 1996, when Dr. David Gilman Romano of the University of Pennsylvania conducted a topographical and architectural survey of the site.
Since the object of scientific research is the discovery of new phenomena, this bias can and has caused new discoveries to be overlooked.
Since the soul is a spiritual substance it is not brought into being through transformation of matter, but directly by God, whence the special uniqueness of each person .." Fifty years later, Pope John Paul II, stating that scientific evidence now seemed to favour the evolutionary theory, upheld the distinction of Pius XII regarding the human soul.
Since the 20th century, the work of physics research has been divided between theorists and experimentalists ( see scientific method ).
Since this cause has been pending in this court, we have been favored, in addition to briefs of counsel and various amici curiae, with a multitude of resolutions, addresses, and communications from scientific bodies, religious factions, and individuals giving us the benefit of their views upon the theory of evolution.
" Since no molecular experimental evidence has been presented in support of this theory, this theory is not accepted by the majority of the scientific community. l
Since 2004 the Discovery Channel TV show MythBusters tries to prove or disprove urban legends by attempting to reproduce them using the scientific method.
Since many materials can form crystals — such as salts, metals, minerals, semiconductors, as well as various inorganic, organic and biological molecules — X-ray crystallography has been fundamental in the development of many scientific fields.
Since Schliemann's day more scientific excavations have taken place at Mycenae, mainly by Greek archaeologists but also by the British School at Athens.
Since 1984 the great majority of this work has been organized and communicated within the boundaries of a specialized scientific event-the Computer Supported Cooperative Work conferences-which are held by the Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group in Computer-Human Interaction biannually.
Since Forster's published descriptions of other nations were seen as impartial scientific observations, Forster's disparaging description of Poland in his letters and diaries was often taken at face value in Imperial and Nazi Germany, where it was used as a means of science-based support for a purported German superiority.
Since the 1970s " scientific jury selection " has become popular.
Since the early twentieth century when astronomer Edwin Hubble first hypothesized that redshift shows the universe is expanding, prevailing scientific opinion has been that the current state of the universe is the result of a process described by the Big Bang.
Since its first official nomenclature in 1792 ( Canis antarcticus ), the scientific name of the dingo has changed several times.
Since then, Iceland has resumed whaling for scientific purpose and has rejoined the IWC ( in October 2002 ).
Since then, much scientific research has been devoted to various experiments employing saccade adaptation.

Since and revolution
Since the revolution and the subsequent mutually-agreed peaceful dissolution of Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the Czechs have made integration with Western institutions their chief foreign policy objective.
Since the KMT had completed the first step of revolution through seizure of power in 1928, Chiang's rule thus began a period of what his party considered to be " political tutelage " in Sun Yat-sen's name.
Since then Mao's peasant revolutionary vision and so-called " continued revolution under the dictatorship of the proletariat " stipulated that class enemies continued to exist even though the socialist revolution seemed to be complete, giving way to the Cultural Revolution.
Since the 1970s there has been a revolution in scholarship: the Elohist source is now widely regarded as no more than a variation on the Yahwist, while the Priestly source is increasingly seen not as a document but as a body of revisions and expansions to the Yahwist ( or " non-Priestly ") material.
Since the 1979 Islamic revolution, the Iranian government has executed more than 4, 000 such people.
Since the Marxist revolution in 1978, the city has been a target of foreign-backed militant groups such as the Mujahideen, Taliban, Haqqani network, Hezbi Islami, and others.
Since then the area has remained under the control of the Grimaldi family to the present day, except when under French control during the French revolution from 1793 to May 17, 1814.
Since the cultural revolution of the 17th century in England, which spread to France and the rest of Europe, society has been considered subject to natural laws akin to the physical world.
Since the velvet revolution, the Czech Republic has successfully transformed itself into a free market economy.
Since the 1979 revolution the persecution of Bahá ' ís has increased with oppression, the denial of civil rights and liberties, and the denial of access to higher education and employment.
Since the 1979 revolution, the authorities have destroyed most or all of the Baha ' i holy places in Iran, including the House of the Bab in Shiraz, a house in Tehran where Bahá ' u ' lláh was brought up, and other sites connected to aspects of Babi and Baha ' i history.
Since then the country's policies have oscillated between the two opposing tendencies of revolutionary ardour, which would eliminate Western and non-Muslim influences while promoting the Islamic revolution abroad, and pragmatism, which would advance economic development and normalization of relations.
Since then, this song, which contains a message of liberty and patriotism, has been sung during all major Romanian conflicts, including during the 1989 anti-Ceauşist revolution.
Since the English came late to the transatlantic trade, their commercial revolution was later as well.
Since the movement's international expansion beginning in the 1960s and extension of social and cultural activities beginning in the 1970s, Ikeda expanded his predecessor's ideas of " human revolution " and " engaging with the world, rather than liberation from it ", emphasizing, in the words of one observer, a " humanistic activism " as both the religious and social aims of Nichiren Buddhism.
Since the revolution I have taken the name of a saint who was hanged for his republican principles .”
Since 2001, the building serves as a museum to the revolution.
Since Marxism emphasises the contingency of political developments on material historical circumstances ( as against ' idealism '), it is worthwhile to have some idea of how Marx saw the context in which he advocated ' permanent revolution '.
Since the wind pulls each blade around on both the windward and leeward sides of the turbine, this feature spreads the torque evenly over the entire revolution, thus preventing destructive pulsations.
Since the Islamic revolution in 1979, and in particular following the terrorist attacks against the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires in February 1992 and the AMIA Jewish center in Buenos Aires in July 1994, in which over 100 people were killed and for Iran's leadership was accused of having masterminded, the World Jewish Congress has been vocal in denouncing what it calls the “ Iranian threat .”
Since the revolution university enrollment and the number of women in the civil service and higher education has risen ( to the alarm of some regime authorities ), and several women have been elected to the Iranian parliament.
Since the 1970s, however, most Marxist organizations explicitly support such liberation movements, not only because they are worthy in and of themselves, but also on the grounds that they are seen as necessary for a working-class revolution.
Since an influential segment of anarchists reject either dialectical materialism or historical materialism or both, these anarchists usually do not claim that revolution and the reorganization of society are inevitable, only that they are desirable.

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