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Since and then
Since then, and since the pure grain had gotten him divorced from every decent -- and even indecent -- group from Greenwich Village to the Embarcadero, he had become a sucker-rolling freight-jumper.
Since then nothing has happened to save the life of Pope.
Since then, the flowers she had planted had spread all over the hill.
Since then, there has been a notable increase in the number of stations and also the accumulation of additional data and the development of new techniques for using it, leading to a better understanding of propagation phenomena.
Since then, many Protestant denominations have made separate pronouncements, in which they not only approved birth control, but declared it at times to be a religious duty.
Since then he had worked at this and that, though some said his main interest was gambling.
Since then and during the first decade, the results were given to newspapers for publication at 11 pm on the night of the awards.
Since then, it has focused on improving relationships with Western countries, cultivating links with other Portuguese-speaking countries, and asserting its own national interests in Central Africa through military and diplomatic intervention.
Since then commercial interest in mouthwashes has been intense and several newer products claim effectiveness in reducing the build-up in dental plaque and the associated severity of gingivitis ( inflammation of the gums ), in addition to fighting bad breath.
Since then, the standard set of languages included in Altaic has comprised Turkic, Mongolic, Tungusic, Korean, and Japanese.
Since then, Alumni has played at the highest level of Argentinian rugby and its rivalry with Belgrano Athletic Club is one of the fiercest local derbies in Buenos Aires.
Since the mid-1890s Schweitzer had formed the inner resolve that it was needful for him as a Christian to repay to the world something for the happiness which it had given to him, and he determined that he would pursue his younger interests until the age of thirty and then give himself to serving humanity, with Jesus serving as his example.
Since then God's Naam and Will have become expressed and creative functioning in the universe goes on.
Since then, the antiparticles of many other subatomic particles have been created in particle accelerator experiments.
Since this process does not involve any heat transfer or work, the First Law of Thermodynamics then implies that the net internal energy change of the system is zero.
Since then, other works of his have been translated into English.
Since then, American English has been influenced by the languages of West Africa, the Native American population, Spanish, and immigration.
Since 1977, New Zealand has celebrated Arbor Day on June 5, which is also World Environment Day, prior to then Arbor Day, in New Zealand, was celebrated on August 4 – which is rather late in the year for tree planting in New Zealand hence the date change.
Since then the " Common Strategy " policy in the USA and the rest of the world has no longer been used.
Since 1990, AIX has served as the primary operating system for the RS / 6000 series ( later renamed IBM eServer pSeries, then IBM System p, and now IBM Power Systems ).
Since then many more have been identified and named.
Since John Wesley ordained and sent forth every Methodist preacher in his day, who preached and baptized and ordained, and since every Methodist preacher who has ever been ordained as a Methodist was ordained in this direct " succession " from Wesley, then the Methodist Church teaches that it has all the direct merits coming from apostolic succession, if any such there be.
Since then the corporate headquarters have moved to New York City at 1 Park Avenue in Manhattan.
Since then groups that are not affiliated to the Santo Daime have used ayahuasca, and a number of different ' styles ' have been developed, such as the non-religious approach developed by Daniel Waterman in 2001, popularly termed Ayahuasca Open Style ( AOS ).
Since then the Archbishops of Canterbury have been referred to as occupying the Chair of St. Augustine.

Since and bridges
Since taking over the franchise, Attanasio has worked hard to build bridges with Milwaukee baseball fans, including giving away every seat to the final home game of 2005 free of charge and bringing back the classic " ball and glove " logo of the club's glory days on " Retro Friday " home games, during which they also wear versions of the team's old pinstriped uniforms.
Since the 1960s some Anglican churches have reinstituted the diaconate as a permanent, rather than transitional, order of ministry focused on ministry that bridges the church and the world, especially ministry to those on the margins of society.
Since a decision was expected from England, and feeling that Bligh's behaviour had been insufferable, Foveaux left Bligh under house arrest and turned his attention to improving the colony's roads, bridges and public buildings, which he felt had been badly neglected.
Since no bridges existed, creeks and streams presented a major difficulty.
Since its completion, the span length has been surpassed by eight other bridges.
Since they are noncovalently bound to the fibrils, they may reversibly associate and disassociate so that the bridges between fibrils can be broken and reformed.
Since Expo 2000 bridges over the Oker in Brunswick and its surrounding area were artistically designed ; after 2004 this was carried out as part of the Okerlicht project.
Since the city straddles the Reuss River where it drains the lake, it has a number of bridges.
Since at least medieval times there have been hinges to draw bridges for defensive purposes for fortified buildings.
Since the 17th century Poel has been connected to the mainland with dams and bridges.
Since the strings do not need to bear down heavily on the bridges ( a force of 600 to 1200 pounds = 2. 7 to 5. 4 kN in conventional pianos ), bridge agraffes may also help preserve the crucial upward curve, or " crown ," in the soundboard.
Since at least the Middle Ages some bridges capable of carrying horse or carriage traffic have been constructed using drystone techniques.
Since December 2005, the international bridges linking the Argentine province of Entre Ríos with Uruguay have been intermittently blockaded by Argentine protestors, causing major disruptions in commercial traffic and tourism.
Since the main body was away and south of the bridgeheads, the last tanks, trucks and wagons were driven into the icy water, trees were felled to form makeshift bridges and the troops floundered across as best as they could, with hundreds of exhausted men drowning, being swept downstream with horses and military debris.
Since opening in 2004 the deck height of Millau has been surpassed by several suspension bridges in China including Siduhe, Balinghe and two spans ( Beipanjiang River 2003 Bridge and Beipanjiang River 2009 Bridge ) over the Beipanjiang River.
Since then, all bridges across the Neva and other major rivers in the city ( 21 in total ) were bascule to facilitate navigation, which prevented the city's inhabitants from travelling across the river at night ( this remained so until 2003 when the first cable-stayed bridge across the Neva was opened ).
Since then the term has come to describe a fashion and music trend that bridges both the gothic and rockabilly subcultures.
Since 1969, it was listed by Guinness World Records as the longest bridge over water in the world ; in 2011 in response to the opening of the allegedly longer Jiaozhou Bay Bridge in China, Guinness created two categories for bridges over water: continuous and aggregate lengths over water.
Since 1977 Caudebec has been served by the Pont de Brotonne, one of three bridges built across the Seine, downstream from Rouen since 1960, to replace the many ferries so making vehicular access between the Pays de Caux and the Autoroute A13 easier.
Since then it is has remained essentially unchanged with the same pathways and bridges as in earlier times, but with the addition of visitor facilities on the Puzzlewood site.
Since then Project DANTAK has been responsible for the construction and maintenance of over 1, 500 km of roads and bridges, Paro Airport and a disused airfield at Yangphula, heliports, and other infrastructure.
Since HomePlug devices typically function as transparent network bridges, computers running any operating system can use them for network access.
Since the 16th century it was again populated, but due to lack of communication with Warsaw ( until the 19th century there were no permanent bridges across the Vistula at Warsaw ) it was an unimportant suburb.
Since phonon-polaritons propagate with frequencies in the range of hundreds of gigahertz to several terahertz, polaritonics bridges the gap between electronics and photonics.

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