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Since and process
Since the complicated process of establishing new communes and reviewing the rudimentary plan left by the French did not even begin until the fall of 1957, this goal appears somewhat ambitious.
Since the evolution of the Aramaic alphabet out of the Phoenician one was a gradual process, the division of the world's alphabets into those derived from the Phoenician one directly and those derived from Phoenician via Aramaic is somewhat artificial.
Since temperature is thermodynamically conjugate to entropy, the isothermal process is conjugate to the adiabatic process for reversible transformations.
Since at constant temperature, the entropy is proportional to the volume, the entropy increases in this case, therefore this process is irreversible.
Since we require the process to be adiabatic, the following equation needs to be true
Since computers can make arithmetic calculations much faster and more accurately than humans, it was thought to be only a short matter of time before the technical details could be taken care of that would allow them the same remarkable capacity to process language.
Since then there has been a systematic reconstruction and rebuilding process, though sporadic fighting continues in the mountains and southern regions of the republic.
Since the operating system has effectively suspended the execution of the first process, it can now load the PCB and context of the second process.
Since E. histolytica does not form cysts in vitro in the absence of bacteria, it is not possible to study the differentiation process in detail in that species.
Since the larger of the two numbers is reduced, repeating this process gives successively smaller numbers until one of them is zero.
Since it is immiscible with water, the main constituent of biological tissue, water must first be removed in the process of dehydration.
Since, by the second law of thermodynamics, this is statistically improbable to the point of exclusion, the Carnot efficiency is a theoretical upper bound on the reliable efficiency of any process.
Since then, many researches have been conducted to modulate steps in gene expression process.
Since the end of the war, Jordan has largely restored its relations with Western countries through its participation in the Middle East peace process and enforcement of UN sanctions against Iraq.
Since the term value is understood in the LTV as denoting something created by labor, and its " magnitude " as something proportional to the quantity of labor performed, it is important to explain how the labor process both preserves value and adds new value in the commodities it creates.
Since behaviorists view the learning process as a change in behavior, educators arrange the environment to elicit desired responses through such devices as behavioral objectives, competency-based education, and skill development and training.
Since 1980, linguists studying children, such as Melissa Bowerman, and psychologists following Jean Piaget, like Elizabeth Bates and Jean Mandler, came to suspect that there may indeed be many learning processes involved in the acquisition process, and that ignoring the role of learning may have been a mistake.
Since this use of the term conflicts with that of ordinary language, some psychologists have preferred to describe this process as " imaging " or " imagery " or to speak of it as " reproductive " as opposed to " productive " or " constructive " imagination.
Since processors are built to interpret and process digital data, i. e. 1s and 0s, they are not able to do anything with the analog signals that may be sent to it by a device.
Since the creation of heavier nuclei by fusion costs energy, nature resorts to the process of neutron capture.
Since Whitehead, process thought is distinguished from Hegel in that it describes entities which arise or coalesce in becoming, rather than being simply dialectically determined from prior posited determinates.
Since Fisher's initial conceptual model of the ' runaway ' process, Russell Lande and Peter O ' Donald have provided detailed mathematical proofs that define the circumstances under which runaway sexual selection can take place.

Since and does
( D ) Since the shape of the drop conforms to the force field, it does not appreciably affect the distribution of forces in the fluid.
Since the time of Catherine II the ranks of Abbot and Archimandrite have been given as honorary titles in the Russian Church, and may be given to any monastic, even if he does not in fact serve as the superior of a monastery.
Since many AI problems have no formalisation yet, conventional complexity theory does not allow the definition of AI-completeness.
Since its introduction at games by the " Roar from 34 ", led by Wild Bill Hagy and others, in the late 1970s, it has been a tradition at Orioles games for fans to yell out the " Oh " in the line " Oh, say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave " in " The Star-Spangled Banner ".
Since virtually every calculation in quantum mechanics involves vectors and linear operators, it can involve, and often does involve, bra-ket notation.
Since the movie omits the religious and mythical elements of Dick's original novel ( e. g. empathy boxes and Wilbur Mercer ), it falls more strictly within the cyberpunk genre than the novel does.
Since it reflects spoken language, it does not use the positional system as in Arabic numerals, in the same way that spelling out numbers in English does not.
" Since he does not understand Chinese, Searle argues, we must infer that the computer does not understand Chinese either.
Since it does not think, it does not have a " mind " in anything like the normal sense of the word, according to Searle.
Since a witness called by the opposing party is presumed to be hostile, cross-examination does permit leading questions.
Since dextromethorphan is an optical isomer of the Schedule II opiate levomethorphan ( but does not act like an opiate ), an exemption was necessary to keep it a non-controlled substance.
Since mathematics is related to logic, he cites an example from mathematics: If we have a formula like ( a + b )( a-b )= a²-b² it does not tell us how to think mathematically.
Since E. histolytica does not form cysts in the absence of bacteria, E. invadens has become used as a model for encystation studies as it will form cysts under axenic growth conditions, which simplifies analysis.
Since the underlying behaviour doesn't violate local causality, it follows that neither does the additional effect of wavefunction collapse, whether real or apparent.
Since does not coincide with as a category, and similarly for, is distinguished from.
Since He owns everything, He does not need the actions of anyone.
Since LimeWire is free software, nothing prevents people from making additional forks of LimeWire, unaffected by the shut down, if they wished, as long as it does not use LimeWire trademarks.
This rule goes beyond that and says, " Since the firearm might fire, assume that it will and make sure no harm occurs when it does.
Since FIDE titles are for life, a GM or IM does not count for the purposes of this requirement if he had not had a GM or IM result in the five years prior to the tournament.
Since Java does not allow errors to be compared as logic elements, as under Icon, the lengthy syntax must be used instead.

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