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Singer and /
* Michael Hurley, American Singer / Songwriter
* Bill Kaulitz, Singer / Songwriter / Producer of Tokio Hotel
* 1941 – Charlie Landsborough, Singer / Songwriter
* Big Think's Interview with Peter Singer: http :// bigthink. com / petersinger
* RSA Vision webcast – " RSA / WWF Series on Global Challenges and the Values we Live By " – Peter Singer on ethics, engagement and civil society
This production is also notable for having Edward Asner ( as Mr Peachum ), Charlotte Rae as Mrs Peachum, Bea Arthur ( as Lucy ), Jerry Orbach ( as PC Smith, the Street Singer and Mack ), John Astin ( as Readymoney Matt / Matt of the Mint ) and Jerry Stiller ( as Crookfinger Jake ) as members of the cast during its run.
Singer / rapper Lisa Lopes, better known as " Left Eye " of the group TLC, dies in a car accident in Honduras.
* Tom Waits – Himself / Singer in bar ( uncredited )
** Gavin Degraw, Singer / Songwriter
* July 5 – Jimmy Demers, Singer / Songwriter from Worcester, MA
Singer / songwriter Jimmy Buffett included a tribute to Carmen Miranda on his 1973 album A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean, entitled " They Don't Dance Like Carmen No More.
There were several earlier songs of the title " Rock Around the Clock " ( by Hal Singer and Wally Mercer ), but they are unrelated to the Freedman / Myers song.
Singer / bassist / songwriter Wetton is quoted as saying " It did really well in Sweden ... but Swedish sales aren't that large.
Singer / songwriter Dave Cousins of Strawbs wrote Grace Darling ( on Ghosts ) in tribute and as a love song.
* Singer / pianist / songwriter Dave Frishberg's song " Matty " is a sentimental tribute to Christy.
* Tula Small, Australian Singer / Songwriter and TV personality
Singer / songwriter Scott Walker agreed to produce the record and this symbolised a new phase in Pulp's development.
Singer / song writer, documentary film producers for their commitment to the environment through the establishment of the Rainforest Foundation ; to human rights in China through the documentary film on Tiananmen Square ; and to peace and social justice through the powerful gift of song.
* Singer / songwriter Elvis Costello attended Archbishop Myers ' Secondary School ( now St Mark's Catholic School )
Graham is the father of Singer / producer / songwriter Darric Graham
* Eric Grider-Songwriter / Singer raised near Rowell, recorded albums in Nashville and Memphis.

Singer and songwriter
* Kate Bush, Singer and songwriter
* 1958 – Eric Singer, American drummer and songwriter ( Kiss, Avantasia, Badlands, and Eric Singer Project )
* Assane Ndiaye, Singer and songwriter, cousin of Thione Seck
* Thione Seck, Singer and songwriter
Singer and songwriter Bob Dylan, in his somewhat controversial song " Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35 ", repeats the line " Everybody must get stoned.
* Andy Cabic – Singer and songwriter for the band Vetiver.
* Kate Wolf, Singer songwriter
* Don Moen – Singer / songwriter, attended and graduated from Two Harbors High School
Singer / songwriter Andrew McMahon, founder of the American rock bands Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin, lived in Bexley from elementary school through 8th grade.
* Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mark Linkous ( Sparklehorse ) has family ties to Clintwood, VA and for a short time called Clintwood home.
* Jason Mraz, Singer / songwriter
* Singer / songwriter Ben Harper covered the song " The Drugs Don't Work " in a live show, which is found on the live album Live From Mars.
* Tom Dice ,( b. 1989 ) Singer and songwriter. Representer of Belgium in Eurovision 2010.
Singer, guitarist, and songwriter Kris Roe has been the sole constant member of The Ataris.
* April 7 – Singer / pianist / songwriter Nina Simone's performance at Westbury Music Fair is dedicated to the late Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.
* Singersongwriter
Singer / songwriter Matt Scannell has said that Burning the Days marks a shift in his songwriting, both musically and lyrically.

Singer and Benny
* Richard Singer as Benny Belinksy

Singer and
Describing Morris as a teenager, Mark Singer wrote that he " read with a passion the forty-odd Oz books, watched a lot of television, and on a regular basis went with a doting but not quite right maiden aunt (" I guess you'd have to say that Aunt Roz was somewhat demented ") to Saturday matinées, where he saw such films as This Island Earth and Creature from the Black Lagoon horror movies that, viewed again 30 years later, still seem scary to him.
Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway named Singer in their book, Merchants of Doubt, as one of three contrarian physicists along with Fred Seitz and Bill Nierenberg who regularly injected themselves into the public debate about contentious scientific issues, positioning themselves as skeptics, their views gaining traction because the media gives them equal time out of a sense of fairness.
In December 2009, after the release of thousands of e-mails from the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit a controversy that came to be known as " Climategate "— Singer wrote an opinion piece for Reuters in which he said the scientists had misused peer review, pressured editors to prevent publication of alternative views, and smeared opponents.
* Stratospheric ozone, myths and realities: Testimony of S. Fred Singer, Scientific Integrity and Public Trust: The Science Behind Federal Policies and Mandates: Case Study 1 Stratospheric Ozone: Myths and Realities, Hearing before the Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment of the Committee on Science, US House of Representatives, 104th Congress, 1st Sess., September 20, 1995 31 ( Washington, DC: United States Government Printing Office, 1996 ).
Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway named Singer in their book, Merchants of Doubt, as one of three contrarian physicists along with Fred Seitz and Bill Nierenberg who regularly position themselves as skeptics, with their views being given equal time by the media.
* 1972 Seymour Jonathan Singer and Garth L. Nicholson developed the fluid mosaic model, which deals with the make-up of the membrane of all cells.
* Ballybran A planet in Anne McCaffrey's Crystal Singer series.
* Ula Love Actress, Singer, Ziegfeld Follies Performer
Duncan bore two children, both out of wedlock the first, Deirdre ( born September 24, 1906 ), by theatre designer Gordon Craig, and the second, Patrick ( born May 1, 1910 ), by Paris Singer, one of the many sons of sewing machine magnate Isaac Singer.
That same year, he won Down Beats international critics ' poll for Best New Male Singer, as well as their readers ' poll for Best Male Band Singer citations he would continue to accumulate throughout his career.
: Where animals have an equal characteristic to humans such as the ability to feel one must provide for an equal consideration of interests, but in areas where a species does not have an equal characteristic to humans such as lacking the ability to comprehend one political candidate's views versus another candidate and then the ability to express a favoritism toward one of the candidates then Singer argues that we do not need to apply equal consideration of interests in that particular realm of one's life.
In 1978, Stone and Singer produced and wrote the show's first special, the " triumphant " Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, which included an O Henry-inspired storyline in which Bert and Ernie gave up their prized possessions Ernie his rubber ducky and Bert his paper clip collection to purchase each other Christmas gifts.
* Naomi Campbell Singer
The only official recordings they made which provided the songs for the last Easybeats single was the rocking " St Louis " ( presaging their later work with AC / DC ), and the B-side " Can't Find Love ", recorded in April at Olympic Studios with Ray Singer, a former member of UK band Nirvana, who had made a name for himself as a producer with Peter Sarstedt's " Where Do You Go To ( My Lovely )".
Melvin Small and J. David Singer ( 1976: 50 69 ) responded ; they found an absence of wars between democratic states with two " marginal exceptions ", but denied that this pattern had statistical significance.
After The Jazz Singer, the first film with synchronized voices, was successfully released as a Vitaphone talkie in 1927, Hollywood film companies would respond to Warner Bros. and begin to use Vitaphone sound which Warner Bros. owned until 1928-in future films.

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