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Sir and Charles
As Sir Charles Oman once said, `` it is no longer fashionable to declare that we can say nothing certain about Old English origins ''.
Sir Robert Watson-Watt's `` rebuttal '' of Sir Charles Snow's Godkin Lectures is marred throughout by too forceful a desire to defend Lindemann and apparently himself from Sir Charles' supposed falsehoods while stating those `` falsehoods '' in an unclear incoherent argument.
* Sir Charles Waldstein, Alcamenes and the establishment of the classical type in Greek art ; 1926
* Charles Dickens used Selkirk as a simile in Chapter Two of The Pickwick Papers: " Colonel Builder and Sir Thomas Clubber exchanged snuff – boxes, and looked very much like a pair of Alexander Selkirks — ' Monarchs of all they surveyed.
* 1799 – The entire Dutch fleet is captured by British forces under the command of Sir Ralph Abercromby and Admiral Sir Charles Mitchell during the Second Coalition of the French Revolutionary Wars.
* 1840 – Foundation stone for new Palace of Westminster, London, is laid by wife of Sir Charles Barry.
* 1704 – War of the Spanish Succession: Gibraltar is captured by an English and Dutch fleet, commanded by Admiral Sir George Rooke and allied with Archduke Charles.
During the Civil War, prior to the siege of Raglan Castle in 1645, King Charles I visited Abergavenny and presided in person over the trial of Sir Trefor Williams, 1st Baronet of Llangibby, a Royalist who changed sides, and other Parliamentarians.
On the battlefield, it is probably fair to say, Charles was comparable in skill and style to Sir Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington-quite conservative and yet exceedingly competent.
* Sir Charles Walker, Thirty-Six Years at the Admiralty ( London, 1933 )
Other possible ministers included Sir Robert Inglis, Henry Goulburn, John Charles Herries, and Lord Ellenborough.
The original early 19th-century interior designs, many of which still survive, included widespread use of brightly coloured scagliola and blue and pink lapis, on the advice of Sir Charles Long.
After defeating the Army of Sir William Waller at the Battle of Cropredy Bridge, King Charles marched west in pursuit of the Parliamentarian army of the Earl of Essex, who was invading the Royalist stronghold of Cornwall.
Sir Edmund Blackadder and his servant, Baldrick, are the last two men loyal to the defeated King Charles I of England ( played by Stephen Fry, portrayed as a soft-spoken, ineffective, slightly dim character, with the voice and mannerisms of Charles I's namesake, the current Prince of Wales ).
As well as stories from the Old Testament, John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress and Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin, she grew up with Aesop ’ s Fables, the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Kingsley's The Water Babies, the folk tales and mythology of Scotland, the German Romantics, Shakespeare, and the romances of Sir Walter Scott.
Over two-thirds of the members, and all the serving MPs, of the Liberal Party joined this party, led first jointly by Steel and the SDP leader Robert Maclennan, and later by Paddy Ashdown ( 1988 – 99 ), Charles Kennedy ( 1999 – 2006 ), Sir Menzies Campbell ( 2006 – 07 ) and Nick Clegg ( incumbent ).
During the Anglo-French War ( 1627 – 1629 ), under Charles I, by 1629 the Kirkes took Quebec City, Sir James Stewart of Killeith, Lord Ochiltree planted a colony on Cape Breton Island at Baleine, Nova Scotia and Alexander ’ s son, William Alexander, 1st Earl of Stirling established the first incarnation of “ New Scotland ” at Port Royal.
* α CVn ( Asterion, Cor Caroli ) is the constellation's brightest star, named by Sir Charles Scarborough in memory of King Charles I, the deposed king of Britain.
The term took on its present meaning from a group of ministers of King Charles II of England ( Sir Thomas Clifford, Lord Arlington, the Duke of Buckingham, Lord Ashley, and Lord Lauderdale ), whose initial letters coincidentally spelled CABAL, and who were the signatories of the public Treaty of Dover that allied England to France in a prospective war against the Netherlands.

Sir and Spencer
Lists of phenomena, from the contemplation of which " the savage " was led to believe in animism, have been given by Sir E. B. Tylor, Herbert Spencer, Andrew Lang, and others ; a controversy arose between the former as to the priority of their respective lists.
* 1933 – 1955 Sir Harold Spencer Jones
Dr Login received a knighthood in 1854 from Queen Victoria and was known as Sir John Spencer Login ( he had added the ' r ' to his middle name to change it from Spence to Spencer ).
* Sir William Compton ( 1625-1663 ; third son of Spencer Compton, 2nd Earl of Northampton )
Prime Ministers of the period included: William Pitt the Younger, Lord Grenville, Duke of Portland, Spencer Perceval, Lord Liverpool, George Canning, Lord Goderich, Duke of Wellington, Lord Grey, Lord Melbourne, and Sir Robert Peel.
Davina married firstly Sir Richard Boughey 10th Bt, and secondly Spencer Loch, 4th Baron Loch.
Earlier Prime Ministerial advisers had appeared from time to time in episodes of Yes Minister, including Daniel Moynihan as Daniel Hughes in " The Writing on the Wall " ( 1980 ) and Nigel Stock as Sir Mark Spencer in " Bed of Nails " ( 1982 ).
In the 1590s the manor was rebuilt by Sir John Spencer, Lord Mayor of the City of London, including the construction of its tower.
Another prominent resident of Birchwood Road was the Welsh Baritone Sir Geraint Evans, and the toastmaster Ivor Spencer also lived nearby.
( The others are Jeanne Eagels, James Dean, Spencer Tracy, Peter Finch, Sir Ralph Richardson, and Heath Ledger.
Pitzhanger Manor and the extensive grounds on which it stands, was sold to the council in 1901 by Sir Spencer Walpole, which had been bought by his father the Rt.
* Sir John Spencer, Kt.
* Sir William Spencer, Kt.
* Sir John Spencer, Kt.
* Sir John Spencer, Kt.
* Robert Spencer, 1st Baron Spencer of Wormleighton ( 1570-1627 ), married Margaret, daughter of Sir Francis Willoughby ( 1547-1596 ), Kt.
* Spencer Baronets who descended from younger sons of Sir John Spencer, Kt.
He was one of the few prime ministers ( others include William Pitt the Younger, Sir Winston Churchill, George Canning, Spencer Percival, William Ewart Gladstone, Edward Heath, John Major, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown ) who never acceded to the peerage.
* Nobel Prize for Literature: Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill
He was the eldest son of the 1st Earl by his first wife, Catherine Spencer, granddaughter of Sir William Spencer of Yarnton, Oxfordshire, England, was born in 1602, and was educated at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge ( 1618 – 22 ).

Sir and Charlie
Other notable people born in or associated with Newcastle include: engineer and industrialist Lord Armstrong, engineer and father of the modern steam railways George Stephenson, his son, also an engineer, Robert Stephenson, engineer and inventor of the steam turbine Sir Charles Parsons, inventor of the incandescent light bulb Sir Joseph Swan, modernist poet Basil Bunting, Lord Chief Justice Peter Taylor, the Portuguese writer Eça de Queiroz who was a diplomat in Newcastle from late 1874 until April 1879 — his most productive literary period, The Prime Minister of Thailand Abhisit Vejjajiva, singers Eric Burdon, Sting and Brian Johnson, lead singer of AC / DC from 1980 to the present, actors Charlie Hunnam multiple circumnavigator David Scott Cowper, Neil Tennant, Alan Hull, Mark Knopfler, Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch, Cheryl Cole, entertainers Ant and Dec, and international footballers Peter Beardsley, Michael Carrick, Andy Carroll, Paul Gascoigne and Alan Shearer.
Actors Lorne Greene and Lee Majors, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR Leonid Brezhnev, composer John Williams, author Graham Greene, and former Mauritian QC and Politician Sir Gaetan Duval ( 1930 – 1996 ), football player Johan Cruijff, drummer Charlie Watts, Cheech Marin, Thomas Chong, television host and comedian Jay Leno, Mike Hailwood and composer John Barry musician Carlos Santana, all owned SMs.
There are a lot of references that are hard to miss, such as the fact that the little boy winds up being Charlie Chaplin, the detective is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who goes on to writing the Sherlock Holmes mysteries and Roy talks about Zeppelins " taking off " and being a successful invention despite what will happen to the Hindenburg in 1937.
The UK has had a large impact on modern cinema, producing some of the greatest actors, directors and motion pictures of all time including, Sir Alfred Hitchcock, Charlie Chaplin, David Lean, Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Audrey Hepburn, John Gielgud, Sean Connery, Richard Burton, Vanessa Redgrave, Michael Caine, Anthony Hopkins and Daniel Day-Lewis.
Artists with works displayed in Government House include E. Phillips Fox, Tom Roberts, Sir Arthur Streeton, Sir William Dargie, Margaret Preston, Rupert Bunny, Nicholas Chevalier, W. B. McInnes, Elioth Gruner, Sir Lionel Lindsay, Sir Bertram Mackennal, Sir Hans Heysen, Lloyd Rees, Fred Williams, Arthur Boyd, Sir Sidney Nolan, Leonard French, Justin O ' Brien, Ray Crooke, John Dowie, Johnny Warangkula Tjupurrula, Margaret Olley, Pro Hart, Yala Yala Gibbs Tjungarrayi, Charlie Tjararu Tjungarrayi and Paddy Japaljarri Sims.
Hill, Pee Wee Crayton, Harry Choates, Lightnin ' Hopkins, Gatemouth Brown, Leadbelly, Big Mama Thorton, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Sippie Wallace, Victoria Spivey, Mance Lipscomb, Scott Joplin, Hot Lips Page, Gene Ramey, Jack Teagarden, Teddy Wilson, Kenny Dorham, Ella Mae Morse, Charles Brown, Ernest Tubb, Lefty Frizzell, George Jones, Leon Payne, Tex Ritter, Roger Miller, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, Johnny Horton, George Strait, Jim Reeves, Waylon Jennings, Buck Owens, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Ray Price, Doug Sahm / Sir Douglas Quintet / Texas Tornados, Clifton Chenier, T-Bone Burnett, Edgar Winter, Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Taylor, Lydia Mendoza, Flaco Jimenez, Santiago Jimenez Sr., Beto Villa, Narcisco Martinez, Archie Bell & the Drells, Dustin Adams, Johnny Guitar Watson, Yolanda Adams, Ornette Coleman, King Curtis, Mickey Newbury, Phil Ochs, Townes Van Zandt, Selena Quintanilla, Pantera, Steve Miller Band, Boz Scaggs, Charlie Sexton, Janis Joplin, ZZ Top, Eric Johnson and many others.
Past LBC presenters include: Adrian Allen ; Carol Allen ; Dominic Allen ; Mike Allen ; Toby Anstis ; Dickie Arbiter ; Tre Azam ; Phillip Bacon ; Bill Bailey ; David Bassett ; * Jeni Barnett ; Simon Bates ; Jeremy Beadle ; Alison Bell ; Bill Bingham ; Therese Birch ; Frank Bough ; Tommy Boyd ; Gyles Brandreth ; Bill Buckley ; Paul Callan ; Douglas Cameron ; Mike Carlton ; Mike Carson ; Clare Catford ; Marcus Churchill ; Nick Conrad ; Andy Crane ; Jamie Crick ; Jono Coleman ; Steve Crozier ; Tim Crook ; Gino D ' Acampo ; Dan Damon ; Peter Deeley ; Anne Diamond ; Mike Dickin ; Richard Dallyn ; Jenny Eclair ; Richard Fairbrass ; Caroline Feraday ; John_Forrest_ ( Producer-Director ); Mariella Frostrup ; George Gale ; Krishnan Guru-Murthy ; Boy George ; Charlie Gibson ; Charles Golding ; Angie Greaves ; Eric Hall ; Bob Harris ; Brian Hayes ; Chris Hawkins ; Phillip Hodson ; Bob Holness ; Eamonn Holmes ; Jon Holmes ; Fred Housego ; Rufus Hound ; Howard Hughes ; Sue Jameson ; Bob Johnson ; Bryn Jones ; Steve Jones ; Barry Jordan ; Charlie Jordan ; Lesley Judd ; Henry Kelly ; Allan King ; Gary King ; Jenny Lacey ; Iain Lee ; Richard Littlejohn ; Wendy Lloyd ; Sir Nicholas Lloyd ; Adrian Love ; Dave Luddy ; Kelvin MacKenzie ; Richard Mackney ; Mike Mendoza ; Daisy McAndrew ; Rod Lucas ; Carol McGiffin ; Monty Modlin ; Nathan Morley ; Douglas Moffatt ; Bel Mooney ; Jane Moore ; Elliot Moss ; Pete Murray ; Paddy O ' Connell ; Rod Lucas ; Tom Parker-Bowles ; Michael Parkinson ; Frank Partridge ; John Perkins ; David Prever ; Martin Popplewell ; Gill Pyrah ; Anna Raeburn ; Angela Rippon ; Rowland Rivron ; Richard Robbins ; Paul Ross ; Kenny Sansom ; Adrian Scott ; Valerie Singleton ; Penny Smith ; Jon Snow ; Julia Somerville ; Laurence Spicer ; Dr Pam Spurr ; Janet Street-Porter ; Peter Stringfellow ; Carol Thatcher ; Sandi Toksvig ; Petroc Trelawny ; Michael Van Straten ; Robbie Vincent ; Becky Walsh ; Sandy Warr ; Brian Widlake ; James Williams, Matthew Wright, and Martin Young ;.
She has photographed hundreds of subjects, including Orson Welles, Samuel Beckett, Sir John Betjeman, Woody Allen, Cilla Black, Quentin Crisp, P. J. Harvey, John Lennon, Truman Capote, John Peel, Richard Nixon, the gangster Charlie Richardson, Field Marshal Sir Gerald Templer, Jarvis Cocker, Björk, Jayne Mansfield, Diana Dors, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Eve Arnold, Evelyn Waugh, Brassai and Margaret Thatcher.
Oram also claims that Charlie was the property of Sir Winston Churchill while he was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II.
This has become a celebrated event among Notts County fans, who have dubbed 12 February ( the anniversary of the game ) Sir Charlie Palmer Day.
She was a spokesperson in favour of GATT, arguing with Sir James Goldsmith on Charlie Rose that American jobs will be increased by the trade agreement.
In alphabetical order, the people listed in the song are: Jeffrey Archer ( politician and novelist ), Fred Astaire, Bobby Ball ( comedian ), Charlie Brown, Tommy Cannon ( comedian ), Billy Corkhill ( soap opera character ), Leslie Crowther ( TV presenter ), " Freddie " Flintstone, Paris Grey ( singer ), Brian Hayes ( broadcaster ), Vince Hilaire ( footballer ), Barry Humphries, The LSO, Kym Mazelle ( singer ), Mork and Mindy, Little Nell, Charlie Parker, Andre Previn, Little Richard, Salman Rushdie, Jean Paul Sartre, The Supremes (" Mary Wilson, Di and Flo "), William Tell, Sir Bufton Tufton, Desmond Tutu, Willy Wonka, Zippy and Bungle ( TV characters ).
* Tasmania: The Dead Abigails, Sir Veto, The Charlie Parkers ( April 2003 )
The Cold War espionage thriller follows the moves of British anti-hero spy Charlie Muffin ( Hemmings ) who has fallen on hard times since the retirement of Sir Archibald Willoughby, his previous boss at the U. K. secret service ( played by Sir Ralph Richardson ).

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