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Sir and Julian
Trevor Huddleston, Sir Julian Huxley, Edward Hyams, the Bishop of Llandaff Dr Glyn Simon, Doris Lessing, Sir Compton Mackenzie, the Very Rev George McLeod, Miles Malleson, Denis Matthews, Sir Francis Meynell, Henry Moore, John Napper, Ben Nicholson, Sir Herbert Read, Flora Robson, Michael Tippett, the cartoonist ' Vicky ', Professor C. H. Waddington and Barbara Wootton.
* 1982: Ivanhoe, a television movie starring Anthony Andrews as Ivanhoe, Michael Hordern as his Cedric, Sam Neill as Sir Brian de Bois-Gilbert, Olivia Hussey as Rebecca, James Mason as Isaac, Lysette Anthony as Rowena, Julian Glover as King Richard, and David Robb as Robin Hood.
Lorenz was also a friend and student of renowned biologist Sir Julian Huxley ( grandson of " Darwin's bulldog ", Thomas Henry Huxley ).
The International Humanist and Ethical Union was founded in 1952, when a gathering of world Humanists met under the leadership of Sir Julian Huxley.
The British XVII Corps, commanded by Lieutenant-General Sir Julian Byng, relieved the French Tenth Army in the sector in February 1916, permitting the French to expand their operations at Verdun.
Brigid married Julian Salmond, son of Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir John Salmond and the Hon.
Other people who have lived in Deptford, range from the First Governor of the Honourable East India Company, and Ambassador to the court of Russia, Sir Thomas Smith, whose magnificent house was destroyed by fire in 1618 ; to early members of the Chartist movement, John Gast and George Julian Harney ; and the Cleveleys, John Cleveley the Elder and his sons John and Robert, a family of marine artists who also worked as tradesmen in the Dockyard.
The vice presidents are Sir David Attenborough, Prof. Chris Baines, Prof. David MacDonald, Julian Pettifer, Prof. Robert Worcester, Chris Packham, Nick Baker, Bill Oddie and Bill Bolsover.
The first Director General of UNESCO ( Sir Julian Huxley ), wishing to give UNESCO a more scientific base, sponsored a congress to establish a new environmental institution to help serve this purpose.
* 1961: After more than a decade of funding difficulties, eminent science and business personalities ( including Sir Julian Huxley ) decide to set up a complementary fund ( the World Wildlife Fund ) to focus on fund raising, public relations, and increasing public support for nature conservation
Sir Julian Sorell Huxley FRS ( 22 June 1887 – 14 February 1975 ) was an English evolutionary biologist, eugenicist and internationalist.
The trail leads to the teaching hospital near the architect's flat, and to surgeon and neurologist Sir Julian Freke, who is based there.
The episode of the bum in the bathtub, the character ( and the name ) of Sir Julian Freke, the detection, and the possibilities in Peter Wimsey are so many signs of genius about to erupt.
* Spiritual and literary affinity between Julian of Norwich and Sir Thomas Browne.
Other notable alumni include writers ( including Lord Byron, Sir Terence Rattigan and Richard Curtis ), numerous aristocrats ( including the current richest British subject, the Duke of Westminster and the prominent reformist Lord Shaftesbury ) and business people ( including DeBeers chairman Nicky Oppenheimer, Pret a Manger founder Julian Metcalfe ) and the big game hunter and artist General Douglas Hamilton, as well as Island Records founder Chris Blackwell.
* Sir Julian Paget, Bt – Second to none: the Coldstream Guards, 1650 – 2000 ( 2000 ) ISBN 0-85052-769-4
The concerto has been recorded by cellists such as Yo-Yo Ma ( with Kurt Masur and the New York Philharmonic ), Lynn Harrell ( with Sir Neville Marriner and the Academy of St Martin in the Fields ), Julian Lloyd Webber ( with Sir Charles Mackerras and the London Symphony Orchestra ), and an early rare recording by Bernard Greenhouse ( with Max Schönherr and the Vienna Symphony Orchestra ).
2, recorded by Julian Lloyd Webber, with the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Sir Charles Mackerras on EMI Classics 747 622-2
Actor Peter Penry-Jones portrays Sir William Gull in 2004's Julian Fellowes Investigates: A Most Mysterious Murder – The Case of Charles Bravo – a dramatised documentary investigating the unsolved murder of barrister Charles Bravo in 1876.
* May 191624 November 1917: Lieutenant-General the Honourable Sir Julian Byng

Sir and Huxley
* Physiology or Medicine – Sir John Carew Eccles, Alan Lloyd Hodgkin, Andrew Fielding Huxley
* May 4 – Sir Thomas Henry Huxley, English biologist ( d. 1895 )
" At various times the text refers to " Sir Roderick Murchison, Professor ( Richard ) Owen, Professor ( Thomas Henry ) Huxley, ( and ) Mr. Darwin ", and thus they become explicitly part of the story.
Huxley's major biographies were the three volumes of Life and Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley and the two volumes of Life and Letters of Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker OM GCSI.
Sir Andrew Fielding Huxley, OM, PRS ( 22 November 191730 May 2012 ) was a Nobel Prize-winning English physiologist and biophysicist.
* Sir Andrew Huxley obituary The Guardian, 31 May 2012.
In a letter to Nature, written to refute an article saying that the Draize test had not changed much since the 1940s, Professor Sir Andrew Huxley wrote: " A substance expected from its chemical nature to be seriously painful must not be tested in this way ; the test is permissible only if the substance has already been shown not to cause pain when applied to skin, and in vitro pre-screening tests are recommended, such as a test on an isolated and perfused eye.
Members included Tennyson, Gladstone, W. K. Clifford, W. G. Ward, John Morley, Cardinal Manning, Archbishop Thomson, T. H. Huxley, Arthur Balfour, Leslie Stephen, and Sir William Gull.
Other famous scientists, engineers, theorists and inventors from the UK include: Sir Francis Bacon, Richard Trevithick ( Train ), Thomas Henry Huxley, Francis Crick ( DNA ), Rosalind Franklin ( Photo 51 ), Robert Hooke, Humphry Davy, Robert Watson-Watt, J. J. Thomson ( discovered Electron ), James Chadwick ( discovered Neutron ), Frederick Soddy ( discovered Isotope ), John Cockcroft, Henry Bessemer, Edmond Halley, Sir William Herschel, Charles Parsons ( Steam turbine ), Alan Blumlein ( Stereo sound ), John Dalton ( Colour blindness ), James Dewar, Alexander Parkes ( celluloid ), Charles Macintosh, Ada Lovelace, Peter Durand, Alcock & Brown ( first non-stop transatlantic flight ), Henry Cavendish ( discovered Hydrogen ), Francis Galton, Sir Joseph Swan ( Incandescent light bulb ), Sir William Gull ( Anorexia nervosa ), Frank Pantridge, George Everest, Edward Whymper ( first ascent of Matterhorn ), Daniel Rutherford, Arthur Eddington ( luminosity of stars ), Lord Rayleigh ( why sky is blue ), Norman Lockyer ( discovered Helium ), Julian Huxley ( formed WWF ), Adam Smith ( pioneer of modern economics and capitalism ), John Herschel, Bertrand Russell ( analytic philosophy pioneer ), Jim Marshall ( guitar amplification pioneer ), Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking, Joseph Priestly and others.

Sir and book
These narratives of coarse action and crude language appeared first in local newspapers, as a rule, and later found their way between book covers, though rarely into the planters' libraries beside the morocco-bound volumes of Horace, Mr. Addison, Mr. Pope, and Sir Walter Scott.
The term was taken and redefined by the anthropologist Sir Edward Tylor in his 1871 book Primitive Culture, in which he defined it as " the general doctrine of souls and other spiritual beings in general.
* Extract on The Beltane Fires from Sir James George Frazer's book The Golden Bough-1922
One of the earliest articulations of the anthropological meaning of the term " culture " came from Sir Edward Tylor who writes on the first page of his 1897 book: “ Culture, or civilization, taken in its broad, ethnographic sense, is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society .” The term " civilization " later gave way to definitions by V. Gordon Childe, with culture forming an umbrella term and civilization becoming a particular kind of culture.
* The Coming of the Fairies – scans of the original version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's book ( 1922 )
However it was only in 1927 that the shakta theory of seven main chakras, that has become most popular in the West, was introduced, largely through the translation of two Indian texts: the Sat-Cakra-Nirupana, and the Padaka-Pancaka, by Sir John Woodroffe, alias Arthur Avalon, in a book titled The Serpent Power.
* A 1912 book, The Depths of the Ocean by Sir John Murray, records the depth of the Challenger Deep as, reporting the sounding taken by the converted navy collier USS Nero in 1899.
Famous authors of the city include Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Muriel Spark, author of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, James Hogg, author of The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner, Ian Rankin, author of the Inspector Rebus series of crime thrillers, J. K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, who began her first book in an Edinburgh coffee shop, Adam Smith, economist, born in Kirkcaldy, and author of The Wealth of Nations, Sir Walter Scott, the author of famous titles such as Rob Roy, Ivanhoe and Heart of Midlothian, Robert Louis Stevenson, creator of Treasure Island, Kidnapped and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting.
Sir Charles Lyell first published his famous book, Principles of Geology, in 1830.
Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington, a British astrophysicist of the early 20th century, wrote in his book The Nature of the Physical World ; " The stuff of the world is mind-stuff ";
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who once lived in Birmingham, may have borrowed Baskerville's surname for one of his Sherlock Holmes stories, The Hound of the Baskervilles – which, in turn, was borrowed by Umberto Eco for the character William of Baskerville in his best-selling novel, The Name of the Rose ( Sean Connery played the character in the film based on the book ).
When drunk, Jahangir swore to Sir Thomas Roe, England's first ambassador to the Mughal court, that he would protect all the peoples of the book.
Historian Sir Hugh Thomas in his book " Conquest " reports the probable date of her death as 1551, deduced from letters he discovered in Spain alluding to her as alive in 1550 and deceased after 1551.
The word militia dates back to at least 1590 when it was recorded in a book by Sir John Smythe, Certain Discourses Military with the meanings: a military force ; a body of soldiers and military affairs ; a body of military discipline
John Stuart Mill discussed the problem of universals in the course of a book that eviscerated the philosophy of Sir William Hamilton.
Considering the historical background of the name Persian Gulf, Sir Arnold Wilson mentions in a book, published in 1928 that:
In 2004 polar explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes published a biography which was a strong defence of Scott and an equally forthright rebuttal of Huntford ; the book is dedicated " To the Families of the Defamed Dead ".
Sir James Frazer in his book The Golden Bough relates to these dying and rising gods, but many of his examples, according to various scholars, distort the sources.
So she pored over every book on mathematics in her father's library, even teaching herself Latin and Greek so she could read works like those of Sir Isaac Newton and Leonhard Euler.
The book, featuring a text in Middle English with extensive scholarly notes, is frequently confused with the translation into Modern English that Tolkien prepared, along with translations of Pearl and Sir Orfeo, late in his life.
In the book Chinese Origin Of Playing Cards published in 1895, Sir William Henry Wilkinson pointed out that the game of Tien Gow was invented long before Sung Dynasty, but was standardized in 1120:
" At the conclusion of the " Tale of Sir Tristram ," Caxton's VIII-XII: " Here endeth the second book of Sir Tristram de Lyones, which was drawn out of the French by Sir Thomas Malleorre, knight, as Jesu be his help.

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