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Sir and me
Later I learned that Sir Hugh Dalton had expressed a desire to see me, hence their trip to `` No Man's Land ''.
Fing, a lean, chiseled, impeccable gentleman of the old school who was once mistaken on the street for Sir Cedric Hardwicke, is responsible for the rediscovery of Verdi's earliest, most raucous opera, Nabisco, a sumptuous bout-de-souffle with a haunting leitmotiv that struck me as being highly reminiscent of the Mudugno version of `` Volare ''.
Shakespeare: " Sir Toby Belch: She's a beagle, true-bred, and one that adores me: what o ' that?
' Denis answered and said: ' Sir, he is not here ; but yield you to me and I shall bring you to him.
Following his election, Sir Graham said: " I am honoured that ELDR has chosen me to lead our great party.
Good Lord deliver me from Sir Harry Vane!
Inasmuch as I am concerned, Most Excellent Sir, the effusion of my gratitude is inexplicable, at having had the unique satisfaction capable of filling the human heart, as is to deserve the public confidence in circumstances so critical to govern the independent Isthmus ; and I can only correspond to such high distinction with the sacrifices I am willing to make since I devoted myself, as it wished, to the mother country that has seen me be born and to who I owe all that I own ...
and told Sir Thomas Boleyn that his daughter was " so presentable and so pleasant, considering her youthful age, that I am more beholden to you for sending her to me, than you to me " ( E. W.
The two first books I ever read in private, and which gave me more pleasure than any two books I ever read again, were The Life of Hannibal and The History of Sir William Wallace modernised version of Blind Harry by William Hamilton of Gilbertfield.
When his portrait was painted by Sir William Boxall in 1848, the young Whistler exclaimed that the portrait was " very much like me and a very fine picture.
A bishop who rose to thank to express gratitude for his change of mind was rebuked with the words, ' Sir you may thank me all you wish, but you must thank me in silence '.
Sir Galahad survives this test, witnessed by King Arthur who, upon realizing the greatness of this new knight, leads him out to the river where a sword lies in a stone with an inscription reading “ Never shall man take me hence but only he by whose side I ought to hang ; and he shall be the best knight of the world .” ( The embedding of a sword in a stone is also an element of the legends of Arthur's original sword, The sword in the stone.
Pepys remarks on 14 November: " Sir G. Cartaret tells me that just now my Lord Holles had been with him and wept to think in what a condition we are fallen.
Henry listened humbly, attentively and regularly to the sermons preached to his household, and once told his chaplain, Richard Milbourne, that he esteemed most the preachers whose attitude suggested, " Sir, you must hear me diligently: you must have a care to observe what I say.
Sir William Hale-White, author of " Great Doctors of the Nineteenth Century ", writes: " I was a lad then and my father sent me every evening to the police station to get the latest news.
According to Fuller, Mildmay, on coming to court, after the college was opened was addressed by the Queen with the words: " Sir Walter, I hear you have erected a puritan foundation ", to which Mildmay replied: " No, madam ; far be it from me to countenance anything contrary to your established laws ; but I have set an acorn, which when it becomes an oak, God alone knows what will be the fruit thereof ".
Sir Walter Scott wrote in his June 4, 1830 journal entry that " Anne wants me to go hear the Tyrolese Minstrels but ... I cannot but think their yodeling ... is a variation upon the tones of a jackass.
When at last the executioner led me back into the prison, he said to me: " Sir, I beg you, for God's sake confess something, for you cannot endure the torture which you will be put to ; and even if you bear it all, yet you will not escape, not even if you were an earl, but one torture will follow after another until you say you are a witch.
The statement made by Sir Charles Lyell, in a note to page 11 of his work, that my article on the Danish Shell-mounds was published after his sheets were written, is an inadvertence, regretted, I have reason to believe, as much by its author as it is by me .”
Clark pinned down the Commander-in-Chief Allied Armies in Italy, General Sir Harold Alexander: “ I said, ' You give me a direct order and we ’ ll do it ,' and he did.
* Speight v Gaunt ( 1882 ) 22 Ch D 727, 739, Sir George Jessel MR, ' It seems to me that on general principles a trustee ought to conduct the business of the trust in the same manner that an ordinary prudent man of business would conduct his own, and that beyond that there is no liability or obligation on the trustee.

Sir and commend
This proposition received the strong support of Sir George Grey, then governor of Cape Colony, but his view did not commend itself to the British government, and was not adopted.
The James Caird Society was established in 1994, to " preserve the memory, honour the remarkable feats of discovery in the Antarctic, and commend the outstanding qualities of leadership associated with the name of Sir Ernest Shackleton ".

Sir and your
If you be not too much cloyed with fat meat, our humble author will continue the story, with Sir John in it, and make you merry with fair Katharine of France where, for any thing I know, Falstaff shall die of a sweat, unless already a ' be killed with your hard opinions ; for Oldcastle died a martyr, and this is not the man.
Lord Stafford had told the King, " Sir, you have done your duty, and your subjects have failed in theirs ; and therefore you are absolved from the rules of government, and may supply yourself by extraordinary ways ; you have an army in Ireland, with which you may reduce the kingdom.
When trade is at stake, it is your last entrenchment ; you must defend it, or perish ... Sir, Spain knows the consequence of a war in America ; whoever gains, it must prove fatal to her ... is this any longer a nation?
That in reality ( so to speak ) your heroine convinces Sir Stephen to consent to her death.
" from a journalist Henny responded with " Please Sir ; I don't ask you about your wages, do I ?".
Sir Christopher Hatton reported a growing emergency when the Earl was away for a few weeks in 1578: " This court wanteth your presence.
The second and third manifestos, respectively An Open Letter to Sir Nicholas Serota and Remodernism, were sent to Nicholas Serota which received a brief reply: " Thank you for your open letter dated 6 March.
1791. Sir, I thank you sincerely for your letter of the 19th.
Tora !, who later waves his arms at the Pearl Harbor carnage, exclaiming to a shocked Captain John B. Earle ( Richard Anderson ) " Sir, THERE ' S your confirmation!
In early 2006 on Rove Live, Rove McManus and Sir Richard pushed each other into a swimming pool fully clothed live on TV during a " Live at your house " episode.
In a famous exchange with John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, where the latter exclaimed, " Sir, I do not know whether you will die on the gallows or of the pox ," Wilkes is reported to have replied, " That depends, my lord, on whether I embrace your lordship's principles or your mistress.
Dear Sir, – I am not surprised at your friend's anger, but he and you should know that to denounce the murders was the only course open to us.
Remember, therefore, all the fine things that your jurists and statesmen have said and written about the great palladium of British liberty and so forth: remember how the learned Sir William Blackstone hath delivered himself on this point ;— how that ' the founders of the English laws have with excellent forecast contrived that the truth of every accusation, whether preferred in the shape of indictment, information, or appeal, should be confirmed by the unanimous suffrage of twelve of his ( the accused person's ) equals and neighbours, indifferently chosen, and superior to all suspicion.
Samuel Johnson once triumphed in such an exchange: ' a fellow having attacked him with some coarse raillery, Johnson answered him thus, " Sir, your wife, under pretence of keeping a bawdy-house, is a receiver of stolen goods "'.
Sir John Betjeman, however, a man not noted for his enthusiasm for brutalist architecture, was effusive in his praise and wrote to Lasdun stating that he " gasped with delight at the cube of your theatre in the pale blue sky and a glimpse of St. Paul's to the south of it.
As early as 2 July of that year, Sir William Waller discovered that his London-based units were refusing to campaign further afield, and wrote, " An army compounded of these men will never go through with your service, and till you have an army merely your own that you may command, it is in a manner impossible to do anything of importance.
Good Sir, you are an Athenian, a citizen of the greatest city with the greatest reputation for both wisdom and power ; are you not ashamed of your eagerness to possess as much wealth, reputation, and honours as possible, while you do not care for nor give thought to wisdom or truth or the best possible state of your soul.
In the preface to The Maid of Honour ( 1632 ) he wrote, addressing Sir Francis Foljambe and Sir Thomas Bland: " I had not to this time subsisted, but that I was supported by your frequent courtesies and favours.
Sir Joshua Reynolds painted his famous portrait, " Mrs. Siddons as the Tragic Muse ," in 1784, and signed it on the hem of her dress, " for ," he told her, " I have resolved to go down to posterity on the hem of your garment.

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