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Sir and Sultan
Under the leadership of Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah, Aga Khan III, the first half of the 20th century was a period of significant development for the Ismā ' īlī community.
The Jubilees of Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah, Aga Khan III, are well remembered.
Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah also introduced organizational forms that gave Ismāʿīlī communities the means to structure and regulate their own affairs.
He wrote a number of books and papers two of which are of immense importance namely ( 1 ). India in Transition, about the prepartition politics of India and ( 2 ). World Enough & Time-The Memoirs of Sir Sultan Mohammed Shah, Aga Khan III, his autobiography.
* 1898-1902: His Highness Aga Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah, Aga Khan III, KCIE
* 1902-1911: His Highness Aga Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah, Aga Khan III, GCIE
* 1911-1923: His Highness Aga Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah, Aga Khan III, GCSI, GCIE
* 1923-1934: His Highness Aga Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah, Aga Khan III, GCSI, GCIE, GCVO
* 1934-1955: His Highness The Right Honourable Aga Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah, Aga Khan III, PC, GCSI, GCIE, GCVO
* 1955-1957: His Highness The Right Honourable Aga Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah, Aga Khan III, PC, GCSI, GCMG, GCIE, GCVO
* Institute of Ismaili Studies: Selected speeches of Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan III
* 1957 Prince Karim Husseini Aga Khan IV inherits the office of Imamat as the 49th Imam of Shia Imami Ismaili worldwide, after the death of Sir Sultan Mahommed Shah Aga Khan III.
Imperial Germany set up a protectorate over the Sultan of Zanzibar's coastal possessions in 1885, followed by the arrival of Sir William Mackinnon's British East Africa Company ( BEAC ) in 1888, after the company had received a royal charter and concessionary rights to the Kenya coast from the Sultan of Zanzibar for a 50-year period.
During this campaign in September 1780, Tipu Sultan was dispatched by Hyder Ali with 10, 000 men and 18 guns to intercept Colonel Baillie who was on his way to join Sir Hector Munro.
His grandfather Sir Sultan Mohammed Shah Aga Khan III appoints Prince Karim in his will.
Inside the Mausoleum itself are the remains of the last four sultans, Haji Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddin ( 1950 1967 ), who died in 1986, Ahmad Tajuddin Ibnu Sultan Muhammad Jamalul Alam ( 1924 1950 ), Muhammad Jamalul Alam Ibnu Sultan Hashim ( 1906 1924 ), and Hashim Jalilul Alam Putera Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin II ( 1885 1906 ).
The British establishment of Singapore on the Malaya Peninsula in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles exacerbated the tension between the two nations, especially as the Dutch claimed that the treaty signed between Raffles and the Sultan of Johore was invalid, and that the Sultanate of Johore was under the Dutch sphere of influence.
Born in Paris, France, he was the son of Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan and Princess Andrée Aga Khan.
Born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, he was the only child of Pakistani Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan III and his French-born second wife, the former Andrée Joséphine Carron.
* HIH Princess Hadice Hayriye Ayshe Dürrühsehvar Sultan ( Cİstanbul, Üsküdar, Çamlıca Palace, 26 January 1914 7 February 2006 ), married in Nice on 12 November 1931 to HE Damat HH Walashan Nawab Sir Mir Himayat Ali Khan Azam Jah Bahadur ( 22 February 1907 9 October 1970 ), Prince of Berar, son of the last Nizam of Hyderabad, and had issue
* 1898-1902: His Highness Sultan Sayyid Sir Hamud bin Muhammad, Sultan of Zanzibar, GCSI

Sir and Muhammed
Following the death of his grandfather, Sir Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan ( the Aga Khan III ), Prince Karim, at the age of 20, became the 49th Imam of the Nizari Ismailis and Aga Khan IV, bypassing his father, Prince Aly Khan, and his uncle, Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, who were in direct line to succession.
Sultan Sir Hassan Nooraddeen Iskandar II, KCMG was Sultan of the Maldives from 1935 to 1943, a son of Sultan Muhammed Mueenudheen Kalhu Bandaarain.
His son, Nawab Bahadur Sir Muhammed Akram Khan was conferred the title ' Nawab ' in perpetuity by the British Raj.

Sir and Shah
After his arrival, Hasan Ali Shah wrote to Sir William Macnaghten, discussing his plans to seize and govern Herat on behalf of the British.
Jahangir's relationship with other rulers of the time is one that was well documented by Sir Thomas Roe, especially his relationship with the Persian King, Shah Abbas.
But relations between them did turn tense in the year 1617 when Sir Thomas Roe the Elizabethan diplomat warned the Mughal Emperor Jahangir that if the young and charismatic son Prince Shah Jahan, the newly instated as the Subedar of Gujarat had turned the English out of the province, " then he must expect we would do our justice upon the seas ".
* February 6 A formal treaty between Hussein Shah of Johor and the British Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles establishes a trading settlement in Singapore.
Her paternal grandfather was Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto.
Sir Gore Ouseley, the British ambassador to the Shah, was unable to bring about a meeting, but did deliver the manuscript.
Two members of his expedition returned to London, where they published the anonymous pamphlet The True Report of Sir Anthony Shirley's Journey, which, additionally spurred by the actor Will Kempe's meeting with Sir Anthony in Rome, evoked two references to " the Sophy "— the Shah — in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night ( 1601-02 ).
Among the famous personalities who hailed from Feni district are Famous saint Shah Syed Amir Uddin Pagla Miah / Baba ( RA ) who is regarded as founder of feni and sultanul awlia feni, Saint Mamu Fakir ( RA ), Begum Khaleda Zia ( former Prime Minister ), Sir A. F. Rahman ( the first Muslim Vice Chancellor of University, Dr. Mustafa Chowdhury ( former Public Service Commission Chairman ), Prof. Ahmed Shafee ( Vice-Chancellor of East West University ), Former Politician and Businessman Mowlana Abdul Wadud, Abdul Awal Mintu, Saber Hossen Chowdhury, Mosarraf Hossen, Economist Abu Ahammed, journalists

Sir and Aga
The case, commonly referred to as the Aga Khan Case, was heard by Sir Joseph Arnould.
For these services, and others which Aga Khan I rendered to Sir Charles Napier in his conquest of Sindh in 1843 44, the Aga Khan received a pension from the British Government of India.

Sir and Khan
* 1957 Sir Feroz Khan Noon replaces Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar as Prime Minister of Pakistan.
King Sher Ali Khan with CD Charles Chamberlain and Sir Richard F. Pollock in 1869.
King Mohammad Yaqub Khan with Britain's Pierre Louis Napoleon Cavagnari | Sir Pierre Cavagnari on May 26, 1879, when the Treaty of Gandamak was signed.
List of monarchs of Afghanistan | King Mohammad Yaqub Khan | Yaqub Khan with Britain's Sir Pierre Louis Napoleon Cavagnari on May 26, 1879, when the Treaty of Gandamak was signed.
* 1898 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Indian educator and politician ( b. 1817 )
After the British invasion following the killing of Sir Louis Cavagnari in 1879, Yaqub Khan, Yahya Khan and his sons, Princes Mohammad Yusuf Khan and Mohammad Asef Khan, were seized by the British and transferred under custody to the British Raj, where they forcibly remained until the two princes were invited back to Afghanistan by Emir Abdur Rahman Khan in the last year of his reign ( 1901 ).

Sir and III
; Forgotten Futures III: George E. Challenger's Mysterious World: Adventures with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's scientific hero, including the full text of The Lost World, " The Poison Belt ", " When The World Screamed ", The Land Of Mist, " The Horror of the Heights ", and " The Disintegration Machine ", a worldbook, four adventures, and a wargames scenario.
Theory of the Earth ; with proofs and illustrations, vol III, Edited by Sir Archibald Geikie.
Richard Lovelace's mother, Anne Barne ( 1587 1633 ), was the daughter of Sir William Barne and the granddaughter of Sir George Barne III ( 1532-d. 1593 ), the Lord Mayor of London and a prominent merchant and public official from London during the reign of Elizabeth I ; and Anne Gerrard, daughter of Sir William Garrard, who was Lord Mayor of London in 1555.
The Welsh accounts state that Sir Wyllyam Gardynyr killed King Richard III with a poleaxe.
Perhaps the best-known film adaptation of Shakespeare's play Richard III is the 1955 version directed and produced by Sir Laurence Olivier, who also played the lead role.
George III enriched the gardens, aided by William Aiton and Sir Joseph Banks.
Adolphus to those of Gustavus III., treated in the manner of Sir Walter Scott ; the five volumes of this work appeared at intervals between 1853 and 1867.
* Sir Ygo III of Galama, Frisian knight and nobleman ( d. 1198 )
* July 19 Battle of Halidon Hill: Edward III defeats Sir Archibald Douglas, during the last of the Wars of Scottish Independence.
* 1964-H. B. Carter His Majesty's Spanish Flock: Sir Joseph Banks and the Merinos of George III of England ( University of Sydney, Australia )

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