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Some Related Sentences

Sir and Your
In situations where cover ( or " headdress ", as it is called in the Australian Army ) is not being worn, the salute is given verbally ; the junior party ( or senior member thereof ) will first come to attention, then offer the salute " Good morning / afternoon Your Majesty / Your Royal Highness / Prime Minister / Your Grace / Sir / Ma ' am / Sergeant ", etc., as the case may be.
In the lower courts, magistrates are addressed as ' Sir / Madam ', and District Court Judges as ' Your Honour '.
In Israel, judges of all courts are addressed as " Sir / Madam " ( אדוני / גבירתי ) or " Your Honor " ( כבודו / כבודה ).
In Malaysia, judges of the subordinate courts are addressed as " Tuan " or " Puan " ( Sir or Madam ), or Your Honour, while judges of the superior courts are addressed as " Yang Arif " ( lit.
In Court, all judges are addressed as " Your Honour ", or " Sir / Madam ".
It used elements from To Your Scattered Bodies Go and The Fabulous Riverboat, though it replaced the books ' hero, Sir Richard Burton, with an American astronaut and King John of England with Nero as the villain.
And now, Sir, I shall conclude, and subscribe myself, with the most profound respect, Your most obedient humble servant, BENJAMIN BANNEKER.
I am with great esteem, Sir, Your most obedt.
), oral address Your Highness and then Sir — The Imam ( spiritual leader ) of the Shia Ismaili Muslims.
" Your eel, I think, Sir?
Other notable early shows included We Have Ways of Making You Laugh ( a sketch show starring Frank Muir which was due to be the first programme scheduled to be aired on LWT, but industrial action blacked it out early in the first show ); the children's fantasy Catweazle ; and several sitcoms, including No, Honestly, On the Buses, Please Sir !, Me and My Girl and Mind Your Language.
Your friend, Sir, and my much — loved Nephew, Arthur Hallam, is no more — it has pleased God to remove him from this his first scene of Existence, to that better world for which he was Created.
After the resulting uproar, Sir Greville arrives at Alan and Crosby's office and reveals that he has come into the possession of the note sent to Kinnock ( signed " From Your Newest Recruit "), and that an expert has identified it as Crosby's handwriting, despite his attempt to disguise it.
The Duke of Manchester is styled Your Grace ( spoken style ) or His Grace ( reference style ), alternatively Sir.
:" Sir: Your dispatch of the 15th instant, making a call on Missouri for four regiments of men for immediate service, as been received.
*" Oh, Judge, Your Honor, Dear Sir, Sweetheart "/" Freddy, Freddy " ( 1961 Liberty 55314 )
Some honorifics act as complete replacements for a name, as " Sir " or " Ma ' am ", or " Your Honor ".
Is This Your Vehicle, Sir?
Lord Denning proceeded to state, " Your contribution for India rivals that of Sir William Wade ".
* BBC Your Paintings Sir Kyffin's paintings in British collections
SirYour letter of the last of February intimating your expectation of suddainly besieged I received not till about nine of the clock this morning.
" Flash Light " continued the " Fake the Funk / Your nose will grow / Sir Nose D ' Voidoffunk " concept that began with Bootsy's Rubber Band's " The Pinocchio Theory ".

Sir and editorial
Sir -- Permit me to commend your editorial in which you stress the fact that a program of county colleges will substantially increase local tax burdens and that taxpayers have a right to a clear idea of what such a program would commit them to.
This was owned by John Middleton Murry, who had released editorial control to Max Plowman and Sir Richard Rees.
In the editorial notes of his compendium Portraits by Sir Joshua Reynolds, Hilles theorizes that " as a corollary one might say that he was somewhat lacking in a capacity for love ", and cites Boswell's notary papers: " He said the reason he would never marry was that every woman whom he liked had grown indifferent to him, and he had been < u > glad </ u > he did not marry her.
In 1969, along with Hugh Trevor-Roper and A. J. P. Taylor, he became a member of the editorial board of Sir Winston Churchill's four volume A History of the English-Speaking Peoples.
" Sir Frank was knee-deep in editorial policy of the Telegraph ," Walsh said.
From about 1810, he delegated to others editorial supervision, first to Sir John Stoddart, then to Thomas Barnes, and in 1841 to John Thadeus Delane, though never the ultimate direction of policy.
* The History Makers ; Leaders And Statesmen Of The 20th century, edited by Lord Longford & Sir John Wheeler-Bennett, Chronologies and editorial assistance by Christine Nicholls, 1973.
On his first entrance into professional life Anstie was occupied in administering chloroform for the operations of Sir William Fergusson ; but he soon went into practice as a physician, and became very fully occupied in hospital work and in journalism, being for some years a member of the editorial staff of the The Lancet ; while in the last few years of his life he was beginning to get a good consulting practice.

Sir and Housing
* Sir Keith Joseph: Minister of Housing and Local Government and Welsh Affairs
* Sir Keith Joseph: Minister of Housing and Local Government and Minister for Welsh Affairs
After 1959, Sir Keith had several junior posts in the Macmillan government at the Ministry of Housing and the Board of Trade.
Sir Greville was introduced in the final episode of series 2, portrayed as a corrupt Cabinet Minister who recruited an unwitting Piers as Junior Minister for Housing in order to ' nod through ' some of his shadier housing projects.
The Local Government Commission for Wales set up in 1958 was the first to recommend wholesale amalgamation of the administrative counties outside Glamorgan and Monmouthshire, with extensive boundary changes ; however the then Minister of Housing and Local Government Sir Keith Joseph decided not to accept the report, noting that county amalgamations in England had been highly unpopular when proposed.
In 1992 when asked during parliamentary discussions of the Armley Asbestos Disaster in Armley for financial assistance in surveying local housing in the Armley area for residual asbestos, the then Minister for Housing and Planning, Sir George Young, responded that the government would not provide financial assistance to the home owners or the council to pay for decontamination, as this " would not be a justifiable use of public funds.
The twenty-second Baron served in the Conservative administrations of Harold Macmillan and Sir Alec Douglas-Home as a government whip from 1961 to 1962 and as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Housing and Local Government from 1962 to 1964.
* Sir Desmond Lorimer KBE FCA DSc, Former head of the Northern Bank, Northern Ireland Housing Executive, Northern Ireland Electricity and Ulster Garden Villages Limited resides in Holywood
* Sir T. Desmond Lorimer KBE FCA DSc Former head of Northern Bank, Northern Ireland Electricity, Northern Ireland Housing Executive, Lamont Holdings Plc and Ulster Garden Villages Limited
Sir Arthur also served as chair of the Rural Housing Committee 1942 – 1947, was pro-chancellor of Bristol University, and was both chairman and president of the County Councils Association ( now part of the Local Government Association ).
* Sir Lucius O ' Brien ( 1896-1974 ), first Chairman of Northern Ireland Housing Trust.
* Sir Keith Joseph: Minister of Housing and Local Government and Welsh Affairs
* Sir Keith Joseph: Minister of Housing and Local Government

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