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Sloppy and Seconds
Several songs have been written in tribute to Joey Ramone, including " Hello Joe " by Blondie from the album The Curse of Blondie, " Don't Take Me For Granted " by Social Distortion, " Here's To You " by Minus3, " You Can't Kill Joey Ramone " by Sloppy Seconds, Joey by Raimundos, " I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone " by Sleater-Kinney, and " Joey " by The Corin Tucker Band.
" Queen of the Silver Dollar " was first recorded by Dr. Hook on their 1972 album Sloppy Seconds, and later by Doyle Holly ( on his 1973 album Doyle Holly ), Barbi Benton ( on her 1974 album Barbi Doll ), Emmylou Harris ( on her 1975 album Pieces of the Sky ) and Dave & Sugar ( on their 1976 album Dave & Sugar ).
* Sloppy Seconds
The street is also mentioned in the Elvis Costello song " Human Hands ", in Van Morrison's song " Heavy Connection ", in the Midnight Oil song " Mountains of Burma ", the Sloppy Seconds song " Germany " from their album Destroyed and in the Runrig song " Song of the Earth ".
The film spawned two sequels: Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds and Feast 3: The Happy Finish
** Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds, first sequel to Feast ( film )
* Dialogue from the film Female Trouble between Edith Massey's " Aunt Ida " character and Micheal Potter's " Gator ", in which Aunt Ida tries to convince Gator to become a homosexual, was used as the intro to the 1989 song " I Don't Wanna Be a Homosexual " by the band Sloppy Seconds.
The group recorded two songs for the film: Locorriere sang the lead on both " The Last Morning ," the movie's theme song, later re-recorded for their second album, Sloppy Seconds, and " Bunky and Lucille ," which the band can be seen performing in the film.
The band's second single, " The Cover of Rolling Stone " from Sloppy Seconds attracted the attention of those who would appreciate their irreverent attitude and stage show.
* Pervert At Large b / w Sloppy Seconds Split 7 ", V. M. L.
He produced the majority of Will Rap For Food, SouthernUnderground, A Piece of Strange, Sloppy Seconds 2 and Dirty Acres and has also received acclaim in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and other magazines for his remix of Jay-Z's Black Album, entitled Kno vs. Hov " The White Albulum ".
Kentucky-based emcee Natti has been involved in the group from November 2004 until the present ( appearing on all material since Sloppy Seconds Volume 2 ).
Florida-based emcee Mr. SOS was a part of CunninLynguists from July 2002 to October 2004 ( appearing mainly on SouthernUnderground and Sloppy Seconds Volume 1 ).
* Sloppy Seconds Volume One
* Sloppy Seconds Volume Two
Sloppy Seconds is a Ramones-influenced punk band from Indianapolis, Indiana that started in the mid-1980s.
Sloppy Seconds will be on the road for yet another tour.
In 2010, Sloppy Seconds toured in support of the 20th anniversary of " Destroyed ".
The horror film, Sick Girl, also features a character, " Jugs ", played by Andy Signore ( The Janitor, United 300 ) who is murdered while wearing a Sloppy Seconds shirt.
* Sloppy Seconds on Myspace. com
* Sloppy Seconds, the Annoyance Interview
* Sloppy Seconds interview with Juicy Cerebellum
cs: Sloppy Seconds

Sloppy and first
In 1987, after both sets of 65 episodes were taped ( the first was taped from mid-September to early October of 1986 ; and the second set was taped from January to early February 1987 ), a short-lived, forty episode weekend edition, titled Super Sloppy Double Dare, which was taped in New York City, was produced ( they were taped in July 1987 ).
These nighttime episodes were taped in March 1988 in between both sets of the initial syndicated episodes that Fox ordered ( January-February 1988 and April-May 1988 respectively ) On January 23, 1989, following a sneak preview episode that aired on Super Bowl weekend, a new version of Super Sloppy Double Dare premiered, with the first half originating from Philadelphia ( they were taped from January-February 1989 ) and the second half originating from the new Nickelodeon Studios attraction at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida ( they were taped from April-May 1989 ).
In spring 1989, they filmed its first show there, Super Sloppy Double Dare.
The first student to be eaten is Jimbo Jones who is served as " Sloppy Jimbos ".
The Orlando episodes of the show were taped in January 1990, 5 months before Nickelodeon Studios opened, and was the second Nickelodeon game show to tape there ( Super Sloppy Double Dare was the first ).
He founded the first Atlanta steam factory, the flour mill at the Georgia RR between Butler and Calhoun ( the location of today's Sloppy Floyd office building ).

Sloppy and be
The working title for this song was " Sloppy Drunk ", said to be a title that Robert Plant came up with but in fact that of a Leroy Carr song.
Prior to the release of Volume 8 of Dylan's Bootleg Series, Tell Tale Signs, the only songs known to be circulating from these sessions are " Kaatskill Serenade ", " Sloppy Drunk ", " Polly Vaughan ", and " Miss the Mississippi ".

Sloppy and by
" Sloppy printers sometimes turned this into Ouriconsing, Ouiscousen, and even Ouiskonche, but the " Ouis …" spelling was the one most often used by both French and English writers until the mid-19th century.
By 1930 her recordings had begun to concentrate on drinking and sex, with songs such as " Sloppy Drunk Blues " ( covered by Leroy Carr and others ) and " Tricks Ain't Walkin ' No More " ( later recorded by Memphis Minnie ).
The Silver Slipper dance hall adjacent to Sloppy Joe's, painted in the 1930s by Waldo Peirce
The Original Sloppy Joe Sandwich was invented by a cook named Joe at a cafe in Sioux City, Iowa, as a variation of the popular " loose meat " sandwich ( which does not contain tomato sauce ).
Previous feature The Sloppy Bit ( a dedication followed by love song ) was unchanged but renamed Lots Of Love.
The Silver Slipper dance hall adjacent to Sloppy Joe's, painted in the 1930s by Waldo Peirce

Sloppy and band
* Sloppy Meateaters, a former band from Rome, Georgia, United States
Sloppy Meateaters was an American band from Rome, Georgia on Orange Peel Records.
There's a band called Sloppy Meat Eaters, they keep me posted constantly on what they're doing in their career.

Sloppy and on
In the United Kingdom, he has appeared on Channel 4 music programme Born Sloppy, Bo Selecta and Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.
* Various animations of his were featured on the Channel 4 music programme Born Sloppy.
She later had stints on Channel 5 entertainment show Exclusive and Channel 4 music programme Born Sloppy.
" Sloppy Croc ", an instrumental that featured on the Crocodile Dundee Soundtrack alongside " Live It Up ", was released as a single in Australia but with little promotion, failed to chart.
As a game show presenter, Murray has co-presented the Channel 4 challenge show Born Sloppy with Sara Cox, fronted the Soduku based game show Street-Cred Sudoku broadcast on UKTV G2 in 2005. and the Channel Five quiz show Payday in 2007.
The bar went through two name changes before settling on Sloppy Joe's with the encouragement of Hemingway.

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