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Slovenian and families
The consolidation and formation of the historical Slovenian lands took place in a long period between 11th and 14th century being led by a number of important feudal families such as the Dukes of Spannheim, the Counts of Gorizia, the Counts of Celje and finally the House of Habsburg.
The earliest scholar to notice the similarities between Balkan languages belonging to different families was the Slovenian scholar Jernej Kopitar in 1829.

Slovenian and have
His works have been translated into Belorussian, Bulgarian, Czech, Esperanto, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Russian and Slovenian.
A bill of Monti's government would further lower the level of protection of the language, already quite low, implementing a distinction between the languages ​​ protected by international agreements ( German, Slovenian, French and Ladin ) and those related to communities that do not have a foreign state behind their shoulders.
Both languages have the dual for nouns, pronouns, adjectives and verbs ; very few known living Indo-European languages retain this feature as a productive aspect of the grammar ( see Slovenian grammar or Lithuanian grammar for other ones ).
Resource limitations have nevertheless been a problem hindering the efficiency of the Slovenian diplomacy.
Allegations in Finnish media that bribery was used by Patria to secure the Slovenian contract led to a scandal and a criminal investigation in Finland and may have contributed to the defeat of Prime Minister Janez Janša in the 2008 Slovenian parliamentary elections.
Slovenian linguists have sometimes provisionally called it " Alpine Slavic " ( alpska slovanščina ).
Founded on 12 December, 1960, Maribor is one of only three football clubs in the country who have never been relegated from Slovenian top flight 1.
Its eastern coasts, with Trieste and the Slovenian Littoral, have more rugged relief.
The original word is still used in present-day Slavic languages, i. e. in Slovak ( as medza ), in Slovenian ( as meja ), in Serbian and Croatian ( as međa, међа ), in similar sense, and seems to have meant rather the border of a county initially in the Hungarian language, too.
Some circumstances surrounding Janša's arrest have never been clarified, especially the role played by the Slovenian Communist leadership.
Between 2005 and 2008, characterized by over-enthusiasm after joining EU, the Slovenian banks have seen loan-deposit ratio veering out of control, over-borrowing from foreign banks and then over-creding customers, including local tycoons.
Subsequently he was rumoured to at one stage be on the books of Slovenian side NK Bravo, who play in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, and to have been running an academy, coaching young players in Colombia.
Many of Melling's books have been translated into Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Slovenian and Czech.
Between September 1944 and early May 1945, he also served as chief inspector of the Slovene Slovenian Home Guard, a Slovene collaborationist anti-Communist militia, although he did not have any military competences until the last month of the war.
Kosta Trifković's dramatic works have been translated into German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, and other languages.
It tells the story of 24-year-old Slovenian Veronika, who appears to have everything in life going for her, but who decides to kill herself.
His books have been translated into French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Estonian, Latvian, Slovenian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish, Hebrew, Georgian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.
They have won both the Slovenian League and the Slovenian Supercup two times and the Slovenian Cup once.
WISC has been translated or adapted to many languages, and norms have been established for a number of countries, including Spanish, Portuguese ( Brazil ), Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Croatian, French ( France and Canada ), German ( Germany, Austria and Switzerland ), English ( United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia ), Welsh, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese ( Hong Kong ), Korean ( South Korea ), Greek, Romanian, Slovenian and Italian.
In the article the club celebrates 100 years of football in the city of Ljubljana and ignores the official standpoint of the Football Association of Slovenia and Association of 1. SNL and claims that it was demoted into the fifth league and that they have eventually returned to the 1. SNL after five seasons spent in the lower tiers of Slovenian football.

Slovenian and different
The Slovenian Government is well-positioned to be an influential role model for other southeast European governments at different stages of reform and integration.
He wrote about 600 Slovenian lyrics in total for different artists.
Apart from many fresh intellectual ideas and innovations ( for the Slovenian circumstances and intellectual coordinates, but very likely also in a wider sense ) Taja Kramberger has written many critical articles on various aspects of Slovenian history, cultural life, but also on broader European History and culture, e. g. on Spanish Civil War, different models of Enlightenment in Europe and the recurrent Enlightenment features in the works of Anton Tomaž Linhart, on epistemic divergence between Enlightenment's and Historismus's: de: Historismus ( Geschichtswissenschaft ) paradigms of historiography, on anthropology of translation, history of university and the formation of university habitus: fr: Habitus ( sociologie ), on literary and cultural fields: fr: Pierre Bourdieu # Théorie des champs in the 1930s in Slovenia ( by then partially covered by the administrative unit of Dravska banovina ) and on the role of women in the constitution of these fields etc.
From a very different angle Slovenian poet Iztok Osojnik sees this rare privilege, that is the poet ’ s critical ability to transform ideologically contaminated and narrow representations of reality in a poetic way into more bearable representations of reality, which bring us much closer to the core of events, as a tool of the political poetry in its best and noble sense ( Apokalipsa, no.
Her essays and introductory studies to the other poets ( Roberto Juarroz, Michele Obit, Gašper Malej ) mark quite different approach from other Slovenian literary critics.
Austrian cuisine was formed and influenced by the cuisines of many different peoples ( Turkish, Swiss, Alsacian, French, Dutch, Italian, German, Bohemian-Moravian, Hungarian, Polish, Croatian, Slovenian, Slovakian, Serbian, and Jewish cuisines ) during the many centuries of the Austrian Habsburg Empire's expansion.
He has created about 25 net art works ( including Interactivalia / Interactivalia-interactive poetry, sl-en, 1997 and Ascii Kosovel-a mix of different nonlinear poetic interactive or computational narratives based on a work by Srečko Kosovel-a Slovenian avantgard poet ( 1904 — 1926 ), in Slovenian only ).

Slovenian and regarding
In 2001, the Italian Parliament finally approved the legislation resolving the last open issues regarding the Slovenian minority in Italy.

Slovenian and their
The traditional Slovenian regions, based on the former division of Slovenia into the four Habsburg crown lands of ( Carniola, Carinthia, Styria, and the Littoral ) and their parts, are:
According to the Slovenian Motorway Company Act valid since December 2010, the construction and building of highways in Slovenia is carried out and financed by private companies, primarily the Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia ( Slovene:, acronym DARS ), while the strategic planning and the acquisition of land for their course is carried out and financed by the Government of Slovenia.
In 2007 three Slovenian artists legally changed their names to Janez Janša, the Slovenia ’ s economic-liberal, conservative prime minister at the time.
On May 15, 1997, the group performed with the Slovenian symphony orchestra, conducted by Marko Letonja, and the " Tone Tomšić " choir, for the opening ceremony of the Ljubljana European Month of Culture, presenting orchestral versions of their earliest material, which they rarely performed live, arranged by Uroš Rojko and Aldo Kumar with the members of the group.
" Dobro " is both a contraction of " Dopyera brothers " and a word meaning " goodness " in their native Slovak ( and also in Slovenian, Bulgarian, Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Russian, Polish and Ukrainian ).
Laibach, a Slovenian group who began while Yugoslavia remained a single state, were very controversial for their iconographic borrowings from Stalinist, Nazi, Titoist, Dada, and Russian Futurist imagery, conflating Yugoslav patriotism with its German authoritarian adversary.
* Slovenian industrial band Laibach covered the song on their album Anthems.
Saint Francis Xavier Church, Roman Catholic, was founded in 1948, named after Francis Xavier Pierz, a Slovenian missionary to Native Americans in the area, and largely responsible for attracting the large population of Slovenian, Polish, Bohemian, Slovakian and especially German farmers to the area and their annual bouja stand.
The codes for all groups of municipalities are assigned in Slovenian alphabetical order, except Tišina and Šalovci, whose codes are assigned based on their former names, Cankova-Tišina and Hodoš Šalovci respectively.
In the minds of many foreigners, Slovenian folk music means a form of polka that is still popular today, especially among expatriates and their descendants in North America.
It turned out that Kropp had been fooled by his Slovenian colleagues who had decided to leave him off their climbing plans.
SKH delegation led by Ivica Račan, along with their Slovenian counterparts, had abandoned the 14th congress of SKJ in January 1990 following a dispute with the Serbian delegation led by Slobodan Milošević over how SFR Yugoslavia should be reorganized.
Part of their coat of arms-the three golden stars on a blue background, which, as Lords of Sanneck, they had inherited from the once powerful Carinthian Counts of Heunburg in 1322-was incorporated into the Emblem of Yugoslavia in 1920s and the Slovenian coat of arms in 1991.
After 1947, the ethnic composition changed radically due to the exodus of Italians to Italy and their replacement with Slovene settlers, both from other areas of Slovenian Istria and from interior areas of the country.
Next season the club played its first Slovenian supercup final and won their second trophy with a 3 – 1 victory over Olimpija Ljubljana.
They are regarded as a symbol of Slovenian football, particularly in their home region of Styria () in northeastern Slovenia.
Konjice played its part during the Slovenian peasant revolt of 1515, with rebels here composing a letter with their demands to send to the emperor in Vienna.
The Slovenian industrial group Laibach edited the lyrics in their cover version to make it appropriate for 1994's NATO album.
In April 2000 they launched the video for " Lunanai " and released their first EP Numa Numa, to which some live songs were added ; for both they collaborated with the Slovenian rock musician, Vlado Kreslin.
In September 2001 their fourth video was recorded, Samo Edini, both in Slovenian and in English just as B Mashina was.
Slovenia has far less of its land under organic cultivation, although between 1998 and 2003 their organic sector grew from less than 0. 1 % of Slovenian agriculture to roughly the European Union average of 3. 3 %.
The Slovenian style polka in the United States of America came about when immigrants from Slovenia taught the old songs to their children.

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