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Smallvilles and Kent
Smallvilles Kent has also appeared in various literature ( including comics and over a dozen young adult novels ) based on the television series.
During the course of Smallvilles run, Lionel Luthor evolves from a nemesis of Clark Kent ( Tom Welling ) who develops multiple schemes directed at uncovering Kent's secrets to an ally who eventually gives his life to protect Clark's secret from Lex.

Smallvilles and is
" Smallvilles interpretation of Brainiac is similar to the DC animated universe version ; that of a self-aware computer in humanoid form with a Kryptonian origin, but is portrayed as an AI created by Dax-Ur who abandoned the project only for it to be completed by Jor-El but corrupted by Zod.
* Smallvilles version of the Injustice Gang appears in the episode " Injustice ", though in keeping with the show's stylization the name " Injustice Gang " is not used in the episode itself.

Smallvilles and .
* Smallvilles season 9 finale, Salvation, depicted a vision of this year.
* Cyborg appeared in the 15th episode of Smallvilles fifth season, which was also titled " Cyborg ", and premiered on February 16, 2006.
* In 2003, the song was added on the TV show, Smallvilles first soundtrack.
* Bibbo's Ace of Clubs appeared thrice ( as an upscale nightclub ) in Smallvilles seventh season and numerous times in the eighth season.
* Rick Flag ( portrayed by Ted Whittall ) appears in the premiere episode of Smallvilles tenth and final season, " Lazarus ", as he captures and interrogates Green Arrow, as well as in episode two of season ten, " Shield ", as the leader of the Suicide Squad, along with Deadshot and Plastique.
She portrayed Maxima in an episode of Smallvilles 8th season.

Kent and is
That is, we must find Saxons in East Anglia, Kent, Sussex and Hampshire in the last half of the fourth century.
She said, `` My dear, do you know what Kent House is ''??
Kent and Story, the great early American scholars, repeatedly made use of this phrase, or of `` Christian nations '', which is a substantial equivalent.
Since the passage of the Act of Settlement, the most senior member of the Royal Family to have married a Roman Catholic, and thereby been removed from the line and later lines of succession, is Prince Michael of Kent, who married Baroness Marie-Christine von Reibnitz in 1978 ; he was fifteenth in the lines of succession at the time of his marriage.
The current most senior living descendant of the Electress Sophia who is ineligible to succeed due to the act is George Windsor, Earl of St Andrews, the eldest son of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, who married the Roman Catholic Sylvana Palma Tomaselli in 1988 ; he would now be 29th in the lines of succession if he had not lost his place.
Excluding those princesses who have married into overseas Roman Catholic royal families, only one member of the Royal Family ( that is, with the style of Royal Highness ) has converted to Roman Catholicism since the passage of the act: the Duchess of Kent, wife of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent.
# He is the diocesan bishop of the Diocese of Canterbury, which covers the east parts of the County of Kent.
Shauna Rosenblum, daughter of Kent and Kathy, is the wine maker for Rock Wall Winery.
Noteworthy, too, is St. Mildred's Priory, Isle of Thanet, Kent, built in 1027 on the site of an Abbey founded in 670 by the daughter of the first Christian King of Kent.
If that business is a subsidiary which has considerably more independence then the title might be known as Chairman and CEO ( for example, Philip I. Kent of Turner Broadcasting System in Time Warner ).
The Channel Tunnel (; also referred to as the Chunnel ) is a undersea rail tunnel linking Folkestone, Kent, in the United Kingdom with Coquelles, Pas-de-Calais, near Calais in northern France beneath the English Channel at the Strait of Dover.
The current board is chaired by Kent Kresa, former chairman and CEO of Northrup Grumman and former chairman of General Motors.
The first battle Ceawlin fought as king is dated by the Chronicle to 568, when he and Cutha fought with Æthelberht, the king of Kent.
Canterbury is a city located in the county of Kent in southeast England.
Clark Kent is a fictional character created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.
To deflect suspicion that he is Superman, Clark Kent adopted a largely passive and introverted personality with conservative mannerisms, a higher-pitched voice, and a slight slouch.
In the Pre-Crisis comic book title Superman Family, Clark is featured in a series of stories called " The Private Life of Clark Kent ," where he solves problems subtly without changing into Superman.
Adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent from the Kansas town of Smallville, Clark ( and thus Superman ) was raised with the values of a typical rural American town, including attending the local Methodist Church ( though it is debated by comic fans if Superman is a Methodist ).
Superman's secret identity as Clark Kent is one of the DC Universe's greatest secrets.
In " Visitor ," Lois finds Superman at the Kent farm with Lana Lang and asks him point-blank if he is Clark Kent.

Kent and particularly
Traditionally, Lois Lane ( and sometimes others ) would often suspect Superman of truly being Clark Kent ; this was particularly prominent in Silver Age stories, including those in the series Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane.
In southern England ( particularly in Kent ), sweet chestnut has traditionally been grown as coppices, being re-cut every ten years or so on rotation for poles used for firewood, fencing ( fence posts and chestnut paling ) and especially to support the strings up when hops are grown.
They also settled elsewhere in Kent, particularly Sandwich, Faversham and Maidstone — towns in which there used to be refugee churches.
At Stowe, Kent used his Italian experience, particularly with the Palladian Bridge.
These paintings are particularly valuable as they trace the development of the gardens from its formal to naturalistic appearance under Burlington, Kent and Pope.
Kent Business School Additionally many subjects, particularly those in the Social Sciences, were not taught at A Level and required the first year as a grounding in the subject rather than an introduction to several different new subjects.
His granddaughter Lady Jemima Campbell would inherit two titles in her own right, Marchioness Grey and Baroness Lucas ; but all Henry's other titles, particularly Duke of Kent, became extinct with his death.
Yorkshire folk song lacked the unique instrumental features of folk in areas like Northumbria and was chiefly distinguished by the use of dialect, particularly in the West Riding and exemplified by the song ‘ On Ilkla Moor Baht ' at ’, probably written in the later 19th century and using a Kent folk tune ( almost certainly borrowed via a Methodist hymnal ), but often seen as an unofficial Yorkshire anthem.
The next London property boom in the 1930s saw much of that farmland built upon with both private estates, and the final gaps on the roads to Kent were filled in later on with London County Council built social housing, particularly in Downham and Bellingham.
Despite the fact that Bonds overshadowed Kent in almost every offensive category, it was Kent's clutch hitting in RBI spots ( particularly after an intentional walk to Bonds ) that won many games for the Giants that year, and ultimately won him the award.
In 1755 there is further reference to the laws being revised by " Several Cricket Clubs, particularly the Star and Garter in Pall Mall ", followed by a revision of the Laws by " a committee of Noblemen and Gentlemen of Kent, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Middlesex and London at the Star and Garter " in 1774.
Kent's relationship with the punk scene was strained, particularly by one episode in which future Sex Pistol Sid Vicious and entourage member Jah Wobble ( later bassist with Public Image Ltd ) were approached by Kent, who was intoxicated and when Kent tried to fight Sex Pistol basses Sid Vicious, Jah Wobble stepped in to help his friend and threatened to beat Kent to within an inch of his life with a motorcycle chain if he ever tried to attack Sid again.
Tony Kent made a major contribution to the development of information science and information services both in the UK and internationally, particularly in the field of chemistry.
Though these actions infuriated the royal court, they were popular among the merchants, particularly in London and Kent, as they removed competitors for English trade with Flanders.
The German attack fell particularly heavily on the 1st Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment and the 2nd Battalion, King's Own Scottish Borderers, but, although these battalions endured heavy casualties, they managed to repulse the Germans throughout the day.
Their earlier support for unofficial strikes in the coalfields, particularly in Kent, had also drawn upon them the attention of the authorities.
Its location near the Kent coast gave Manston some advantages over other aerodromes, and regular additions in men and machinery were soon made, particularly from Detling in early days.
The variety was introduced for sale by the 1850s by Mr. Charles Turner, and grown commercially from the 1860s, particularly in the Vale of Evesham in Worcestershire, and later in Kent.
Much of the surrounding Kentish countryside is good farming land, and being southerly in the UK many varieties of fruit are grown nearby, with this part of Kent being particularly famous for apples and cherries.
Its location near the Kent coast gave Manston some advantages over the other previously established aerodromes and regular additions in men and machinery were soon made, particularly, in these early days, from Detling.
The didgeridoo is particularly prominent on " Solid Rock ", which was a No. 3 hit on the Kent Music Report Singles Chart in October.
The county of Kent was so well known for this that it is often referred to as the Garden of England and was particularly noted for hop growing.

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