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Smiley and &
* October 7 – Smiley Lewis, African-American R & B musician ( b. 1913 )
The 1980s saw the first deejay Toasting duo, Michigan & Smiley, and the development of toasting outside of Jamaica.
This group generally consists of those who were playing during the " Golden Age " in the 1950s, including Wade Mainer and his Mountaineers, Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys, the Stanley Brothers, Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs with the Foggy Mountain Boys, Hylo Brown and The Timberliners, Ervin T. Rouse, who wrote the standard " Orange Blossom Special ", Reno and Smiley, the Sauceman Brothers, Lonesome Pine Fiddlers, Jim & Jesse, Jimmy Martin and the Osborne Brothers, Red Allen ( who also recorded with the Osborne Brothers for MGM in the mid-fifties ), Mac Wiseman, Mac Martin and the Dixie Travelers, Carl Story and his Rambling Mountaineers, Buzz Busby, The Lilly Brothers, Bill Clifton and Jim Eanes.
Throughout mid-to-late 1967, Wilson concurrently oversaw the production of such heavily orchestrated songs as " Can't Wait Too Long " and " Time to Get Alone " ( the latter originally intended for Redwood, the band who would become Three Dog Night ), alongside the albums Smiley Smile ( composed mainly of reconstituted SMiLE material recorded in minimalist arrangements by the core Beach Boys ) and the R & B-inflected Wild Honey, both of which performed only modestly on the charts.
* Tavis Smiley – Sid & Marty Krofft Interview ( Transcript and RealPlayer Audio )
* " LOL Smiley Face ", a 2009 R & B song by Trey Songz
AWOL ( not to be confused with AWOL one ); Smiley, a female soloist ; Kaos & Mystro, The DBGz, Esham, B Def, Prince Vince, D the Great, Goon Squad, Playskule, Bombshell, and Boss followed.
* " You Got Me Runnin '" – Smiley & Co
The program ran two hours per week until October 2010 when the second hour became the sister program Smiley & West, co-hosted by longtime Smiley collaborator Dr. Cornel West.
Later, Oliver & Smiley ( 2001 ), Rayo ( 2002 ), Yi ( 2005 ) and McKay ( 2006 ) argued that sentences such as
Over the years, it's also been done by ( among others ) Smiley Lewis ( 1954 ), the Rivileers ( 1954 ), Sam Cooke ( 1958 ), Jesse Belvin ( 1959 ), the Voices Five ( 1959 ), Donnie Elbert ( 1960 ), the Cleftones ( 1961 ), the Spaniels ( 1961 ), Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells ( 1964 ), Rufus Thomas ( 1971 ), James Brown ( 1976 ) and Rod Stewart ( 2004 ).
Mescaleros Pablo Cook & Smiley together with Mike Peters ( The Alarm ), Derek Forbes ( Simple Minds ), Steve Harris ( Gary Numan ) are in Los Mondo Bongo ( a celebration of the music of Joe Strummer ) who together with Ray Gange ( DJ ) tour whenever possible performing those great Mescaleros tunes and have toured the UK and Canada.
Studio One has recorded and released music by ( and had a large hand in shaping the careers of ) artists such as The Skatalites, The Ethiopians, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Lee " Scratch " Perry, Burning Spear, Toots & the Maytals, John Holt, Horace Andy, Ken Boothe, Freddie McGregor, Dennis Brown, Jackie Mittoo, Gladiators, Michigan & Smiley, Wailing Souls, Dillinger, Delroy Wilson, Heptones, Johnny Osbourne, Marcia Griffiths ( of the I-Threes ), Sugar Minott, The Abyssinians, Culture, Soul Vendors, Lone Ranger, Carlton and The Shoes and Alton Ellis.
In 2010 Smiley and Dr. Cornel West have joined forces for their own radio talk show, Smiley & West.
Smiley interviewed major political figures and celebrities and discussed topics ranging from racial profiling and police brutality to R & B music and Hollywood gossip.
On October 1, 2010, Tavis Smiley turned the second hour of his PRI program into Smiley & West co-hosted by his longtime collaborator Dr. Cornel West.
** C-SPAN Q & A interview with Smiley, October 29, 2006
This firm afterwards became Smiley, Smith & Stevens.
Starday also produced a series of classic anthologies of trucker records by various artists including Copas, Bond, Sovine, The Willis Brothers and bluegrass acts including Moore & Napier and Reno & Smiley.

Smiley and PJ
The group was formed in 1988 in Stoke Newington, London, England by Philip ' PJ ' Johnson and Carl ' Smiley ' Hyman.

Smiley and from
Colonel David Smiley, an aristocratic Guards officer who had helped Enver Hoxha and his Communist guerillas to liberate Albania, now prepared to liberate it from Hoxha.
On February 19, The Tavis Smiley Show broadcast included a performance of " Reflection " from Prince's Musicology album.
The county coroner Ralph Smiley declared that all four had died instantly from " gross trauma " to the brain.
Reaction from Mayor Brad Smiley and local residents was negative and Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius invited Colbert to " spend a night " in Canton's historic jail.
Smiley moved from the village later that year and J. O.
Smiley Township was founded in 1900, but local resident Leon Lum convinced residents to rename it Nisswa, from the Ojibwe word " nessawae " ( which means " in the middle " or " three "), when the town was incorporated as a village in 1908.
When discovered, he escapes from England to East Germany before Smiley and Guillam can catch him.
It would be in the ruthless and secretive character of Control to decide Liz Gold's death without implicating the British, and to conceal his hand from the scrupulous Smiley.
* George Smiley, a fictional character from the popular book of John Le Carré, movie franchise who is said to work for MI6
She also appeared opposite then-husband Peter O ' Toole and Richard Burton in Becket ( 1964 ); as Ursula Mossbank in the musical film Goodbye, Mr. Chips ( 1969 ), again starring O ' Toole ; once more opposite O ' Toole in Murphy's War ( 1971 ); as Emmeline Pankhurst in the TV mini-series Shoulder to Shoulder ( 1974 ); as Lady Ann, the unfaithful wife of Alec Guinness's character George Smiley, in the BBC1 espionage dramas Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy ( 1979 ) and Smiley's People ( 1982 ), adapted from John le Carré's novels of the same names ; in Nijinsky ( 1980 ); and as the queen Cassiopeia in Clash of the Titans ( 1981 ).
" Efforts from those such as Smiley convinced Dr. King that any sort of weapons or “ self-defense ” could not be associated with someone holding King's position.
In 2005, the art thief Edward Forbes Smiley III, a well-known and trusted antiques dealer at that time, was caught slicing maps from rare books with an X-acto blade.
Smiley was arrested, and later served several years in prison for thefts of rare documents valued in millions of dollars from this and other libraries.
The first liaison party from M. O. 4, a branch of the liaison organisation SOE, was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel " Billy " MacLean, with Major David Smiley as his second-in-command.
During the remainder of 1944, SOE continued to supply the NLM, despite complaints from MacLean and Smiley, now running liaison parties with Abaz Kupi's group and the Balli Kombëtar in Northern Albania, that the NLM were using these arms against their political opponents rather than the Germans.
On July 14, 2006 in an email to subscribers, Smiley Guy Studios announced FreeJack, an initiative under which they have started releasing the master files of every character, prop, and background from every episode for the upcoming season under a share-friendly license.
It was broadcast daily from January 2002 to December 16, 2004 in Los Angeles, when the host Tavis Smiley decided not to renew his contract with NPR.
** Smiley park is a small park in the centre of the town also with tributes to emigrants to North America who left from the port of Larne.
* Miles O ' Brien was a somewhat depressed character, so Mirror-Sisko dubbed him " Smiley " as a play on his first name ' Miles ', and the name stuck to distinguish him from the normal O ' Brien.
* Guy Smiley, character from Sesame Street
Karla proved impossible to crack, and he took Smiley's lighter, a gift to Smiley from his wife.
At the start of the novel, set around 1960, Smiley has fallen from grace and is working in a relatively menial intelligence job, including security-clearing civil servants.
During this book, Smiley is forced to resign from the Circus to unravel an East German spy ring, in so doing clearing his own name and restoring his reputation, but remains retired, despite Maston's pleadings, at the end.
In 1975 or 1976, after the conclusion of " Operation Dolphin ", which was described at length in The Honourable Schoolboy, Smiley retired again from the Service.

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