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So and Emperor
On September 28th, ( October 10th, new style ) 1806, Aleksandr I, Emperor of Russia made a notation on the design submitted to him of a new flag for the Russian-American Company ; " So be it ", and added his cypher, thereby approving the first flag in Russia's history to be used by an Imperial chartered company.
So when the 26th comes to Tarazona, curses, angry himself, afraid of what will tell the Emperor.
So, Ma Ching Fat, Chairman of Oriental Group finally decided to sell the magazine to Emperor Entertainment Group, owned by Albert Yeung.
So, for example, when the Taoist Tang Emperor Wuzong closed Christian monasteries in the mid-9th century, the imperial edict commanded:
So after his victories on the crusades " Richard was speaking what he believed to be the truth when he told the Holy Roman Emperor: ' I am born of a rank which recognises no superior but God '.
So, I explained to her, “ You must stretch from this end to that end .” And immediately when Krishnamacharya saw this, he gave me a gold medal known as Yoga Shikshaka Chakravarti, which means “ Emperor of Yoga Teachers, Teacher of Teachers .” He said I must teach like this and not just in private, but in public .”
So, on 3 January 1778, shortly after the death of Max Joseph, Charles Theodore signed an agreement with Emperor Joseph II to exchange southern Bavaria for part of the Austrian Netherlands.
On September 28th, ( October 10th, new style ) 1806, Aleksandr I, Emperor of Russia made a notation on the design submitted to him of a new flag for the Russian-American Company ; " So be it ", and added his cypher, thereby approving the first flag in Russia's history to be used by an Imperial chartered company.
Overtaking So Dakki's body ( a young woman who was brought to the imperial palace to be Chu O's 200th wife ) Dakki the Sennyo bewitched the Emperor with the aid of her spell of Temptation.
So an embassy is sent on behalf of the entire nation to the Emperor Constantine, in accordance with the captive woman's advice.
So, in 183 BC, he declared himself Emperor Wu of Nanyue ().
So also the Great Maratha Emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj used to bear a " Chandra Tilak "-Moon Sign-on his forehead and used to have a Sun Symbol on his Dhal ( Shield used during war ).
So the grand chamberlain Tokudaiji Sanemori arranged for Chiossone to sketch the Emperor at the palace from behind a screen.
So great was his reputation that in May 1887, when the crown prince of Germany ( afterwards the Emperor Frederick III ) was attacked by the affection of the throat of which he ultimately died, Morell Mackenzie was specially summoned to attend him.
So great is her hatred of them that she denounces all the values and principles of Aramanth, as well as denying the existence of the Emperor, the unseen ruler of Aramanth.
So, viewers were in for a surprise when the Emperor in " Dae Jang Geum " became a law officer, while Lady Han, who became Jang Geum's mentor in the series and died in the middle of the series, was " resurrected " from the dead and once again became a Palace chef.

So and Charlemagne
So popular was this notion, that for a long time people thought peerage had originated in the reign of Charlemagne, who was considered the model king and shining example for knighthood and nobility.
So from a letter written in 787 by Theodemar, Benedictine Abbot of Monte Cassino, in answer to a question of Charlemagne about the dress of the monk we learn that what in Gaul was styled cuculla ( cowl ) was known to the Cassinese monks as cappa.
The original book sent by Adrian to Charlemagne is easily distinguished from the different editions because the first to supplement Adrian's book from other sources was a conscientious person who carefully noted where his additions begin, adding a note: " So far the preceding book of Sacraments is certainly that edited by the holy Pope Gregory.

So and considered
So, due to the above mentioned, especially in the consecutive sequences of events, the Hierarchs of Alexandria were considered holding too much of power from one hand, and on the other hand, due to the conflict of the Schools of Theology, there would be an impasse and a scapegoat, i. e. Pope Dioscorus.
So I'm not surprised, but I was flattered and honored to be considered one of his friends and a cohort in Monkee business.
" So powerful was the performance, that the band said they were not sure the song should have been used in the film, and after watching the film, they considered not playing it on future tours.
So although these organisms contain chloroplasts and / or mitochondria that have their own DNA, the genetic information contained by DNA within these organelles is not considered part of the genome.
So important is Punch's signature sound that it is a matter of some controversy within Punch and Judy circles as to whether a " non-swazzled " show can be considered a true Punch and Judy Show.
So grave was the crime of simony considered that even infamous persons could accuse of it.
So little is known about the New Zealand Storm Petrel that is was thought extinct for 150 years until its rediscovery in 2003, although this record is dwarfed by that of the Bermuda Petrel which was considered extinct for 330 years.
The compositions " So What " and " All Blues " from Kind of Blue are considered contemporary jazz standards.
So, more correctly, it is considered a regional official language of Pondicherry while being the official language of Yanam District.
So, the entire series could be considered highly successful.
So, between the large spring runoff and a heavy summer rain storm, whichever resulted in more runoff would be considered the extreme event, while the smaller event would be ignored in the analysis ( even though both may have been capable of causing terrible flooding in their own right ).
* So Disdained ( 1928 ), written soon after the General Strike of 1926, reflected the debate in British Society about socialism and considered whether Italian fascism was an effective antidote.
So automated Internet surveillance computers sift through the vast amount of intercepted Internet traffic and identify and report to human investigators traffic considered interesting by using certain " trigger " words or phrases, visiting certain types of web sites, or communicating via email or chat with suspicious individuals or groups.
So far, the campus is only halfway developed and is considered building room for the future.
So was San Francisco's Chrome, who mixed Jimi Hendrix, The Sex Pistols and tape music experiments, and Killing Joke, considered by Simon Reynolds as " a post-punk version of heavy metal ".
It made heavy use of style-conscious New Romantic synthpop acts, with " I Ran ( So Far Away )" ( 1982 ) by A Flock of Seagulls generally considered the first hit by a British act to enter the Billboard Top Ten as a result of exposure through video.
So while a large team may be ineffective at performing a given task, Cooperider says that the relevance of that task should be considered, because determining whether the team is effective first requires identifying what needs to be accomplished.
So they have some grammatical and phonetic signs that are mistakenly considered influences of the Castilian or Leonese languages.
So the point still can be considered " tangent " to the level contours.
So the point still can be considered " tangent " to the level contours.
So, Thai historians considered the Kingdom of Martaban a Sukhothai tributary.
As the Old Sang, So the Young Pipe ( c. 1638-40 ) is considered a companion to The King Drinks ( Louvre, Paris ).
So when there is no torque in the rest frame of the considered object, then there are no torques in other frames as well.
So, we can say that the affirmation that Water vapor interacts with cloud, can be considered wrong as the clouds both those of low level of (( Atmosphere )) and those of higher levels of it are made of condensed or cristallised Water Vapor.

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