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So and Nasreddin
So Nasreddin said Let the half who know what I am going to say, tell it to the half who don't, and left.

So and said
So, I mustered my few words of the Manu dialect and said, `` We greet you in peace.
So be it -- then we must embark on a crash program for 200-megaton bombs of the common or hydrogen variety, and neutron bombs, which do not exist but are said to be the coming thing.
`` So extensive became her circle of admirers '', Egyptian police said, `` that her escapades caused distrust ''.
`` So there it is '', he said.
So you thought I didn't mean what I said.
So they stayed quiet and hung not on what he said but on how he said it, not listening exactly, but rather, feeling.
`` So you said ''.
So I got straight on the dog to me trouble and said I couldn't believe me minces.
As he would later relate, " So I called up Bart and said, ' Bart, the film is a disaster.
Jesse had seven of his sons pass before Samuel, but Samuel said to him, " The Lord has not chosen these .” So he asked Jesse, " Are these all the sons you have?
" So powerful was the performance, that the band said they were not sure the song should have been used in the film, and after watching the film, they considered not playing it on future tours.
So an amplifier that is said to have a gain of 20 dB might have a voltage gain of ten times and an available power gain of much more than 20 dB ( 100 times power ratio ), yet be delivering a much lower power gain if, for example, the input is a 600 ohm microphone and the output is a 47 kilohm power amplifier's input socket.
So we have to resolve the situation amicably and are looking at how both countries can be represented there ,"' Tavola said.
So the Buddha said that unless we understand this and see how pervasive dissatisfaction or duhkha is, it is impossible for us to start looking for real happiness.
: 4: 53 So the father knew that it was at the same hour, in the which Jesus said unto him, Thy son liveth: and himself believed, and his whole house.
So George just told David he would not work any longer if the script was not better and he wanted the Howard script back ... he would not let his name go out over a lousy picture ... And bull-headed David said ' OK get out!
" So far nothing has been said that differs from the Zeus of Homer.
So light was his captivity that he said that nothing bound him but his " word of honour ".
So when Esau went to the field to hunt for game to bring home, Rebekah said to her son Jacob, " Behold, I heard your father speak to your brother Esau, saying, ' Bring me some game and prepare a savory dish for me, that I may eat, and bless you in the presence of the lord before my death.
They said it's an action figure and I said, ' So, you're gonna put a dick on it?
So was fulfilled what was said through the prophets: " He will be called a Nazarene.

So and Well
The Paige / Dickson duet " I Know Him So Well " became a major UK # 1 hit, and Murray Head's " One Night in Bangkok " gave Andersson / Ulvaeus a US # 3 hit.
* So You Think You Have a Power Law — Well Isn't That Special?
He provides an example that in Navajo, the particles ( utterances such as " uh ," " So ," " Well ," etc.
So we're doing the shower scene and I thought, ' Well, I can do a little rehearsal.
After a lengthy discussion Bob Hardison saidWell if you have no objection, we will name it after my old white horse, Arapahoe .” So it was decided and a new application filed.
In 1947, Mills appeared with his daughters in the film So Well Remembered.
* So Well Remembered ( 1947 )
* So Well Remembered ( 1947 )
Other songs included " Well, Darling ", " Hello Little Girl ", " That's When Your Heartaches Begin ", " Wild Cat ", " I'll Always Be in Love with You ", " Some Days ", " Hallelujah I Love Her So ", " The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise ", " You Must Write Every Day ", " Movin ' and Groovin '", and " Ramrod ".
* So Well Remembered ( 1947 )
So then he said, " Well, would you be interested in anything?
* A picture of McDonald was seen at the end of the video I Know Him So Well by Peter Kay and Susan Boyle for Comic Relief 2011.
For example, the chorus of " I Know Him So Well " was based on the chorus of " I Am An A ," a song from their 1977 tour, while the chorus of " Anthem " used the chord structures from the guitar solo from their 1980 ABBA song " Our Last Summer ".
The duet " I Know Him So Well " by Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickson held the Number One spot on the U. K. singles charts for 4 weeks, winning the Ivor Novello Award in the process as the Best Selling Single (' A ' Side ).
In 1985, music videos were filmed for the songs " One Night in Bangkok ," " Nobody's Side ," " The Arbiter ," " I Know Him So Well ," and " Pity the Child ," featuring the performers from the album, and directed by David G. Hillier.
* I Know Him So Well " ( 4: 16 ) – Florence and Svetlana
Florence ultimately admits that it would be best for Anatoly to return to Svetlana and their children (" I Know Him So Well ").
* “ I Know Him So Well ” — Florence and Svetlana
These threats strain Anatoly's relationship with Florence (" You and I "), and she shares her woes with Svetlana (" I Know Him So Well ").
* " I Know Him So Well "-FLorence & Svetlana
* “ I Know Him So Well ” — Florence and Svetlana
* “ I Know Him So Well ” — Florence and Svetlana
The CD featured 28 songs, including Cowen singing the Phil Coulter song, " The Town I Loved So Well ".
The six-member line up of Moore, Irvine, Lunny, O ’ Flynn, Hill and Linnane were joined by Matt Molloy and keyboardist Bill Whelan and when the band went into the studio in the spring of 1980 to record the album “ The Woman I Loved So Well ”.

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