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Page "The nature of God in Western theology" ¶ 15
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So and great
So great a man could not but understand, too, that the thing that moves men to sacrifice their lives is not the error of their thought, which their opponents see and attack, but the truth which the latter do not see -- any more than they see the error which mars the truth they themselves defend.
So impressive were those serious years of study at the university that Hans later wrote, `` to be perfectly free, the young man must revel in the great kingdom of thought and imagination ; ;
So we had some dazzling and memorable Milstein, but not great Brahms.
So much had he become the rage that every rich woman who had mislaid a bracelet or lost a pet kitten rushed to secure the services of the great Hercule Poirot.
( So prevalent are these isolated peaks and ridges that a specialised term has been adopted in Germany to describe this kind of country, thought to be in great part the result of wind action.
' So great, they say, was the folly with which this emperor was possessed.
So great was the error that of old befooled the minds of men.
So great was his zeal in encouraging patients to read the book that he earned the nickname " Doctor My-Book ".
So great was his reputation with the Holy See that he "... was allowed by the Roman Pontiff to appoint Bishops and Abbots from among his brethren in whatever churches or monasteries he desired, of those that had lost their patron ".
* A similar fate befell jarl Hákon Sigurðarson in 10th century Norway ; according to Snorri Sturluson, after his death, " So great was the enmity of the Throndhjem people against Earl Hakon, that no man could venture to call him by any other name than " the evil earl "; and he was so called long after those days.
The British author Rudyard Kipling popularized the Limpopo in his short story " The Elephant's Child ", in the Just So Stories, in which he described " the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo River, all set about with fever-trees ," where the " Bi-Coloured Python Rock-Snake " dwells.
So long as a great horde of nomads was encamped on the frontier, the country was liable to be invaded by an overwhelming force.
So ever the king had a custom that at the feast of Pentecost in especial, afore other feasts in the year, he would not go that day to meat until he had heard or seen of a great marvel.
So it seems that Newton abandoned pursuits to which he was normally dedicated, and did very little else for well over a year and a half, but concentrated on developing and writing what became his great work.
" So that both bride and groom could understand, Leith minister David Lindsay conducted the ceremony in French, describing Anne as " a Princess both godly and beautiful ... she giveth great contentment to his Majesty.
The Cambridge cryptographer Ross Anderson has great concerns that " TC can support remote censorship [...] In general, digital objects created using TC systems remain under the control of their creators, rather than under the control of the person who owns the machine on which they happen to be stored ( as at present ) [...] So someone who writes a paper that a court decides is defamatory can be compelled to censor it — and the software company that wrote the word processor could be ordered to do the deletion if she refuses.
: So great in the heroes was the bitterness then, some of which still
" The impact attributed to the book is great, reinforced by a story that when Abraham Lincoln met Stowe at the start of the Civil War, Lincoln declared, " So this is the little lady who started this great war.
According to Stowe's son, when Abraham Lincoln met her in 1862 Lincoln commented, " So this is the little lady who started this great war.
: So great in the heroes was the bitterness then, some of which still
So after Henry's death she went to great lengths to destroy any evidence left that Diane had once inhabited the chateau.
So that he might be the author, of so great a gift, he received him like a guest, but attacked Triptolemus, with a sword, while he was in deep sleep.
So great was the excitement it produced that Arndt was compelled to take refuge in Sweden to escape the vengeance of Napoleon.

So and deal
So, just like one can find the value of an Integral ( f = dF ) over a 1-dimensional manifolds () by considering the anti-derivative ( F ) at the 0-dimensional boundaries (), one can generalize the fundamental theorem of calculus, with a few additional caveats, to deal with the value of integrals ( dω ) over n-dimensional manifolds ( Ω ) by considering the anti-derivative ( ω ) at the ( n-1 )- dimensional boundaries ( dΩ ) of the manifold.
So far it is the biggest music deal in British history.
So I said, ' There is more action going on in my hometown with my friends dealing with the fact that they can't deal with turning 30 or with commitment ' - all that became Beautiful Girls ".
" So the real thing is, let's get some really wise heads together and figure out how you want to deal with the interim and long-term storage.
So far as ' vertigo ' is concerned, no one really knows more than a small part of the facts, but a great deal of the peril.
So Cao Cao sent Cao Ren to deal with the rebellion.
So she played the part of a prostitute and struck a deal with Judah for a goat with a security deposit of his staff, seal, and cord.
So Kelvin re-iterated an idea that Fatio had originally proposed in the 1690s for attempting to deal with the thermodynamic problem inherent in Le Sage's theory.
So ingrained was the belief that parallel computing was the future of all performance gains that the Fifth-Generation project generated a great deal of apprehension in the computer field.
So I'll make you a deal: I promise you that when I lose some weight, I'll call you.
It was a huge deal in Colorado ( where I lived ) and the sky smelled like smoke and I had this big tumultuous poem about range fire ... So I sent them this.
So a difference in price of 66p per £ 100 translates into a difference of £ 66, 000 per deal.
We worked out a deal with their management that we just wanted to play and we weren't going to drink, so they got a marker and put a big ' X ' on our hand, So we came back to Washington D. C. and went to this nightclub, the 9: 30, and said ' Hey look, we're not going to drink and we will put this ' X ' on our hand.
So desmo systems have generally needed to deal with sliding friction between the cam and rocker arm and therefore may have greater wear.
So far about a dozen bands and solo performers have signed a record deal with Stain Studio, namely Crowfish, Cigaretta, The Revenge Project, Fyeld, Last Hope, Ostava, Sepuko 6, Svetlyo Zhilev ... As for distribution, Stain Studio has the legal rights to sell not only its own releases, but also to distribute the works issued by No Way Records, Years of Pain Records, Positive Thoughts Records and Freecore Records on the territory of Bulgaria.
So an " eye for an eye " deal is struck where Victor Jr. gets to shoot Simon in the arm.
So, for instance, a good deal of the Greek language literature can be read as an attempt to come to terms with Hellenistic culture.
' So I said we should negotiate a deal where the band can come over and record in Los Angeles.
She has stated that the film will be set in space, and deal with themes of psychology and claustrophobia, quoting " So we're creating a whole new world, and a new alien.
So dealing with someone having that picture up in their ... bedroom or their ... living room or whatever I think would be hard for anyone to deal with.
So much so that many people, particularly among those outside the Los Angeles area, remained unaware that the name was the result of a naming rights deal.
So he really took those away from himself when he wanted to deal with the Robot and Jonathan playing games, cooking soufflés, or whatever else.
* So ... what's the deal with these quiet parties anyway?
So while one would make their feelings known to others, the person with contempt would not necessarily want to directly deal with the situation at hand.

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