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So and runs
So long as the tap runs water ( analogous to the emission of carbon dioxide ) into the tub faster than water escapes through the plughole ( the natural removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere ), then the level of water in the tub ( analogous to the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere ) will continue to rise.
Hannah Montana and The Suite Life on Deck ended their runs in 2011 ; Sonny with a Chance meanwhile, was retooled as So Random!
So, our heroic captain faced his pursuer: he measured with his sword, and after receiving several saber, get hurt and runs away ...
Wandering through the woods by herself, So White runs into the Sebben Dwarfs, seven diminutive army men in uniform who sing " We're in the Army Now ," with two dwarfs singing " it takes us cats ... to catch them rats " at the end, and So White declares in a 1940s swing-style singing voice, " I'm wacky over khaki now!
So far, the MBTA only has one pair of the modified rolling stock, and the cars operate in a consist that runs only once during the morning rush hour toward Alewife and once during the evening rush hour toward Braintree, departing Alewife at the top of the evening rush.
So was Dongola Road in Tottenham, North London which runs next to Kitchener Road.
: So runs my dream, but what am I?
So far nets and the matches have been on average surfaces and runs have been hard work ... In England you get used to good practice surfaces so the rhythm of batting comes pretty easy.
" So far as theological content is concerned, Barth's argument runs like this.
So far from devoting their energies to defence they continued hitting away, adding another 113 runs in an hour and a quarter afterwards but losing their last five wickets.
So if team B scored 251 but with the loss of 9 wickets ( 251 – 9 ), team B still won because it scored more runs, even though it lost more wickets.
So he runs away from home and needs a shelter.
So far the series has also introduced a number of other Elephantmen including Casbah Joe, a Camel hybrid ( resembling Joe Camel ) who runs a floating restaurant / night club called the Eye of the Needle, Jeremiah Granger, a Giraffe hybrid and proprietor of the tailor's All Creatures Great and Tall and Ebony, a true Elephant / Man and a colleague of Hip's.

So and in-place
So, the Optimizer-machine will run to completion, first converting trivial additions into in-place increments ( while in the FindIncrements state ), then it will move on to the FindSubExprs state and perform a series of common sub-expression removals, after which it will move to the final state Completed.

So and within
So Captain Jenks returned to his harbor post to watch the scouting plane put in five more appearances, and to feel the certainty of this dread rising within him.
So British subjects voluntarily naturalized in a foreign state are deemed aliens from the time of such naturalization, unless, in the case of persons naturalized before the passing of the act, they have declared their desire to remain British subjects within two years from the passing of the act.
So although these organisms contain chloroplasts and / or mitochondria that have their own DNA, the genetic information contained by DNA within these organelles is not considered part of the genome.
So Musnad Ahmad, for example, has over 30, 000 hadiths — but this count includes texts that are repeated in order to record slight variations within the text or within the chains of narrations.
So " Elohim " could refer to any number of " rulers ", such as angels, false gods ( as defined by Torah ), or even human holders of power including rulers or judges within Israel, as described in, without violating the parameters of monotheism.
So a further rule is laid down: if a daughter inherits land, she must marry someone within her father's tribe.
So after the movie, at some point – whether it's within a year or a few years – we're probably gonna have that conversation about maybe it's time, maybe it's time to go out on top.
So far, this reaction has not been measured in a laboratory, but is predicted to happen within stars and supernovae.
So important is Punch's signature sound that it is a matter of some controversy within Punch and Judy circles as to whether a " non-swazzled " show can be considered a true Punch and Judy Show.
So while in a conventional game the announcement that one's character is going to leap over a seven-meters-wide canyon will be greeted with the request to roll a number of dice, a player in a storytelling game who wishes to have a character perform a similar feat will have to convince the others ( especially the storyteller ) why it is both probable and keeping within the established traits of their character to successfully do so.
So despite 5 first half turnovers, the Bills were only trailing Dallas 31 – 17 going into the final period, and after their comeback from the 32-point deficit in the playoffs, a 14-point comeback seemed perfectly within their capabilities.
So, at her next seder, she chose an orange as a symbol of inclusion of gays and lesbians and others who are marginalized within the Jewish community.
So, by tuning their technique further, they found that there was an admixture of s symmetry in YBCO within about 3 %.
So, until World War II, New Guinea was a disregarded and unimportant territory within the Netherlands Indies.
In similar fashion, the isolation and examination of the stage image of Cleopatra becomes an attempt to improve the understanding of the theatrical power of her infinite variety and the cultural treatment of that power .” So, as a microcosm, Cleopatra can be understood within a postmodern context, as long as one understands that the purpose for the examination of this microcosm is to further one ’ s own interpretation of the work as a whole.
So the lower territorial administrative bodies have on the one hand a relative autonomy — but on the other hand they must work within the national legal framework, loyally implement national government policy and are subject to central control.
So rather than coordinating electoral strategies, as in the case of the parties within the Pan-Blue coalition, the presence of the TSU keeps the DPP from moving too far away from its Taiwan independence roots.
So within a 13-year period Washougal would have famous travelers visit its banks from both the east and west — again in 1811 another famed explorer ( David Thompson ) would camp near the same " handsome prairie " on his famous journey to chart the entire length of the Columbia River.
So the observer's position can be determined within ( theoretically ) 0. 2 miles, about 400 yards ( 370 m ).
So he remained within his defences for some time before he risked leaving his camp and returned home.
So he would rather ignore the discontent and anger within the Chinese people at his policy of compromise with the Japanese, and urged Zhang and Yang to carry out suppression efficiently.
So they encouraged the growth of these ten cities, allowing them some political autonomy within the protective sphere of Rome.
So fine, there is nothing within it ; so vast, there is nothing outside it.
" So Sartre claims " It is evident that non-being always appears within the limits of a human expectation.

So and page
So, for example, a web browser program might check its local cache on disk to see if it has a local copy of the contents of a web page at a particular URL.
So if a page fault occurs, the OS can load the page from disk and then simply re-execute the faulted instruction.
* The following samples presumably predate the Lord of the Rings, but they were not explicitly dated: DTS 16, DTS 17, DTS 18 – Elvish Script Sample I, II, III, with parts of the English poems Errantry and Bombadil, first published in the Silmarillion Calendar 1978, later in Pictures by J. R. R. Tolkien, as well as DTS 23 – So Lúthien, a page of the English Lay of Leithan text facsimiled in The Lays of Beleriand: 299.
So figure 15 on page 40 is radiation therapy, and figure 71 on page 136 is a god inside a rocket-shaped chamber.
So far there is no product page / support page for any XGI products on www. SiS. com.
So, there was, judging by Hitler's statement of conviction that: " the law is that the stronger must overcome the weaker and, through the struggle necessary for such a conquest, increase the constitutional vigour and effective strength of the victor " ( Mein Kampf, page 318 ) probably no limit to Hitler's violent ambitions for dominance for as long as he was alive.
But fixing the covers to resemble the non-glossy generic look of weekly anthology titles was one thing ... Having “ splash ” pages and then five or six frames a page just didn ’ t stack up against Warlord, Action, Battle, and the rest with their nine to 12 a page .” So the US artwork was re-sized to fit several pages onto one and emulate the look of the more established UK boys ’ weeklies.
So for two days they sat under false names in a hotel room, not even daring to go down to the reception desk — wisely, as it turned out, because their photographs were on the front page of every newspaper.
So, with only Conklin's cell phone and a torn page from a notebook to go on, Jason Bourne sets off to find out who's trying to kill him and who killed his friends.
So the decision to saturate any type of support depends on the amount of protein required, as described above in the Agarose section of this page.
* On May 30 Nick Radovanovic posted a remixed version of the song " So Contagious " on Acceptance's Myspace page
So confused was the authorship of the libretto that no one was credited on the title page of the original score.
Why Published Populations For Major World Urban Areas Vary So Greatly " ( which is the basis for List of metropolitan areas by population ), can get confused about the usage of “ city proper .” On page 2, they give “ city proper ” an “ administrative definition .” On page 5, they imply that the administrative boundaries define the “ city proper .” Yet on page 14, they make “ city proper ” a smaller subset of the administrative areas of the cities of Tokyo, Mexico City and Chicago, and imply that “ city proper ” and “ administrative area ” can be different.
In November 2007 the band released a new song on their MySpace page, " There Are So Many Reasons To Give Up Religion.
So today, the steps were taken to close the account at the Myspace page.

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