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Page "Tao Te Ching" ¶ 55
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So and wise
" So the real thing is, let's get some really wise heads together and figure out how you want to deal with the interim and long-term storage.
So great was his austerity and simplicity that the Stoics would later claim him to be a wise man or " sophos ".
So, in perfect harmony with the Stoic philosophy, Seneca explains that the truly wise man can never surrender in the face of misfortunes but as he will always go through them and even if he should fall he will continue fighting on his knees (" si cecidit de genu pugnat ").

So and leader
So far the Democrats have always elevated their minority leader to the speakership upon reclaiming majority control of the House, however Republicans have not always followed this leadership succession pattern.
So, noting that then-all-time home run leader Hank Aaron had just retired, Jackson asked for and received number 44, Aaron's number.
So one can imagine that if the leader does not have the support of his subordinates, the entire structure will collapse.
So even though Ross had lost faith in religion, he openly embraced his role as a leader of his oppressed people.
So when Canning decided to enter politics he sought and received the patronage of the leader of the " Tory " group, William Pitt the Younger.
So as " to perpetuate the name of the great leader of the Central American Union ".
So he struggled with the Commons leader Sir Stafford Northcote, a struggle in which Salisbury eventually emerged as the leading figure.
So on January 26, 1887, at the community service where the new leader was to be acclaimed, the police walked in and arrested Verigin.
At another constituency, the ticket of Ma Lik and Choy So Yuk ultimately benefitted from a democratic camp mix-up that led to the resignation of the Democratic Party's leader, Yeung Sum.
So, rather than having the issue hanging over her-and her party-Ms Alexander announced her resignation as leader on 28 June 2008.
So it seemed a fitting tribute to Chico ’ s longevity as a leader for a selection of Chico originals, two tracks of which are exclusive to this format, 58 years later to be presented in the same format.
" By 1969, Carl had effectively become the band's in-studio leader, producing the bulk of the albums 20 / 20, Sunflower, Surf's Up, Carl and the Passions-" So Tough " ( named in honor of his effective leadership of the band at this point ) and Holland.
In its verdict, the judging panel described So as " possibly the first city leader to enjoy ' cult status.
So William decides to shoot one of the coins that has been excavated with his slingshot-however, he misses and hits the leader of the excavation in the small of the back, and he yells.
So he seized Abu Bakr's hand and loudly swore the bay ' ah to him as the leader of the Muslims.
So confident was Skynyrd's leader of Steve's abilities that the album ( and some concerts ) featured Steve delivering his self-penned bluesy " Ain't No Good Life " – one of the few songs in the pre-crash Skynyrd catalog to feature a lead vocalist other than Ronnie Van Zant.
So in fact the leader wants to maximise its payoff ( by substituting for the follower's best response function ).
So in 199 BC Philopoemen returned to Crete again as a mercenary leader.
So he frames Ford for the death of Junior ( Fredro Starr ), younger brother of kingpin Trey ( Ice Cube ), the leader of the gang The Reapers.
So on the order of Sa'd ibn Mua ' dth ( leader of the Auws tribe ), the men were executed, while the women and children were enslaved.
So when Lakebans looked for a leader, they looked to Nayau where the two brothers of Uluilakeba 1 were still residing with their uncle, Delailoa.
So, the settlers led by Gregorio Plaga, known as “ Pakuribot ” an instrumental leader, surveyed the hilltops.
His greatest success came as the leader of the Mayors Band ( also called the Rivers Men in later years ); their recorded hits include So ala teme, Yellow Sisi, Gowon Special, and Jolly Papa.
So concludes Roy Jenkins in his definitive biography of the great wartime leader.

So and may
So an objective look at our present procedures may move us to consider seriously this possibly analogous situation.
So our innate generosity of spirit prompts us to share our trials, errors and solutions with any who are taking the pool plunge for the first time -- in the pious hope that some may profit from our experience.
So we may conceive the coexistence of the infinite number of universal, apparently momentary states of matter, successive one after another in consciousness, but permanent each on its own basic phase of the progressive frequencies.
So, a taiga or boreal forest is at the mercy of whatever abiotic stress factors may come along, while tropical zones are much less susceptible to such stressors.
So, whether Blissymbolics constitutes an unspoken language is a controversial question, whatever its practical utility may be.
So they may be forced into attacking livestock because it's easier than running down a rabbit or a deer.
So a map made in English may use the name Germany for that country, while a German map would use Deutschland and a French map Allemagne.
So, instead of " the end of the world " we may speak of " the end of the age " or " the end of an era ", and be referring to the end of " life as we know it " and the beginning of a new reality.
So even if the war had not happened, American films may have become dominant worldwide.
Some modification of the Feynman rules of calculation may well outlive the elaborate mathematical structure of local canonical quantum field theory ...” So far there are no opposing opinions.
So the media controlled by the East German government emphasised the use of the official name, DDR, while West Germans, western media and statesmen may have used other names such as Middle Germany, emphasising the location of East Germany in the centre of pre-1937 Germany.
So if an imposition such as internment without trial is permitted by the law then habeas corpus may not be a useful remedy.
So please forgive me, all those I love and may God forgive me too, but I cannot bear the agony and it best for everyone this way.
So it may have been that Herod wanted John arrested because he was a political threat, and John's condemnations of Herod's marriage was " the final straw ".
So when Esau went to the field to hunt for game to bring home, Rebekah said to her son Jacob, " Behold, I heard your father speak to your brother Esau, saying, ' Bring me some game and prepare a savory dish for me, that I may eat, and bless you in the presence of the lord before my death.
So, Elton John may be called Sir Elton or Sir Elton John, but never Sir John.
So though workers may labor with greater skill or more productivity than others, these more skillful and more productive workers will thus produce more value through the production of greater quantities of the finished commodity: each unit still bearing the same value as all the others of the same class of commodity.
So going forward, spatial resolution may now be more subject to interpretation.
So, in a sense, syncopation may be perceived as mild hijacking.
So, in these cases, the lethal concentration may be given simply as LC < sub > 50 </ sub > and qualified by a duration of exposure ( e. g., 10 minutes ).
So, dissociation constant may be given as
So a trash bag may be originally specified as 0. 35 mil thick, but stated as 8. 89 microns.
So choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants ,"
So, even when qualifiers are applied the elements of peer review may appear to be inconsistent.

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