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Some Related Sentences

So and embassy
So in the second case cited above, it is likely that two different versions are being conflated: one version with an embassy of three people, another with just two people.
So any documents leaking out of the embassy would quickly find their way to Hitler.
" So even before the ' stabilising ' plans that Atlantic circles had prepared for Italy became operational through the bombings, one of the leading members of the subversive right was literally in the pay of the American embassy in Rome ", the report says.

So and is
So great a man could not but understand, too, that the thing that moves men to sacrifice their lives is not the error of their thought, which their opponents see and attack, but the truth which the latter do not see -- any more than they see the error which mars the truth they themselves defend.
So we see that a specialist is a man who knows more and more about less and less as he develops, as contrasted to the generalist, who knows less and less about more and more.
So in these pages the term `` technology '' is used to include any and all means which could amplify, project, or augment man's control over himself and over other men.
So it is that we relive his opening statement in the first television address with the dramatic immediacy of the present.
So far as the existing body of formal principle and procedure is concerned, categorical novelties are not to be anticipated in Jewish-Gentile relationships ; ;
Again omitting recent developments, E.T. Leeds' dictum of 1913 has stood unchallenged: `` So far as archaeology is concerned, there is not the least warrant for the second ( shore occupied by ) of these theories ''.
So far as I am concerned, the child is unmistakably father to the man, despite the obvious fact that child and father differ greatly -- sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.
So far as the record is concerned, the Western powers have not acquiesced and should not do so.
So, while we properly inveigh against the new poisoning, history is not likely to justify the pose of righteousness which some in the West were so quick to assume when Mr. Khrushchev made his cynical and irresponsible threat.
So don't see yourself as a heroine or fancy this little adventure is an event of major importance ''.
( Note: So far as State Police cars are concerned, only their replacement is under this division ).
So many times I have wondered why veterinarians do not wipe the table clean before each new canine patient is placed on it for examination.
So far as I can see, there is only one way out for the positivist.
So far these remarks, like most criticisms of Hardy, have tacitly assumed that his poetry is all of a piece, one solid mass of verse expressing a sensibility at a single stage of development.
So it is with Great Expectations, whether the hands be Orlick's as he strikes down Mrs. Gargery or Pip's as he steals a pie from her pantry.
So Dartmouth is moving closer to the others in the Ivy group.
So, too, is the mathematical competence of a college graduate who has majored in mathematics.
So is the time of the novel.
`` So there it is '', he said.
So what I am trying to tell you is the ' why ' -- that is my point -- and that concerns the spirit of the matter.
So you can see that Gerald G. Ramsey, director of SMU's food services, is not the ordinary type of craven, women-trodden chef.
So it is too with many other spirits which we all know: the spirit of Nazism or Communism, school spirit, the spirit of a street corner gang or a football team, the spirit of Rotary or the Ku Klux Klan.
The biblical symbol for this affirmation is expressed in the words: `` So God created man in his own image ; ;

So and sent
So, he sent Alfonso to the Sandhurst Military Academy in England, where the training Alfonso received was severe but more cosmopolitan than Spain, given the current athmosphere
" So he sent for him and had him brought in.
So to discredit his rival, he appointed Ribbentrop head of the delegation sent to London to negotiate it.
So every time a message is sent to these instances they actually get sent, hence they intercede in the message sending process.
On 13 May Powell, said the task force was sent " to repossess the Falkland Islands, to restore British administration of the islands and to ensure that the decisive factor in the future of the islands should be the wishes of the inhabitants " but the Foreign Secretary ( Francis Pym ) desired an " interim agreement ": " So far as I understand that interim agreement, it is in breach, if not in contradiction, of each of the three objects with which the task force was dispatched to the South Atlantic.
So she sent against her when she was bathing handmaidens dressed up as Furies, who seized Helen and hanged her on a tree, and for this reason the Rhodians have a sanctuary of Helen of the Tree.
So he sent Bellerophon on a mission that he deemed impossible: to kill a fire-breathing monster, the Chimera.
So the Æsir sent messengers all over the word, and all wept for him, but:
Three tracks from Boomerang (" Boomerang ", " More Than Anything ", and " Rain ( Falling Down )") and two of the remaining tracks from MMMBop (" Incredible " and " Baby ( You're So Fine )") were released on the first MOE CD sent to fan club members.
So the disillusioned settlers petitioned Congress and President George Washington for aid, and as a result, the Ohio Company sent a group of woodsmen from Marietta to build a log cabin settlement on what is now the city park.
So, he was sent to the Pacific theater.
So, of his entire 43, 000 men Houchard only utilised some 22, 000 for the attack on Walmoden, while another 12, 000 were sent to Dunkirk, and Dumesny's 9, 000 men were left facing Ypres, far from the seat of action.
So his mother sent him after the completion of secondary school education to Wittenberg.
I ’ ll go .’ So Paul went up Chicago and introduced himself to Ragbaby Stevens and Ragbaby liked him … and Paul got the railroad fare from his father and sent me $ 60 ”.
So in 869 he made alliance with the eastern emperor, Basil I, who sent him ships to assist in the capture of Bari, capital of a local Islamic emirate, which succumbed in 871.
So the army sent in a remonstrance on 20 November 1648, which was rejected by 125 votes to 58 in the House of Commons on 1 December.
So Cao Cao sent Cao Ren to deal with the rebellion.
So since they could not trade Canada they sent over Corey Mace and a First round pick for Moreno.
So to not have two enemies simultaneously, Antipater pardoned Memnon and even let him keep his office in Thrace, while great sums of money were sent him by Alexander.
So violent did the tumult become that Constantius sent his general Hermogenes to eject Paul for a second time.
So controversial are his views on the IRA, whom he describes as " the Roman Catholic terrorists of the Marxist IRA " that he was sent a death threat on 7 June 1999, in the form of some mailed ammunition and a warning to leave the country in seventy-two hours.
So we used it in our jacket booklet and while we were on tour, we thought of placing that bear image on t-shirts, so we sent the picture to a designer to arrange it.
So they sent the exiled Ionian tyrants to Lade, where each tried to persuade his fellow citizens to desert to the Persians.
So Herron sent forward two regiments from his own 3rd Division to assault a Confederate battery near the Borden house.

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