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So and last
So, in the last couple of years, abstract expressionism has tended toward romantic suggestion -- indications of landscape or living figures.
So the audience last night was all ears and eyes just after Act 2, got a rousing opening chorus, `` Where's Charley??
So had Miss Shawnee Rakestraw, full of criticisms about the changes here, giving thanks that her dear old father had gone to his Heavenly Rest last year, saying how much she enjoyed her boarding house in town in inclement weather, was looking forward to Quinzaine Spa this summer.
So in May 1893 a new regulation to all chiefs of police, stated that the police should not intervene, if the two last fields in the flag were longer than 6 / 4 as long as these did not exceed 7 / 4, and provided that this was the only rule violated.
James's tone delighted Elizabeth, who responded: " So trust I that you will not doubt but that your last letters are so acceptably taken as my thanks cannot be lacking for the same, but yield them to you in grateful sort ".
So 3n − m ≥ 1 ; hence a game can last no more than 3n − 1 moves.
The book ends with the narrator awakening from his dream of heaven into the unpleasant reality of wartime Britain, in conscious imitation of The Pilgrim's Progress, the last sentence of the " First Part " of which is: " So I awoke, and behold, it was a Dream.
So, after all our journeys of the last 30 or 40 years, the disappearance of the intermediate range ballistic missile revived the old question of the supposed conventional imbalance between the Russian alliance and the North Atlantic Alliance ".
So stored, the product may last a year or more, and some pits are reported to have produced edible contents more than 20 years later.
As of 2012, he is the last horse to accomplish the feat of sweeping the English Triple Crown: since 1970 only Reference Point ( 1987 ), Nashwan ( 1989 ), Sea The Stars ( 2009 ) and Camelot ( 2012 ) have won two of the three races, but Oh So Sharp won the filly's version of the Triple Crown in 1985.
So matters remained till 1879, when the last Mutiny Act was passed and the last Articles of War were promulgated.
The frost giant's last words were: " So I have pitted myself against Odin, always the wisest.
So it is highly likely that the results of many of these fights were " pre-arranged ," and also pre-determined to last a goodly number of rounds.
Barks would use Flintheart for a third and last time in So Far and no Safari, first published in January 1966.
Since 2003, Disney Channel has typically imposed an unwritten " 6-to-a-cast " rule as its original series generally have a maximum of six contract cast members, with So Weird being the last series before 2003 to have more than six actors appearing as series regulars ( since then however, Shake It Up had become the first series to feature seven contract cast members in season two ).
So, in the last resort, we must use force and defy opinion, here and overseas ".
So at last Hermóðr came to Hel's hall and saw Baldr seated in the most honorable seat.
So by the time I finally got that carrot dangled in front of me, it was like, at last I can make a living at what I love to do.
* So presents a consequence (" He gambled well last night, so he smoked a cigar to celebrate.
It was not their Intention in the least at that Time to molest their Neighbours and Fellow Christians with Collections, for it has the appearance last Fall, as if they should have a promising Crop this Harvest, but that Hope is all lost for the most part of the Grane is kill'd with the Frost, and the Rest is destroy'd by the Insects, and now they have such a heavy Debt to pay, which they are not able to discharge out of their own Pokets: So they are obliged to implore all good-minded Christians who has it in their Hearts to promote the kingdom of Christ to assist them and lay some mite for the said Building of the said Church in the Hands of their Fellow Brothers wiiich they have send for that purpose Namely Albertus Simon and Jacob Weager.
So after a break of nearly ten months ( during which he only played six dates ) the " Jimi Hendrix Experience " hit the road for one last tour.
A Series of Murders followed as another Saturday Play in 2004, leading into a number of half-hour serials which began with Sicken and So Die ( 2006 ) and continued with Murder Unprompted ( 2007 ) and The Dead Side of the Mike ( 2008 ), with So Much Blood apparently happening between the last two serials.

So and minute
So, a diver with a 3 litre oxygen cylinder filled to 200 bar who leaves 25 % in reserve will be able to do a 450 minute = 7. 5 hour dive ( 3 L × 200 bar × 0. 75 / 1 ).
' So Good ', meanwhile, is a three minute whirlwind of Buzzcocks guitar and lilting harmonies that belong in your finest emo effort.
So, a 90 minute tape will record 108 minutes of video in PAL.
So great was the stream of aircraft that an aircraft landed almost once a minute at one of the three western Berlin airfields.
So in a last minute decision on election day " Boss " Kelly, switched his support from his former friend Harry Nice to Albert Ritchie and swung just enough votes Ritchie's way to give him the narrowest margin of victory in Maryland history.
* So high is Mount Everest that climbers can take only a couple of steps per minute as they near the summit.
So I left her for a minute or so sobbing.

So and decision
So while there are many factors affecting the outcome of a trial, the cross-examination of a witness will often have an impact on an open minded unbiased jury searching for the certainty of facts upon which to base their decision.
So one would doubt that, in fact, what we really are doing is imagining the creation of the tree with a mere decision.
So " a decision is made and enforced by military means " could be anything done by the administration or bureaucracy as a normal part of its foreign policy.
In So Long And Thanks For All The Fish, Arthur Dent purchases a computer for the purpose of star mapping ; Adams makes only one disparaging comment about this decision.
So, in addition to building a new Pontiac Engineering building in 1949 – 1951, the decision to re-direct the V-8 to an OHV design delayed its introduction until the 1955 model year.
So, he was feeling very confident and he just asked Jordan, " Like, make your decision now whether you're going to pick us up or not ," and Jordan, sort of with his hands tied, with his back up against the wall, called him the next day and said, " Okay, we're cancelling you.
So Blücher decided to counter-attack on the French left flank, in order to force a decision.
* August 31 – a U. S. district court decision rules that George Harrison had " subconsciously " copied The Chiffons ' hit " He's So Fine " when he wrote the song " My Sweet Lord ".
So, logically, cabinet ministers who disagree with major decisions are expected to resign as, to take a recent example, Robin Cook did over the decision to attack Iraq in 2003.
So whether the issue was never raised, was raised but undecided on, was subjected to a decision taken informally, or was subjected to a decision taken formally, remains obscure on the basis of the 1948 cabinet documentation.
So, at first, the company concentrated on this, a decision that had repercussions across the country and triggered the " railway mania ".
So a conscious decision was made, ' Let's get ' em out of here '".
So in Edwards v Halliwell a decision of the executive committee of the National Union of Vehicle Builders to increase membership fees, which were set in the constitution and required a ⅔ majority vote, was able to be restrained by a claim from individual members because this touched both a personal right under the constitution and flouted a special procedure.
So while the intent may have been to correct the omission which led to the Midwest Video decision, and make PEG mandatory, the result was a law which allowed the municipality to opt-out of PEG requirements, and keep 100 % of the Cable television franchise fees for their general fund, while providing no PEG facilities or television channel capacity.
So it is possible to have two different loss functions which lead to the same decision when the prior probability distributions associated with each compensate for the details of each loss function.
So I guess clearly I have been and was and am, but it was never a conscious decision.
So after we made the decision to go ahead with that game plan, this offer ( Dimitri ) came on the table and when we worked out all the figures moneywise it was a great opportunity.
So a decision was made at Ford that to continue with its competition drive and make the car more cost effective they would make the car at Dagenham themselves, alongside the other Cortinas.
When former Melbourne Lord Mayor John So announced his decision not to contest for a third consecutive term in early October 2008, Doyle emerged as a contender for the Lord Mayor Election in November 2008.
She recalled the decision in a 2009 interview, saying, " I started having some back issues, and honestly, my doctor was like, ‘ Carly, you really need to stop if you want to be able to walk when you get older ’.... So I retired and moved on to singing .” Her coach said in a TV interview, " It's hard to top an all-around gold.
So on June 13, General Westmoreland finally made the decision to insert U. S. combat forces.
So he needs to maybe look at his decision and go play for India instead of hanging on to the dream of playing for England, because it ’ s not going to happen, end of discussion.
So it was a very hard decision for me to decide between the two for this year, but I choose art.

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