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Some Related Sentences

So and far
So far as he knew, only his father could be there.
So far as the existing body of formal principle and procedure is concerned, categorical novelties are not to be anticipated in Jewish-Gentile relationships ; ;
So far as `` sacredness '' inheres in any aspect of creation it seems to me to be found in human personality, whether in Lambarene, Africa, or in Washington, D.C..
Again omitting recent developments, E.T. Leeds' dictum of 1913 has stood unchallenged: `` So far as archaeology is concerned, there is not the least warrant for the second ( shore occupied by ) of these theories ''.
So far as I am concerned, the child is unmistakably father to the man, despite the obvious fact that child and father differ greatly -- sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.
So far as the record is concerned, the Western powers have not acquiesced and should not do so.
So far the platoons on left and right fielders don't seem capable of carrying the load.
So far this season, Broadway's premieres have included twice as many adaptations and imports as original American stage plays.
( Note: So far as State Police cars are concerned, only their replacement is under this division ).
So far, no troublesome cases have arisen under this provision.
So far as I can see, there is only one way out for the positivist.
So far these remarks, like most criticisms of Hardy, have tacitly assumed that his poetry is all of a piece, one solid mass of verse expressing a sensibility at a single stage of development.
So far, the covers have never been off the boxes.
So far in history man has been too greatly over-occupied with projecting things into his environment rather than first creating the sort of person who can make the highest use of the things he has created.
So far as I know, the Comedie has never put Moliere's people in the costumes of the 20th century, but they do reinterpret plays and characters.
So far, this discussion of the formalization of an algorithm has assumed the premises of imperative programming.
So if they were to be extended far enough they would seem to merge, at least as far as the eye could discern.
So far five different primary signalling molecules are known to coordinate different behavioral patterns such as filamentation, mating, growth, and pathogenicity.
So far, no practical universal storage medium exists, and all forms of storage have some drawbacks.
So far, only a single bird species, which has not been named, has been confidently identified from both above and below the K-Pg boundary ( it is present in the Maastrichtian Hell Creek Formation and Danian Fort Union Formation ).
So far, no such person has emerged.
So in some sense it provides a measure of how far the group is from being abelian ; the larger the commutator subgroup is, the " less abelian " the group is.
So far, they include news, music, and sports.

So and fifteen
So, for the next fifteen years, two locations, several miles apart and on opposite sides of the Elkhorn, were referred to as ' Rock Creek ': one was the area around the Rock Creek stream near Lambrecht's mill and the other the area around the railway water stop and telegraph station.
So that after fifteen or twenty years the Christians redeemed nearly all the monasteries from those who had seized them, and much of the church lands as well.
So he continues his live collaboration with Sting after almost fifteen years.
So many mistook the main guitar track for ten to fifteen layered guitars.
So strong was the prejudice against him that he obtained only eighteen votes against fifteen in the Senate on his confirmation ; and while the two senators from Virginia did not vote at all, the two from Kentucky voted in the negative.
So large was the amount that a separate division of the exchequer was constituted, entitled " Aaron's Exchequer " ( Madox, History of the Exchequer, folio ed., p. 745 ), and was continued till at least 1201, that is, fifteen years later, for on the pipe-roll of that year most of the debts to Aaron ( about £ 7, 500 ) are recorded as still outstanding to the king, showing that only half the debts had been paid over by that time, though, on the death of Aaron, the payment of interest ceased automatically, since the king, as a Christian, could not accept usury.
The title track ( based to a certain extent on Miles Davis's " So What ") is notable for featuring nearly fifteen minutes of Coltrane's soloing.
For example, in So You Want to Be a Wizard, Carmela is fifteen, Nita is thirteen, Kit twelve, and Dairine eleven.
So he articulated a general hierarchical scale with fifteen levels of Ekistic Units:

So and volumes
So far, four volumes have been printed ; the publisher expects to print two new volumes each year.
So if V < sub > 1 </ sub >, V < sub > 2 </ sub >, V < sub > n </ sub >… are considered to be the partial volumes of components in the gaseous mixture, then the total volume V would be represented as:
So far, 12 volumes of manga have been published since 1986.
His signature sign-on was " Good evening, everybody " and his sign-off " So long, until tomorrow ," phrases he would use in titling his two volumes of memoirs.
He wrote three volumes of memoirs, So Help Me ( 1943 ), This Way, Miss ( 1955 ), and The World I Lived In ( 1975 ).
So, the LPC decided to make an instructional video by the name of All Access Liquid and Digitz, Volume 01 ( no other volumes were made ) which defined the concepts that are the foundation of liquid and digits and had performances of four members.
So far six volumes have appeared in English.
So for the sake of a change of occupation, or un travail accessoire as he called it, Denifle went again through these volumes ( each about 600 pages folio ).
So far 4 volumes have been released with the newest being released on October 19, 2010 titled Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?

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