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Page "editorial" ¶ 891
from Brown Corpus
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So and far
So far as he knew, only his father could be there.
So far as the existing body of formal principle and procedure is concerned, categorical novelties are not to be anticipated in Jewish-Gentile relationships ; ;
So far as `` sacredness '' inheres in any aspect of creation it seems to me to be found in human personality, whether in Lambarene, Africa, or in Washington, D.C..
Again omitting recent developments, E.T. Leeds' dictum of 1913 has stood unchallenged: `` So far as archaeology is concerned, there is not the least warrant for the second ( shore occupied by ) of these theories ''.
So far as I am concerned, the child is unmistakably father to the man, despite the obvious fact that child and father differ greatly -- sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.
So far as the record is concerned, the Western powers have not acquiesced and should not do so.
So far the platoons on left and right fielders don't seem capable of carrying the load.
( Note: So far as State Police cars are concerned, only their replacement is under this division ).
So far, no troublesome cases have arisen under this provision.
So far as I can see, there is only one way out for the positivist.
So far these remarks, like most criticisms of Hardy, have tacitly assumed that his poetry is all of a piece, one solid mass of verse expressing a sensibility at a single stage of development.
So far, the covers have never been off the boxes.
So far in history man has been too greatly over-occupied with projecting things into his environment rather than first creating the sort of person who can make the highest use of the things he has created.
So far as I know, the Comedie has never put Moliere's people in the costumes of the 20th century, but they do reinterpret plays and characters.
So far, this discussion of the formalization of an algorithm has assumed the premises of imperative programming.
So far fifteen volumes of her journals have been published.
So if they were to be extended far enough they would seem to merge, at least as far as the eye could discern.
So far five different primary signalling molecules are known to coordinate different behavioral patterns such as filamentation, mating, growth, and pathogenicity.
So far, no practical universal storage medium exists, and all forms of storage have some drawbacks.
So far, only a single bird species, which has not been named, has been confidently identified from both above and below the K-Pg boundary ( it is present in the Maastrichtian Hell Creek Formation and Danian Fort Union Formation ).
So far, no such person has emerged.
So in some sense it provides a measure of how far the group is from being abelian ; the larger the commutator subgroup is, the " less abelian " the group is.
So far, they include news, music, and sports.

So and season
Another Eartha Kitt collaboration, " My Discarded Men ," was choreographed on the episode " Top 14 Perform " of So You Think You Can Dance season 8.
In May 2012 it was indicated that So Random !, a spin-off of Sonny with a Chance, had been canceled after only one season.
Since 2003, Disney Channel has typically imposed an unwritten " 6-to-a-cast " rule as its original series generally have a maximum of six contract cast members, with So Weird being the last series before 2003 to have more than six actors appearing as series regulars ( since then however, Shake It Up had become the first series to feature seven contract cast members in season two ).
Both shows were cancelled after one season, although Mary-Kate received a Daytime Emmy Awards nomination for her performance on So Little Time.
So You Think You Can Dance season 3 winner Sabra Johnson resided in Roy before moving to New York, New York to pursue her dancing career.
* Caitlynn Lawson-Contestant on So You Think You Can Dance ( season 8 )-Born in Moses Lake
So after eleven seasons, the Bees moved to Los Angeles for the 1926 season.
In 2004, Dick Clark, with the help of Ryan Seacrest, announced plans to revive the show in time for the 2005 season ; although this did not occur ( due in part to Clark suffering a severe stroke in late 2004 ), one segment of the revived Bandstand — a national dance contest — eventually became the series So You Think You Can Dance.
So to beef up the Blues, Mulligan signed five new players: back Obie Bristow and guard Steve Owen from the Kansas City Cowboys which ended its season in Hartford ; fullback Roy Mackert from the Rochester Jeffersons ; end Herb Kopf, and, most newsworthy, halfback Don Miller, became the third Horsemen to sign a contract with Mulligan.
*" Separation Anxiety ", a season one episode of That's So Raven
So has a semi warm weather which have two distinct seasons, which are: the dry season ( November to May ) and rainy season ( May to November ).
So in turn Miller-Boyett Productions signed in the $ 40 million offer from CBS for both Family Matters and Step By Step to be renewed for a 22-episode season on CBS.
* " Changeling ", episode 12 of the 3rd season of the TV series So Weird.
The season finale ended with Paris confronting Nicole, stating " We have to talk ", and Nicole answering " So talk ...", followed by a screen that read " To be continued ... next season!
So Snider wore number 11 during the first half of the season, then switched back to 4 after Neal was traded.
So during the 2006 Olympic season Emma stayed with her maternal grandparents ( Knut and Oddrun ).
So far there has only been one season of Afrikaans Idols.
Raven-Symoné then received a producer credit for the show's fourth and final season, with the credit being called " That So Productions ".
In the fourth season of That's So Raven and on Cory in the House, Victor states that Tanya ( T ' Keyah Crystal Keymáh ) is in England as a lawyer.
Russell Ferguson, the winner of the sixth season of So You Think You Can Dance, is a krumper.
In 2006, she began hosting the second season of American reality show So You Think You Can Dance, replacing Lauren Sánchez, who was pregnant.
In January 2006, a new season of So You Think You Can Dance started its auditions, with Deeley in the role of host.

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