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Some Related Sentences

So and going
`` So help me, Crouch, I'd like to kill you where you stand, but, before I do, I'm going to hear you admit killing him.
So you produce a lemon of a car and you won ’ t know where to hide because your customers are going to tell each other about it and then the rest of the world about it.
So Nasreddin said, Well, since you already know what I am going to say, I won't waste any more of your time!
So Nasreddin said Let the half who know what I am going to say, tell it to the half who don't, and left.
So now, of course, I want to keep going and do a feature.
So while in a conventional game the announcement that one's character is going to leap over a seven-meters-wide canyon will be greeted with the request to roll a number of dice, a player in a storytelling game who wishes to have a character perform a similar feat will have to convince the others ( especially the storyteller ) why it is both probable and keeping within the established traits of their character to successfully do so.
So despite 5 first half turnovers, the Bills were only trailing Dallas 31 – 17 going into the final period, and after their comeback from the 32-point deficit in the playoffs, a 14-point comeback seemed perfectly within their capabilities.
So, you ask me if the U. S. government knew what was going on?
So what is the best strategy to minimize your incarceration ( aside from going straight in the first place )?
So, during the trip back, both twins see their sibling's clock going 3 times faster than their own.
' So I went on the set ... The day after I went back to see my mum and told her that I was going to make films and stop school and ' bye.
So you are predicting at that time that the bulb is going to fail very soon and deciding to change with a new one and scheduled for a just-in time maintenance.
So I said, ' There is more action going on in my hometown with my friends dealing with the fact that they can't deal with turning 30 or with commitment ' - all that became Beautiful Girls ".
For example, in the sentence, แล ้ วเธอจะไปไหน (): So where are you going ?, แล ้ ว () is used as a discourse particle.
So that ’ s what I was doing, and I was going to university at the same time.
So his hands were steady until the going down of the sun.
So we steered clear of B & B in the early going, and once the new show was established, there was really no need to hearken back to the old one.
::: So I ’ m not going to throw away my short allotment of life on a futile, silly hope, searching for something there simply cannot be, a completely blameless man — not among us mortals who must win our bread from the broad earth.
So, I went to the Guild and said, ' This is what's going on.
So instead of the man going to the woman, as is the custom now, the woman went to live with the man.
De La Hoya responded, " So now he's going to attack me left and right.
So, he was feeling very confident and he just asked Jordan, " Like, make your decision now whether you're going to pick us up or not ," and Jordan, sort of with his hands tied, with his back up against the wall, called him the next day and said, " Okay, we're cancelling you.
Baker Street, millions of buses going around ..." So, before anyone knew what it meant, I scraped Hey Jude out of the whitewash. A guy who had a delicatessen in Marylebone rang me up, and he was furious: " I'm going to send one of my sons round to beat you up.

So and forward
So had Miss Shawnee Rakestraw, full of criticisms about the changes here, giving thanks that her dear old father had gone to his Heavenly Rest last year, saying how much she enjoyed her boarding house in town in inclement weather, was looking forward to Quinzaine Spa this summer.
So, after considering everything very thoroughly, I must finally conclude that the proposition, I am, I exist, is necessarily true whenever it is put forward by me or conceived in my mind.
So, in endorsing surveys, as well as advancing the study of geology, Lyell helped to forward the business of modern extractive industries, such as the coal and oil industry.
So, for them, I don't think that we have a way forward with talks or negotiations or contacts or anything as such.
So also Colin Nicholl who has put forward a substantial argument for the authenticity of Second Thessalonians.
So in the forward direction, the rotation is positive 45 °.
So dense was the crowd that some time was spent in getting through it to the speaker's stand, many crowding forward to shake Mr. Douglas ' hand.
After some time off, Roe and Collura later moved forward and began writing songs that would become part of the follow-up to So Long, Astoria titled Welcome The Night.
So we're looking forward to next year and going out on a high note.
He looked forward to working with So Proudly We Hail!
As Cornish historian and archaeologist Charles Thomas noted in 1993, " So far, no structure excavated on Island ... can be put forward as a Roman-period settlement, native-peasant or otherwise.
So I said, ‘ Let's just do something that moves people forward in their life, and we'll do the work for them.
So Herron sent forward two regiments from his own 3rd Division to assault a Confederate battery near the Borden house.
So I went forward until I achieved enough to win Mrs. Eddy's unqualified approval of my work.
* So long as we have held fast to voluntary principles and have been actuated and inspired by the spirit of service, we have sustained our forward progress, and we have made our labor movement something to be respected and accorded a place in the councils of the Republic.
So determined was König, that in the conclave of October 1978 he was instrumental in securing the election of Karol Wojtyła, who took the name John Paul II, seeing it as vitally important that a cardinal from Eastern Europe be put forward for election.
So take it forward!
' So he leaned forward, turned the knob on the heart machine, the green light went around, and he said, ' There, you've lost — it's 311.
: So it's forward to the Frontier soon as I can go.
So, also, Peter, Andrew, James, Philip, Thomas, Matthew ( in the fourth book also Bartholomew and Simon the Canaanite ), come forward, and of the women, Salome and the mother of Jesus ( kata kosmon ).
So I hope when we bring forward proposals in the next few weeks that we will have a little less party politics and a little more support for national security.
So to provide back up to these players three famous families of Kolkata, the Basu family, Mitra Family and Sen family came forward.
So Patrick told me ' go forward I protect your back.
So the 4th century date given by Ramsay can be taken forward about a century because new results from Mitchell's survey and Taşlıalan's excavations.

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