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Some Related Sentences

So and these
So if all these beers was to get me in bed, man, you just spent a lot of money ''.
So persistent were these attacks that in March of the following year, Woodruff was finally moved to action, and Pike was to learn his first lesson in frontier politics, the subtle art of diversion.
Again omitting recent developments, E.T. Leeds' dictum of 1913 has stood unchallenged: `` So far as archaeology is concerned, there is not the least warrant for the second ( shore occupied by ) of these theories ''.
So you yourself must seek these objective data, and come to your own conclusions.
So far these remarks, like most criticisms of Hardy, have tacitly assumed that his poetry is all of a piece, one solid mass of verse expressing a sensibility at a single stage of development.
So each reading can be given a weight and each reading a score by adding up these weights.
So hostile did these factions become that, among the Choctaws, civil war broke out.
So obvious are these advantages that nearly 95 per cent of the population of New York State now has access to a system, and enthusiastic librarians foresee the day, not too distant, when all the libraries in the state will belong to a co-op.
So in these pages one can share his wonder at the traditional fiesta of St. Torpetius that still persists in St. Tropez ; ;
( So prevalent are these isolated peaks and ridges that a specialised term has been adopted in Germany to describe this kind of country, thought to be in great part the result of wind action.
' So we'd come up with these shots that were really, really difficult, and sometimes they would take thirty-seven takes ".
So the built output of Bauhaus architecture in these years is the output of Gropius: the Sommerfeld house in Berlin, the Otte house in Berlin, the Auerbach house in Jena, and the competition design for the Chicago Tribune Tower, which brought the school much attention.
So it is up to the software to decide in which direction these " weak " characters will be placed.
In those passages he reemphasized the concept by adding a divine postscript to the Genesis passage these words: " So, they are no longer two, but one " ( NIV ).
So to classify these groups one takes every central extension of every known finite simple group, and finds all simple groups with a centralizer of involution with this as a component.
Jesse had seven of his sons pass before Samuel, but Samuel said to him, " The Lord has not chosen these .” So he asked Jesse, " Are these all the sons you have?
So in May 1893 a new regulation to all chiefs of police, stated that the police should not intervene, if the two last fields in the flag were longer than 6 / 4 as long as these did not exceed 7 / 4, and provided that this was the only rule violated.
So Irenaeus tells of the system of Simon Magus, of the system of Menander, of the system of Saturninus, in which the number of these angels is reckoned as seven, and of the system of Carpocrates.
So although these organisms contain chloroplasts and / or mitochondria that have their own DNA, the genetic information contained by DNA within these organelles is not considered part of the genome.
So it is now not necessary to meet these regulations if the production volume is lower than 10, 000 cars annually for a certain model.
So though workers may labor with greater skill or more productivity than others, these more skillful and more productive workers will thus produce more value through the production of greater quantities of the finished commodity: each unit still bearing the same value as all the others of the same class of commodity.
So the labor process inevitably involves these means of production that already enter the process with a certain amount of value.

So and pages
So bitter was the conflict that a number of natural rights proponents withdrew from the pages of Liberty in protest even though they had hitherto been among its frequent contributors.
So ' radical ' were the ideas of Taliaferro that the convention refused to print his protest in the pages of journal.
The Way of the WASP How It Made America and How It Can Save It, So to Speak, ( 1991 ) 171 pages.
So Commodore Anson became known to a multitude of francophone readers, who possibly were enticed to read Walter's account afterwards, enhancing their love for nature and the " mythe du bon sauvage " who lies hidden in its pages.
So when I read its pages I am well informed.
So, es. wikipedia. org might point to 67. 167. 39. 4, while en. wikipedia. org and database. en. wikipedia. org can both point to 24. 73. 285. 3, just different pages.
So the origin and history of Aruviyur Nagarathar remained the same as that of until 706 A. D. A complete detailed revised book ( 343 pages ) named Namathu Samuthayam written by So. Vaithiyalingam in Oct 2010 explains clearly about the complete history of chettiyar's from 2897B. C.
Popularised by Douglas Hofstadter who wrote several books on himself and the subject of self-reference, often over 700 pages, is the subject of a comical six-word biography created by Randall Munroe, " I'm So Meta, Even This Acronym ," the acronym of which forms " ISMETA " which would then complete the sentence.
But fixing the covers to resemble the non-glossy generic look of weekly anthology titles was one thing ... Having “ splash ” pages and then five or six frames a page just didn ’ t stack up against Warlord, Action, Battle, and the rest with their nine to 12 a page .” So the US artwork was re-sized to fit several pages onto one and emulate the look of the more established UK boys ’ weeklies.
So for example, the Benjamin Heath of this article is referred to on various pages as " Benjamin Heath, D. C. L.
So there are two well-defined moments in the pages of the story of Santiago, the city of Santiago de Veragua the old October 23, 1621 and the new 1637.
So for the sake of a change of occupation, or un travail accessoire as he called it, Denifle went again through these volumes ( each about 600 pages folio ).

So and term
This occurs in the context of Irenaeus ' work On the Detection and Overthrow of Knowledge Falsely So Called, ( Greek: elenchos kai anatrope tes pseudonymou gnoseos genitive case, ἔλεγχος καὶ ἀνατροπὴ τῆς ψευδωνύμου γνώσεως ) where the term " knowledge falsely so-called " ( nominative case pseudonymos gnosis ) covers various groups, not just Valentinus, and is a quotation of the apostle Paul's warning against " knowledge falsely so-called " in 1 Timothy 6: 20.
So the term " insert " is often confined to views of objects — and body parts, other than the head.
So the term " medicine man / woman " is not entirely inappropriate, but it greatly oversimplifies and also skews the depiction of the people whose role in society complements that of the chief.
So Mill's initial use of the term concerned natural abilities, in contrast to the common contemporary usage, which refers solely to market failure in a particular type of industry, such as rail, post or electricity.
So perhaps one's term ' cloud ' denotes a vague object precisely.
So, the later-imported term became a synonym for the native English word scir () or, in Modern English, shire
So, we see that the TOI input power level is simply 4 / 3 times the ratio of the gain and the cubic distortion term in the device transfer function.
Later in 1943, an agent named Clyde Matthew Dessner used the term in a " how-to " book about modeling entitled So You Want to Be a Model!
So the term urbanisation can represent the level of urban relative to overall population, or it can represent the rate at which the urban proportion is increasing.
So for them only the first usage of the term reality would make sense.
During his term, Ventura appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, in which he responded controversially to the following question: " So which is the better city of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis or St.
" So, to keep the mind from attaching to incomplete fragments of reality, a speaker could use this term to indicate that truth is " Not that.
So, while these radars use a highly specialized form of doppler radar, the term is much broader in its meaning and its applications.
So in equation ( 1 ) above, the second term dominates.
So, a collection of functions with given signatures generate a free algebra, the term algebra T. Given a set of equational identities ( the axioms ), one may consider their symmetric, transitive closure E. The quotient algebra T / E is then the algebraic structure or variety.
So for a number of reasons the legal term metic should be associated with Classical Athens.
So while the former terms are well understood and clear under international law, the term " unlawful combatant " is not.
So we very much wanted it to be rocking and, for lack of a better term, contemporary, or modern.
So the term " gender identity " is broader than the sex of the individual, as determined by examination of the external genitalia, but also includes the sex or gender one identifies with mentally.
So many of the musicians who have played with Magma have formed their own solo projects and / or spinoff acts that the Kobaïan term Zeuhl has come to refer to the musical style of these bands and the French jazz fusion / symphonic rock scene that grew around them.
So while " up " might refer to the direction of a standing human's head, the same term (" up ") might be used to refer to the direction of the belly of a supine human.
So the really important thing about the Chilean business is that free markets did work their way in bringing about a free society .” The term Miracle of Chile is also commonly used to refer to the favorable economic results of economic liberalization in that economy.
So far, she has been present and has given an address at all openings of the Scottish Parliament, usually speaking reflectively upon its accomplishments and wishing the institution well for its coming term rather than considering the plans of the executive.

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