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from Brown Corpus
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So and bedroom
( So some historians claimed he removed his chain while dallying in Lady Heron's bedroom.
So unlike other municipalities in Metropolitan Stockholm, Sundbyberg is not a bedroom suburb wherefrom people commute to Stockholm, but also a place commuted to from outside.
So we sat in the hotel bedroom for a few hours and wrote it — John and I, sitting on twin beds with guitars.
So dealing with someone having that picture up in their ... bedroom or their ... living room or whatever I think would be hard for anyone to deal with.
" So we sat in the hotel bedroom for a few hours and wrote it — John and I, sitting on twin beds with guitars .”
So I set my letter in, and duly arrived up at Havelock House, with amateur tapes that I had made of comedy sketches that I was performing in my kitchen, and bathroom, and bedroom ... and I presented those and they listened to them and said, ' Yes, those are quite funny, but there's no opening for that sort of thing here at the moment.
So if we wish to turn down the thermostat in the living room when we go to bed then the bedroom radiators will only get heat if the living room temperature is above the temperature setpoint in the living room.

So and was
So simple, in fact, that it might even work -- although Pamela, now, in her new frame of mind, was careful not to pretend too much assurance.
So long as Sally's pa was coming out best on the haggle, Dan didn't feel the need of putting in his two-bits' worth.
So if all these beers was to get me in bed, man, you just spent a lot of money ''.
So Dandy Brandon trustingly entered the house with Delphine Lalaurie and trudged up the rear steps to the attic room which was to be his new home.
So the verdict was `` death at the hands of a person or persons unknown '', and the elite of the city, accepting Delphine's testimony, welcomed her and the doctor back into the fold.
So was my brother.
So persistent were these attacks that in March of the following year, Woodruff was finally moved to action, and Pike was to learn his first lesson in frontier politics, the subtle art of diversion.
So what Fred and Ralph did was to attempt to prorate the money fairly by taking into account what each of the five had received, if anything, from the estate before Papa's death.
So, because he had received less than Tom, it was felt proper that Fred should receive the few hundred dollars that remained.
So choosing a good tree, he clambered up into it, found a comfortable notch, and curled up in it to sleep, like the tousled bear he was, with his hands across his chest, as though surfeited with honey.
So Charles was dead.
So they parted when she was in an impatient humor.
So the pattern was established.
So it was that when Mr. Brown and Mr. Sharpe first saw the French tool on exhibition in Paris in 1868, they brought a sample with them to the United States and started Brown & Sharpe in yet another field where it retains its leadership to this day.
So young Prokofieff was the darling of success: in his motherland ; ;
So Prokofieff was able to cultivate his musical talents and harvest a rich reward from them.
But the greater part of semester time was actually centered around the attitudes: `` So we are married -- now how do we make the best of it ''??
So with all this experience, Bob Fogg was a natural choice to receive the first Emergency Air Mail Star Route contract.
So, after the sitting has been held, several readings at one time are mailed, and the distant sitter ( whose name or whose communicator's name was given to the medium ) must mark each little item as Correct ( Hit ), Incorrect ( Miss ), Doubtful, or Especially Significant ( applying to him and, he feels, not to anyone else ).
So filled was Mel Chandler with the spirit of Garryowen that after Korea was over, he took on the job of writing the complete history of the regiment.
So strenuous it was physically, with its days of horseback riding over rough roads that it seems an amazing feat of endurance for both Miss Packard and Miss Upton.
So was the attack upon Charles E. Bohlen when Eisenhower appointed him Ambassador to Moscow.
So somebody else could have come in, too -- then or later while she was out of the room.

So and usually
So all-important are ideas, we are told, that persons successful in business and happy in social life usually fall into two classes: those who invent new ideas of their own, and those who borrow, beg, or steal from others.
So the Commission's announcements of the new Soviet shots have been confined to one or two bleak sentences, with the fission yield usually left vague.
So if there's a conflict between a treaty obligation and a domestic law, then the treaty usually prevails.
So can international public opinion, by pressuring multinational companies to pay Third World workers wages usually found in more industrialized countries.
So a list holding the numbers 1, 2, and 3, usually written as "( 1 2 3 )", could be represented as follows:
So important was Sozzini to the formulation of their beliefs that those outside Poland usually referred to them as Socinians.
So the end date is always calculated according to the Gregorian calendar, but the beginning date is usually according to the Julian calendar ( or occasionally the Proleptic Gregorian calendar ).
So far, scientific studies, usually focusing on memory, have been few and the results have been inconclusive.
So, for example, compilers for embedded software usually offer options that reduce code size at the expense of speed, because memory is the main cost of an embedded computer.
So called ' koek en zopie ' outlets, small food and drinks stalls which only spring up during winters along frozen canals, ponds and lakes in the Netherlands and cater to ice skaters, usually serve " snert " as a hearty snack.
So in observing the sun from earth, the solar hour angle is an expression of time, expressed in angular measurement, usually degrees, from the solar noon.
Asked about Palme, former United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger once answered that he usually disliked the people he agreed with and liked the people he disagreed with, adding dryly: " So Palme, I liked-a lot ".
So a glucose tablet is ideal, a candy bar or pastry is not ( both contain fat in addition to starch and usually sugar ).
So a one-year Part I ( or Part IA ) must be followed by a two-year Part II, and usually vice versa.
So general is still the custom of " bidding-weddings " in Wales, that printers usually keep the form of invitation in type.
So another method is usually used for making red glass, where most of the body of the glass is clear or a colored tint.
So it is usually important that be the unique minimum.
So in mathematical terms a curve is defined by four coordinate functions ( where usually denotes the time coordinate ) depending on one parameter.
So, most of the songs that were written when we usually worked with Liza were written by them.
So far, she has been present and has given an address at all openings of the Scottish Parliament, usually speaking reflectively upon its accomplishments and wishing the institution well for its coming term rather than considering the plans of the executive.
So kaibun usually refers to a palindromic sentence, but a passage can be a kaibun too.
So, usually they learn three in total.
So they are approximated ( tessellated ) with a mesh of small, easy-to-analyze pieces of 3D volume — usually either irregular tetrahedra, or irregular hexahedra.
So, on the whole, social change is usually a combination of systematic factors along with some random or unique factors.

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