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So and listening
So they stayed quiet and hung not on what he said but on how he said it, not listening exactly, but rather, feeling.
So he dug a hole in the bank of the Pactolus river and, after making certain that nobody was listening, he whispered into the hole that " King Midas has an ass's ears.
' So I went over to his house one day for about a year, which we spent listening to records, playing guitars, and starting to write songs.
So while a lay person listening to a discussion of a current research topic in mathematics may describe it as technobabble, to the mathematician, it is completely comprehensible and thus not technobabble.
So Elman had to play with piano accompaniment while conductor and orchestra sat listening.
( the Muppet Theater's Christmas " Spectacular Spectacular " opens with a number set at the " Moulin Scrooge ," which climaxes as Miss Piggy dons the role of Satine and performs " Santa Baby "), Cirque du Soleil ( feebly adapted by an apathetic choreographer as the " Cirque du So Lame "), A Beautiful Mind ( when Dr. Honeydew works out the money needed to save the theater's finances by doodling on a window, and, after listening to Beaker squeak, responds, " Why, thank you, Beaky, I think you have a beautiful mind, too "), For Dummies books ( Daniel is given a book called Performing Miracles for Dummies ), and the old Gift of the Magi comedy routine ( coming to a crashing halt in this film when one of the participants forgot to sell or buy anything ).
In So You Want to Be in Pictures, McDoakes is listening to a record that is providing an acting lesson, and when the telephone rings the record tells him to answer it.
So, even though I'll certainly draw on my experience from the 1980s, I think I also need to do an awful lot of listening to people to understand what has been going on lately.
So the Malayalis never stopped listening to it.

So and FM
So, KHJ-FM was moved to 99. 7 in 1945 and by 1948 to 101. 1 FM.
So, while KFI-FM made history as the first Los Angeles FM to transmit from Mt.
Tracks from the LP, especially " Section 43 ", " Grace ", and " Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine " were played on progressive FM rock stations like KSAN and KMPX in San Francisco, often back-to-back.
So far, Honolulu, Hawaii, Omaha, Nebraska, Sacramento, California, Richland, Washington, and The Woodlands, Texas are the only North American markets where Bob FM has failed.
So FM Static became a two-piece band with studio musicians filling in for the other parts.
So mast radiators are ( in contrast to FM broadcasting antennas ) normally not installed on the top of buildings or towers.
So, WUSL backed off, dropped the " Kiss " name and was simply " 99 FM " for a few weeks, until they began using the name " Power 99FM ".
So if you know someone who's an oldies fan, you might wanna tell them about AM 1110, KRLA ... because who needs oldies on FM anyway?
So in 1980s came the advent of FM Radio stations like: Radio Nigeria 1 Ikoyi-Lagos, Radio Nigeria 2 Lagos on Martin street, and the newly minted sister's sation Radio Nigeria 3 Ikoyi-Lagos, in 1987.

So and radio
The album's first two singles were successful on rock radio in " So Hott " and " Amen ".
* Interview with Peter Maresca ( editor of So Many Splendid Sundays ) and Art Spiegelman from the KCRW radio show Bookworm-excerpt from the book
So, satellite and internet radio are free to provide sexually explicit, coarse and political material.
The album provided two mainstream hits: the lead single " Price to Play ", and " So Far Away " ( which spent 14 weeks on top of the rock chart, and was featured on an episode of Smallville ); in addition, two other singles failed to crack the Hot 100 —" How About You " and " Zoe Jane "— but " How About You " was a fairly popular song on modern rock radio.
His film roles were more sparse but still memorable ; these included the part of a minor league baseball radio announcer in the film, A League of Their Own and a bit part of the minister officiating the marriage ceremony in Say It Isn't So.
At 29, McQueen got a significant break when Frank Sinatra removed Sammy Davis, Jr., from the film Never So Few after Davis supposedly made some mildly negative remarks about Sinatra in a radio interview, and Davis's role went to McQueen.
The lead single, " So Weird ", was released to radio at the end of October 2006 ; however, a video was not produced and the single failed to receive significant radio play.
So many listeners contacted the radio station asking for more of " the singing kid " that the producers hired him to host his own 15-minute show twice a week for a weekly salary of US $ 15 ( equivalent to US $ in ).
On June 19, 2008, Simon and her son Ben performed " You're So Vain " together on The Howard Stern Show on Sirius Satellite radio.
On August 7, 2008, Pink's single " So What " was leaked online, and radio stations across Australia were quick to give it massive airplay.
Within less than 6 hours from the leak, " So What " was voted No. 1 on Nova 100 Melbourne and shot to No. 1 on the Today Network's national radio Hot30 Countdown.
As his singing career failed to take off, despite 14 singles being released, the first being the Pop-Soul styled " Don't Get Off The Train " on Fontana TF 562 released in April 1965 and two in 1967-68, " So Much Love " and " It's Only Love " made the UK Top 40 on MGM, he stopped singing and concentrated on radio presenting.
Crossfade had their first radio appearance (" So Far Away ") heard on 94. 5 the Buzz ( Houston, Texas ) Cage Match at 10 o ' clock p. m. where it competed with a new song every night and won out over the competition for over three weeks.
He subsequently produced / presented a half-hour show on that station called " So you want to run a radio station.
The songs " So Tired " and " Bark at the Moon " were released as singles, with accompanying videos, and they received regular airplay on MTV and radio.
So the incoming radio signal is amplified by a large amount, 10 < sup > 3 </ sub >-10 < sup > 5 </ sup >, increasing the receiver's sensitivity to weak signals.
So this design, getting most gain out of one tube, filled the needs of the growing radio community and immediately thrived.
#" It Would Be So Nice " ( alternative version for radio ) ( Richard Wright ) – 3: 39
" A single, " So Many People ," received some radio play, but the side-two-filling " Ennea " suite, with its tightly chorded jazz arrangements and lyrics based on Greek mythology, was less radio-friendly.
This album did not perform as well at radio, with its first single (" If She Were Any Other Woman ") reaching number 27 on the charts, and the second single (" So Gone ") failing to chart entirely.
So if it turns out that the case was made of plastic with 2, 300 ppm ( 0. 23 %) PBB used as a flame retardant, then the entire radio would fail the requirements of the directive.
Hall & Oates ' chart success was at its highest when their singles got heavy airplay on urban contemporary radio, as was the case with I Can't Go for That ( No Can Do ), One on One, Say It Isn't So, Adult Education, Out of Touch, Method of Modern Love and Everything Your Heart Desires.
So too were Roger Avary, the writer / director of The Rules of Attraction, Chuck Kelley co-founder of the internet radio station LuxuriaMusic, and producer Daniel Snyder, who is best known for the documentary Dreams on Spec.

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