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So and many
So far this season, Broadway's premieres have included twice as many adaptations and imports as original American stage plays.
So, I say, Mr. Speaker, God bless you and keep you for many years not only for this body but for the United States of America and the free world.
So many times I have wondered why veterinarians do not wipe the table clean before each new canine patient is placed on it for examination.
So many Cubans were reported being swept into the Castro dragnet that the massive Sports Palace auditorium and at least one hotel were converted into makeshift jails.
So it is too with many other spirits which we all know: the spirit of Nazism or Communism, school spirit, the spirit of a street corner gang or a football team, the spirit of Rotary or the Ku Klux Klan.
So it is no surprise that the science of acoustics spreads across so many facets of our society — music, medicine, architecture, industrial production, warfare and more.
So named due to its resemblance to a traditional agricultural plough ( or more specifically two ploughshares ), many manufacturers produce a plough-style design, all based on or direct copies of the original CQR ( Secure ), a 1933 design patented in the UK ( US patent in 1934 ) by mathematician Geoffrey Ingram Taylor.
So many Englishmen and Gascons came to that part, that perforce they opened the king's battle, so that the Frenchmen were so mingled among their enemies that sometime there was five men upon one gentleman.
So while there are many factors affecting the outcome of a trial, the cross-examination of a witness will often have an impact on an open minded unbiased jury searching for the certainty of facts upon which to base their decision.
So to capitalize on his production and make some income, he turned to graphic arts to reproduce many of his most famous paintings, including those in this series.
So many people were forced to move to cheaper areas in The Netherlands.
IT, machinery, records ... food, water, people ... So many aspects to dwell upon.
So many types of pleasant labor can be described as a result of an earlier and more painful investment.
So, while many forms of animal communication exist, they differ from human languages, in that they have a limited range of non-syntactically structured vocabulary tokens that lack cross cultural variation between groups.
So far, such testing cannot distinguish among the many distinct Native American tribes.
If anything, the goal behind outing is to show just how many gay people there are among the most visible people in our society so that when someone outs the milkman or the spinster, everyone will say, ' So what?
So are many approximations to real-valued functions.
So fearsome was the reputation of the Fehme and its reach that many thus released committed suicide rather than prolonging the inevitable.
He has also directed many music videos for groups such as U2 and Talking Heads, including " Stay ( Faraway, So Close!
So many died at their hands that the Myrkridia created enormous platforms crafted of skulls as monuments to their massacres.
So many events are conducting as well as Jhola Aandolan against plastic carry bags use, Global green mission, Operation water reservoir, stop global warming & climate changes, reduce pollution with dedication to save environmental and spiritual values.
So did many of the mainstream ( non-splinter group ) communist parties in South-East Asia, like the Burmese Communist Party, Communist Party of Thailand, and Communist Party of Indonesia.
An ode in her memory, " So many true princesses who have gone ", composed by the then Master of the King's Musick Sir Edward Elgar to words by the Poet Laureate John Masefield, was sung at the unveiling and conducted by the composer.
So although grandmothers might not be necessary during good times, many grandchildren cannot survive without them during times of famine.

So and buildings
So, the many buildings of historic New Castle look much as they did in the colonial and Federal periods.
So instead, the " new " school began its first year in the buildings of Villa Cabrini Academy, a former Catholic girls ' school on the edge of downtown Burbank.
" So, for example, the language for architecture would describe items like: settlements, buildings, rooms, windows, latches, etc.
So human scale in architecture can also describe buildings with sightlines, acoustic properties, task lighting, ambient lighting, and spatial grammar that fit well with human senses.
So, on September 12, 1794 the President appointed Thornton one of the three Commissioners of the Federal District in charge of laying out the new federal city and overseeing construction of the first government buildings, including the Capitol of which he became supervisor and remained in charge until 1802.
So far, an expansion of Castetter Hall and the Technology and Education Center are the only LEED-certified buildings on campus, with a Gold and Platinum rating respectively.
So important was the symbolism of the buildings that their form was decided on long before their construction and in some cases, even before the events they were to symbolize.
So where Urban development with its focus on buildings and physical infrastructure was once viewed as a primary path forward to community development, development of computer and online infrastructure and access, and the community enablement they support have to become central areas of focus moving forward.
So, they embedded the bodies in numerous places around the school buildings, and spread horror stories about the locations of the bodies, hoping it would be enough to drive the students and teachers away.
So, in 1988, he began his plan by demolishing the traditional village houses and replacing them with apartment buildings, and changed the status of the place from " village " to " city " ( however, the bulldozers did not destroy the leader's birth home, which is now one of the local attractions-see on WikiMapia ).
" So in 1945, the flag was officially approved for use by government buildings inside Canada as well, and once again flew over Parliament.
* Hamiduddin Farahi: One of the lessons of this surah is that a lot of people see historical sites, which are a sign of destroyed nations. So when we see the legacies ; the Pyramids, the Mountain homes of Thamud, and the great buildings and nations of power who have died-we realise that Allah destroyed them through time. This is a reminder of ; Inna al insaana la fee Khusrin-surely man is in loss. Allah replies to such people ;
So also in this case there are many different hypothetical reconstructions of the general arrangement of the buildings of this part of the Roman Forum: according to the first one, the Rostra podium was attached to the Temple of Divus Iulius and is actually the podium of the Temple of Divus Iulius with the rostra ( i. e. the prows of warships ) attached in frontal position.
So it seems that in 1865, curtilage was associated with buildings and not necessarily homes.
So many school buildings were damaged, with more than 230 school buildings that were either destroyed, suffered major damage, or were judged unsafe to occupy, that the Field Act was passed by the California State Legislature on April 10, 1933.
So in a " micro-combined heat and power system " ( micro-CHP ), small power plants are instead located where the secondary heat can be used, in individual buildings.
So mast radiators are ( in contrast to FM broadcasting antennas ) normally not installed on the top of buildings or towers.
So strong and hitting Placer for about eight hours destroying largely the old buildings, school houses, rendering great damages to the town of Placer.
So, for example, while Murad III ordered that the attitude of all non-Muslims should be one of " humility and abjection " and should not " live near Mosques or tall buildings " or own slaves, others were more tolerant.

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