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from Brown Corpus
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So and our
So an objective look at our present procedures may move us to consider seriously this possibly analogous situation.
So we must first analyze our present institutions with respect to the effect of each on man's major needs.
So it is no surprise that the science of acoustics spreads across so many facets of our society — music, medicine, architecture, industrial production, warfare and more.
So a quasar at an absolute magnitude of − 25. 5 is 100 times brighter than our galaxy ( because ( 10 < sup > 0. 4 </ sup >)< sup >(− 20. 5 -(− 25. 5 ))</ sup >
So our view cannot extend further backward in time, though the horizon recedes in space.
So the movement mounts up from the atoms and gradually emerges to the level of our senses, so that those bodies are in motion that we see in sunbeams, moved by blows that remain invisible.
So, when we perceive, information about what we perceive is access conscious ; when we introspect, information about our thoughts is access conscious ; when we remember, information about the past is access conscious, and so on.
So, in him, " all of them will rise again with their own bodies which they now bear ," but Christ " will change our lowly body to be like his glorious body ," into a " spiritual body "
Jones, whose work had been nominated eight times over his career for an Oscar ( winning thrice: For Scent-imental Reasons, So Much for So Little, and The Dot and the Line ), received an Honorary Academy Award in 1996 by the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, for " the creation of classic cartoons and cartoon characters whose animated lives have brought joy to our real ones for more than half a century.
As one article put it: " So why do we agree to a system in which we're dependent on a foreign country's whim before we can prosecute a criminal inside our own borders?
So we would have to drum it up on our own.
" So in this view, what human beings — you and I think of as our free will does not really exist.
So what we need to do today is to see how we can preserve our animals.
If anything, the goal behind outing is to show just how many gay people there are among the most visible people in our society so that when someone outs the milkman or the spinster, everyone will say, ' So what?
So the correct value for our original expression, 4 × 2 < sup > 2 </ sup > − ( 2 + 2 < sup > 2 </ sup >), is 10.
So in our previous example we might say that the problem requires steps to solve.
So, after all our journeys of the last 30 or 40 years, the disappearance of the intermediate range ballistic missile revived the old question of the supposed conventional imbalance between the Russian alliance and the North Atlantic Alliance ".
So the difference between the video-feedback loop and our strange loops, our " I " s, is that while the former converts light to the same pattern on a screen, the latter categorizes a pattern and outputs its essence, so that as we get closer and closer to our essence, we get further down our strange loop ( according to Hofstadter's book ' I am a Strange Loop ').

So and spirit
So Mel Chandler set out to sell him on the spirit of Garryowen, just as he himself had been sold a short time before.
So filled was Mel Chandler with the spirit of Garryowen that after Korea was over, he took on the job of writing the complete history of the regiment.
So what I am trying to tell you is the ' why ' -- that is my point -- and that concerns the spirit of the matter.
So it is too with many other spirits which we all know: the spirit of Nazism or Communism, school spirit, the spirit of a street corner gang or a football team, the spirit of Rotary or the Ku Klux Klan.
So, too, was the insistence on the relativity of the external world, and the ideas that language and things perceived by consciousness were poor substitutes indeed for immediate perception by pure, indwelling spirit: the opposition of pure consciousness to ratiocinating consciousness.
In this way he manifests " So the anarchist individualist tends to reproduce himself, to perpetuate his spirit in other individuals who will share his views and who will make it possible for a state of affairs to be established from which authoritarianism has been banished.
So a great deal of philosophical and theological work on the nature of God surrounds the issue of the nature of the divine spirit and what its relationship to the world might be.
So long as this mighty spirit keeps them out of the ground they are safe.
So by succession, Hector was named after the brave Trojan warrior and it has always shown fighting spirit befitting its name.
Robert Mitchum released an album, Calypso ... Is Like So ( 1957 ), on Capitol records, capturing the sound, spirit, and subtleties of the genre.
So his spirit I feel very fond of.
* So long as we have held fast to voluntary principles and have been actuated and inspired by the spirit of service, we have sustained our forward progress, and we have made our labor movement something to be respected and accorded a place in the councils of the Republic.
" So for More ' spirit ' too must be extended.
So training was designed to encourage a spirit of self-discipline, self-reliance and aggressiveness.
In a 2009 interview, Plain Dealer music critic John Soeder asked Don Henley this about the lyrics :" On " Hotel California ," you sing: " So I called up the captain / ' Please bring me my wine ' / He said, ' We haven't had that spirit here since 1969.
So, although through their relationship Something and Other mutually determine each other ’ s inner Qualities, they do not have the same effect on the Infinite Being ― be it God, spirit or ego ( in the Fichtean sense )― to which they are now objects.
So deeply was he imbued with the spirit of the 17th century that his poem, " It is not beauty I desire ," was included by F. T. Palgrave in the first edition of his Golden Treasury as an anonymous lyric of that age.
So he must let the world go on thinking that he, too, is dead, until he can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him.
So he finds an old book, speaks a rhyme and frees the spirit of candle.
For where the mind is, there is the treasure .’ I said to him,So now, Lord, does a person who sees a vision see it < through > the soul < or > through the spirit ?’
So from her, I got a sense of how to capture a person's spirit in a lyrical phrase.

So and us
So I wind up in Berlin, Germany, with my wife, and we were in a cab, and the cab made a short stop, and in front of us was an Opel Commodore.
So the Buddha said that unless we understand this and see how pervasive dissatisfaction or duhkha is, it is impossible for us to start looking for real happiness.
So cheer up me lads with one heart let us sing,
So much so, the censors wouldn ’ t let us put her on the air in it without adding some material.
* " So that, though overcome by three of the greatest things, honour, fear and profit, we have both accepted the dominion delivered us and refuse again to surrender it, we have therein done nothing to be wondered at nor beside the manner of men.
: " So, as Mick and I went from room to room delivering their tiny iPod, they told us their stories.
So familiar to us are both the materials and the manner that we forget how extraordinary they must have seemed at the time ... Ingres ' manner of drawing was as new as the century.
Glaspell writes in The Road to the Temple, " So Gene took Bound East for Cardiff out of his trunk, and Freddie Burt read it to us, Gene staying out in the dining-room while reading went on.
So that when they found that we had thieves among us, and men who sought to make their daughters commit sin, they despised us.
9 So Moses said to Joshua, “ Choose for us men, and go out and fight with Amalek.
So serious was St. Maximilian about this goal that he added to the Miraculous Medal prayer: Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.
So all our albums have been successful for us, because we've achieved what we were aiming for ...".
So please don't compare us to Shi Huang-ti.
::: So I ’ m not going to throw away my short allotment of life on a futile, silly hope, searching for something there simply cannot be, a completely blameless man — not among us mortals who must win our bread from the broad earth.
: So let us rise and fast,
So to act is not to act manfully, but is indicative rather of levity and weakness ; for it is to suppose that our inferiors can never be of any service to us, and that therefore we had bettor get rid of them.
So, he was feeling very confident and he just asked Jordan, " Like, make your decision now whether you're going to pick us up or not ," and Jordan, sort of with his hands tied, with his back up against the wall, called him the next day and said, " Okay, we're cancelling you.
So far what Nasser has done amounts to a threat, a grave threat to us and to others, which certainly cannot be ignored ; but it is only a threat, not in my opinion justifying retaliation by war.
“ Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Jeshanah, and named it Ebenezer ; for he said, ‘ Thus far the Lord has helped us .’ So the Philistines were subdued and did not again enter the territory of Israel ; the hand of the Lord was against the Philistines all the days of Samuel.
::: So difficult has old age been made for us all by God!
So, third nature is able to ‘ speed up, proliferate, divide, mutate, and beam in on us from else where ( Wark, 1997, p. 25 ).
So instead of putting us on Saturday night right before Otis Redding, they wound up putting us on at sunset on Friday when there was nobody in the place.

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