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So and quickly
So popular was this event that it quickly caught on, becoming a fixture at the Olympic games, with major cities staging their own annual events.
T-shirts emblazoned with Earnhardt's face were quickly printed up, brandishing the caption, " It Hurt So Good.
So, out of every 16 nucleons ( 2 neutrons and 14 protons ), 4 of these ( 25 % of the total particles and total mass ) combine quickly, once temperatures are lowered, into one helium-4 nucleus.
So logic paths that complete their calculations quickly are idle much of the time, waiting for the next clock pulse.
So the official recognition of the Carniolan white-blue-red tricolour instead of the traditional white-blue bicolour was seen as a major achievement by the Slovenes and it quickly became the symbol representing the idea of United Slovenia.
So as not to lose future development, Mexico officials quickly lobbied state and federal officials to secure funding for a new four-lane divided highway ( U. S. Route 54 ) which now serves the community from Interstate 70.
So Aëtius convinced Thorismund to quickly return home and secure the throne for himself, before his brothers could.
So the proceeds of the greatest cash robbery in British history were quickly used up, with few of the robbers receiving any real long-term benefit from the stolen money.
Equally amazing, almost her entire recording career was based on her quickly recording cover versions of new hits by other artists ( one, a cover of Joni James ' " I Need You So ," was never released ).
" So Sheen is quickly ushered out.
So, it quickly charged downhill, crossed the river, and attacked the Nervii from the rear, trapping them so that there was little hope of survival.
So soon, however, as he perceived that things were in readiness, he stepped quickly into the wagon, and at this moment he appeared to shrink, but instantly elevating his head with firmness he said, " It will be but a momentary pang ," and taking from his pocket two white handkerchiefs, the provost-marshal, with one, loosely pinioned his arms, and with the other, the victim, after taking off his hat and stock, bandaged his own eyes with perfect firmness, which melted the hearts and moistened the cheeks, not only of his servant, but of the throng of spectators.
So, if vegetarianism spreads very slowly, inducing a slow decline in the demand for beef, and the market for beef clears comparatively quickly, we can determine the price of beef at any instant by the intersection of supply and demand, and the changing demand for beef will account for the price changes over time (→ Temporary Equilibrium Method ).
So quickly did he develop his prescriptions-from the cold treatment of grain, to the plucking of leaves from cotton plants, to the cluster planting of trees, to unusual fertilizer mixes-that academic biologists did not have time to demonstrate that one technique was valueless or harmful before a new one was adopted.
So when the bombardment stopped at 07: 28 / 07: 30 the Ulstermen attacked quickly.
So any documents leaking out of the embassy would quickly find their way to Hitler.
The address books are quickly confiscated as the ladies bid the men " So Long, Dearie " and we approach the more reflective nature of " Autumn.
So they can improve so quickly.
So software maintenance is important because it consumes a large part of the overall lifecycle costs and also the inability to change software quickly and reliably means that business opportunities are lost.
So many fossils together were probably the result of a flash flood, which swept away a large number of Coelophysis and buried them quickly and simultaneously.
So when Glen proposes Anney happily agrees and quickly becomes pregnant.
So the Beeman Company quickly made a plaster-of-Paris, life-sized 3D model which the Weihrauch technicians used as a model for the final design.
So it's often difficult to see again, even if the game had been saved just before this final battle, because the player has to " get back into shape " to be able to push all the controls in the right order quickly enough.
: " So I judge that papa must not have understood the magnitude of the matter of signing me over ; but I was a burden to him and he was worried that I would become an old maid, so got rid of me as quickly as he was able.
So quickly did they leave, that Washington left behind his journal in his abandoned luggage.

So and did
So what Fred and Ralph did was to attempt to prorate the money fairly by taking into account what each of the five had received, if anything, from the estate before Papa's death.
So did his friend, the young novelist Rimanelli.
So hostile did these factions become that, among the Choctaws, civil war broke out.
So did Poet.
So did the firm of lawyers who had got her the divorce, Kimball and Stacy.
So did hostages Casey, Cleveland, and Mullen.
She has referenced this independence from major labels in song more than once, including " The Million You Never Made " ( Not A Pretty Girl ), which discusses the act of turning down a lucrative contract, " The Next Big Thing " ( Not So Soft ), which describes an imagined meeting with a label head-hunter who evaluates the singer based on her looks, and " Napoleon " ( Dilate ), which sympathizes sarcastically with an unnamed friend who did sign with a label.
So I did it ".
So in May 1893 a new regulation to all chiefs of police, stated that the police should not intervene, if the two last fields in the flag were longer than 6 / 4 as long as these did not exceed 7 / 4, and provided that this was the only rule violated.
So, incensed by Tolkien ’ s response, he realized that he could legally publish the trilogy and did.
So although he did not invent the technique of cross-cutting, he did consciously develop it into a powerful method of film construction.
So it resulted that the bull against Wycliffe did not become public till 18 December.
" So as long as wages rose, and they did, hours fell, and they did, security increased, and it appeared to, the AFL could grow fat while neglecting millions of labourers doomed to lives of misery and want.
But nothing of note has been reported: So we did not leave much behind, it seems .’
So the layout stayed put, although in 1823-4 Schinkel did get to rebuild the Potsdam Gate.
" This put the Academy in an awkward position, as they felt the paper to be “ inadequate and trivial ,” but they did not want to “ treat her as a professional colleague, as they would any man, by simply rejecting the work .” So Augustin-Louis Cauchy, who had been appointed to review her work, recommended she publish it, and she followed his advice.
" So they learn from them ( the two Angels ) that by which they might cause a separation between a man and his wife ; and they cannot hurt with it any one except with Allah's permission, and they learned what harmed them and did not profit them, and certainly they know that he who bought it should have no share of good in the hereafter and evil was the price for which they sold their souls, had they but known this.
So did the MS-DOS input routines.
So did many of the mainstream ( non-splinter group ) communist parties in South-East Asia, like the Burmese Communist Party, Communist Party of Thailand, and Communist Party of Indonesia.
So it seems that Newton abandoned pursuits to which he was normally dedicated, and did very little else for well over a year and a half, but concentrated on developing and writing what became his great work.
So much so, in 1848, he did a command performance for Queen Victoria.
So did 2, 544 people in the 2000 U. S census, with 6, 012 people claiming Abenaki heritage.
: So did my Queen from hence her court remove

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