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So and bishops
So he presided at the trial of John Claydon, Skinner and citizen of London, who after five years imprisonment at various times had made public abjuration before the late archbishop, Arundel, but now was found in possession of a book in English called The Lanterne of Light, which contained the heinous heresy that the principal cause of the persecution of Christians was the illegal retention by priests of the goods of this world, and that archbishops and bishops were the special seats of Antichrist.
So far we had encountered in the history of the Gallican Church recriminations of malcontent bishops, or a violent gesture of some prince discomforted in his avaricious designs ; but these were only fits of resentment or ill humor, accidents with no attendant consequences ; this time the provisions made against exercise of the pontifical authority had a lasting effect.
So ... the bishops subjected to the political control of the Patriotic Association tried the path of canonical sanatio to ... affirm their communion with the Pope, kept hidden because of external conditions, but never renounced in their hearts.
So the Ermland's chapter could repel outside influence when electing its bishops.
So, on St. Martin's day ( 11 November ) of 1227 was convened a solemn congress of Piast rulers, bishops and nobles in the small Kuyavian district of Gąsawa, where this and others delicate issue were discussed in order to take further steps.
So, too, Gregory the Great writes to the Sicilian bishops to hold processions to prevent a threatened invasion of Sicily.
So rapid an expansion early attracted the attention of foreign bishops.
So they then also elected Protestants as bishops, whom usually were denied papal confirmation.

So and assembled
So how are these vast proteins complexes assembled?
So went the tale of the " Old Man in the Mountain ", assembled by Marco Polo and accepted by Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall, an 18th century Austrian orientalist writer responsible for much of the spread of this legend.
:" So many then were the helpers who assembled to join the son of Aeson.
So went the tale of the “ Old Man in the Mountain ”, assembled by Marco Polo and accepted by Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall ( 1774 – 1856 ), a prominent orientalist writer responsible for much of the spread of this legend.
So Saladin assembled armed forces and marched violently on Palestine.
So that the liquid glue could be laid onto the land before the next plank was assembled onto it, they were built upside down.
So, a group including bassist Robin Shaw, lead singer Del John, guitarist Spencer James ( now lead singer with The Searchers ), keyboardist Clive Barrett and drummer Eddie Richards was assembled to perform a number of dates as The First Class.
So he assembled the cabezas de barangay and after a short conference, decided to name the new town San Carlos, in honor of the Patron Saint of the barrio, Saint Carlos Borromeo, whose feast day was November 4, and on that same day, the seat of the town was transferred to San Carlos.
So the grandfather assembled a mob to kill Shazia.

So and once
So once again Shann had to argue with him about this.
She has referenced this independence from major labels in song more than once, including " The Million You Never Made " ( Not A Pretty Girl ), which discusses the act of turning down a lucrative contract, " The Next Big Thing " ( Not So Soft ), which describes an imagined meeting with a label head-hunter who evaluates the singer based on her looks, and " Napoleon " ( Dilate ), which sympathizes sarcastically with an unnamed friend who did sign with a label.
) So far, observations show any rotation of the Universe is very slow ( no faster than once every 60 · 10 < sup > 12 </ sup > years ( 10 < sup >− 13 </ sup > rad / yr )), and debate persists over whether there is any rotation.
So bold, indeed, that Coleridge for once was able to dispense with any language out of the past.
So long as everyone was using the same tactics these weaknesses were not immediately apparent, but with the advent of the Roman legion they proved fatal in every major engagement, the most famous being the Battle of Pydna, as the Romans were able to advance through gaps in the line and easily defeat the phalangites once in close.
So while all male Israelites had the sign of the covenant performed on them in a once off ceremony soon after birth, such a signifier was external only and not a true indicator of whether or not they would later exhibit true faith in Yahweh.
So, out of every 16 nucleons ( 2 neutrons and 14 protons ), 4 of these ( 25 % of the total particles and total mass ) combine quickly, once temperatures are lowered, into one helium-4 nucleus.
So oats, barley, and rye may be made for once to grow upon a sandy heath, by mixing with the scanty soil the ashes of the heath-plants that grow upon it.
Also that year, he was featured on the Annie Lennox version of his 1973 song " Something So Right ", which appeared briefly on the UK Top 50 once it was released as a single in November.
So, it was argued, the Mediterranean had once opened a passage for itself by the Columns of Hercules into the Atlantic, and perhaps the abundance of sea-shells in Africa, near the Temple of Jupiter Ammon, might also be the deposit of some former inland sea, which had at length forced a passage and escaped .</ p >
Asked about Palme, former United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger once answered that he usually disliked the people he agreed with and liked the people he disagreed with, adding dryly: " So Palme, I liked-a lot ".
So Perdiccas once again uses diplomacy to ensure the survival of Macedonia.
So we steered clear of B & B in the early going, and once the new show was established, there was really no need to hearken back to the old one.
So after Henry's death she went to great lengths to destroy any evidence left that Diane had once inhabited the chateau.
Producer William Wittman, who has been behind a mixing board for Lauper since her debut album She's So Unusual, was once again in a co-producing and mixing role.
So when the telephone company decided to replace its worn out phone booth in front of Burda's Pharmacy with a new one, he decided to solve both problems at once by putting the police phone in the old booth.
So once Peroz I ascended the throne in the year 457, he led an army into Albania and completely subjugated the nation.
So the main controlling factor on river development is the amount of sediment that the river carries: once a given system crosses a threshold value for sediment load, it will convert from a meandering system to a braided system.
So Maslow acknowledges that many different levels of motivation are likely to be going on in a human all at once.
So that you see we get rid of the whole crew of informers at once.
So Chet, when you ride away to the West to Montana on your new horse, I will have to admit to at least a mild envy, and when you're out there under clear skies and clean air, maybe once in a while you will think of those of us still here, fighting the traffic, the transportation breakdowns, stress, pollution, and wondering what is left that we can eat, drink, smoke or breathe that will not kill us, and wondering what horror will be visited upon us next.
So once Henry was recognised as King he re-summoned the same parliament hence validating its previous recognition of him as king.
" And So I Am a Comedienne ", an article published in Ladies Home Journal in July 1925, gave Dorothy a chance to recall her public persona: “ And so I am a comedienne, though I, too, once wanted to do heroic and tragic things.
" So His-Swift-Impetuous-Male-Augustness, at once taking and changing the young girl into a multitudinous and close-toothed comb which he stuck into his august hair-bunch, said to the Deities Foot-Stroking-Elder and Hand-Stroking-Elder: " Do you distill some eight-fold refined liquor.

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