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So and built
So they decided to also develop their own alternative in the form of an improved floppy disk controller and printer interface that could be built right into a floppy disk enclosure.
So companies simply built chips with known-bad masks, and threw away broken chips.
So David instead commissioned an extension to be built to the abbey, east of the Old Church.
So, along with the advanced software 3D renderer, Unreal was built to take advantage of the 3Dfx Glide API, which emerged as the dominant interface towards the end of the game's development.
So it seems the original form of the name was Ashk-Abad ( which means the city built by Ashk ), and because of Turkish pronunciation of the name it became like it is today.
So much gold was discovered in the county that the Charlotte Mint was built to handle it.
So the additional 2 lanes were built behind the businesses on the left side of the road heading south.
So the ship could not have been built before 1445.
So under a joint use agreement with the military, the Los Angeles Department of Airports, now called Los Angeles World Airports, built a 9, 000 square foot ( 800 m² ) terminal on leased land that opened in 1971, creating present day LA / Palmdale Regional Airport which the City of Palmdale has taken control of in an effort to establish reliable air service in the region.
So much, that another middle school had to be built on the other side of the city.
So the Catholics of Erp built their own barn church on the border with Boekel.
So far Sam's Club is the only retail store built on the property.
So many visitors were attracted to the town that the Rose Inn was built in 1752 on an additional tract to the north.
So soon as the purchaser of said lots shall have built thereon according to their respective deeds of conveyance, they shall then be entitled to, and have and enjoy all the rights, privileges, and immunities, which the freeholder and inhabitants of other towns in this state, not incorporated, hold and enjoy.
So some truss arch bridges ( see Navajo Bridge ) are built from each side as cantilevers until the spans reach each other and are then jacked apart to stress them in compression before final joining.
So Bramante's original plan was very much more Romano-Byzantine in its forms than the basilica that was actually built.
So instead Rosser crossed the Assiniboine river and built the site of the railway on the high sandy south of the River, two miles west of Grand Valley.
So successful was the Castles ' design that construction continued at intervals until 1950, by which time 171 had been built.
So, the structure was probably built during the period of cultural similarities commonly known as the Beaker.
So called ' mission critical ' networks can be built with TETRA where all aspects are fail-safe / multiple-redundant.
So Arkwright built a large number of cottages near the mill and imported workers from outside the area.
So if we built a computer that was more along that system of organization, it would likely be able to do the same kinds of things the brain does.
So a fort was built on top of a Brigantian settlement.
So they had a computer-operated milling machine built to cut the blades, and I was fascinated by that.

So and output
So there is a short non-halting algorithm whose output converges ( after finite time ) onto the first n bits of Omega.
So an amplifier that is said to have a gain of 20 dB might have a voltage gain of ten times and an available power gain of much more than 20 dB ( 100 times power ratio ), yet be delivering a much lower power gain if, for example, the input is a 600 ohm microphone and the output is a 47 kilohm power amplifier's input socket.
So profuse was Galen's output that the surviving texts represent nearly half of all the extant literature from ancient Greece.
So the syntactic category for an intransitive verb is a complex formula representing the fact that the verb acts as a function word requiring an NP as an input and produces a sentence level structure as an output.
So if two sine wave signals are applied to a linear device, the output is simply the sum of the outputs when the two signals are applied separately, with no product terms.
So the output contains sinusoidal terms with frequencies at the sum ω < sub > 1 </ sub > + ω < sub > 2 </ sub > and difference ω < sub > 1 </ sub >-ω < sub > 2 </ sub > of the two original frequencies.
So programs asking for any input or output automatically paused while the operation completed, a task that normally required the operating system to handle as the arbiter of hardware.
1999 saw the release of the 4-disc PiL compilation Plastic Box ; it offered a more comprehensive retrospective of PiL's recorded output than the 1-disc The Greatest Hits, So Far.
So the BOLD contrast reflects mainly the inputs to a neuron and the neuron's integrative processing within its body, and less the output firing of neurons.
So the pulse of voltage induced in the secondary at ' break ' is much larger than the pulse induced at ' close ', it is the ' break ' that generates the coil's high voltage output.
So the output waveform of an induction coil is a series of alternating positive and negative pulses, but with one polarity much larger than the other.
So we generally find the output of the system convolutional encoder, which is the convolution of the input bit, against the states of the convolution encoder, registers.
So must drop below to get the output to switch.
So must exceed above this voltage to get the output to switch.
So the output on any digital device is termed as graphics.
So the carrier density eventually falls back to below lasing threshold which results in the termination of the optical output.
So increased productivity represents greater output per unit of input.
So called " square " pixels used to display 4: 3 graphics and text on VGA CRTs are at 640x480 which excludes the sync pulses and blanking used in the field output.
So we see that the inverse system allows us to determine uniquely the input from the output.
) So, in June 1983 AMD introduced the 22V10, a 24 pin device with 10 output logic macrocells.
So impressed was he about Nkrumah's output that he recommended that he should go for further studies at the Achimota College.
So the presence of DGLA and EPA in tissues lowers the output of AA's eicosanoids.
So we add a 1 to the output stream.

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