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So and immaterial
So the question for the dualist to try to confront is how can all of this be explained if the mind is a separate and immaterial substance from, or if its properties are ontologically independent of, the brain.

So and active
Originally active from 1985 to 1996, the band have had consistent commercial and critical success in Australia and New Zealand and international chart success in two phases, beginning with their self-titled debut album, Crowded House, which reached number twelve on the US Album Chart in 1987 and provided the Top Ten hits, " Don't Dream It's Over " and " Something So Strong ".
So inflated had this association grown, that in the work of orientalist scholars such as Bernard Lewis, the Ismailis were equated to the politically active fida ' is and thus regarded as a radical and heretical sect known as the Assassins.
So inflated had this association grown, that in the work of orientalist scholars such as Bernard Lewis the Ismailis were virtually equated to the politically active fida ' is.
So inflated had this association grown, that in the work of Orientalist scholars such as Bernard Lewis the Ismailis were virtually equated to the politically active fida ’ is.
So, as long as inertial mass and gravitational mass are always equal as required by the equivalence principle, positive active gravitational mass would be universally attractive ( both negative-mass and positive-mass objects would be pulled towards an object with positive active gravitational mass ), while negative active gravitational mass would be universally repulsive ( both negative-mass and positive-mass objects would be pushed away ).
So much attention, in fact, that by the end of that same year, the SkyOS community had tripled in size, and Szeleney had hundreds of active beta testers downloading and testing his twice-monthly releases.
So Emmons was officially ordered and detached from active service to write the Ethnological report on the Native tribes of Southeast Alaska, elaborated from the museum collections.
So it is important to include such active defenses in a missile combat model.
Thereafter, the company was active mainly in television, producing two successful sitcoms for BBC1, May to December ( 1989 – 94 ) and So Haunt Me ( 1992 – 94 ).
So materials must actually enter the cells ( by diffusion or active transport ) in order to pass through the tissue.
So, I decided to remain away from active politics.

So and intellect
So intellect after receiving cognitive structures form the mind and illumination from pure consciousness creates thought structures that appear to be conscious.
He wrote in 1939,So much of every art is an expression of the subconscious that it seems to me most of all the important qualities are put there unconsciously, and little of importance by the conscious intellect .”

So and ",
A third single was released amid controversy before Christmas 1984: a revival of " It Ain't Necessarily So ", the George and Ira Gershwin classic ( from Porgy and Bess ) which questions the authenticity of Biblical tales.
Bill Haley's compositions included " Four Leaf Clover Blues ", " Crazy Man, Crazy ", " What ' Cha Gonna Do ", " Fractured ", " Live It Up ", " Farewell, So Long, Goodbye ", " Real Rock Drive ", " Rocking Chair on the Moon ", " Sundown Boogie ", " Birth Of The Boogie ", " Two Hound Dogs ", " Rock-A-Beatin ' Boogie ", " Hot Dog Buddy Buddy ", " R-O-C-K ", " Rudy's Rock ", " Calling All Comets ", " Tonight's the Night ", " Hook, Line and Sinker ", " Sway with Me ", " Paper Boy ( On Main Street U. S. A .)", " Skinny Minnie ", " B. B.
", " Vive la Rock and Roll ", " So Right Toight ", " Football Rock and Roll ", and " Chick Safari ".

So and separate
So analysing and clarifying the way the world is must be treated as a strictly separate question to normative and evaluative ought questions.
So Spidey decides to slack off again, by claiming he has a " really important battle to fight " ( later claiming that his opponent is Doc Ock on three separate occasions ).
So many Loyalists arrived on the shores of the St. John River that a separate colony — New Brunswick — was created in 1784 ; followed in 1791 by the division of Quebec into the largely French-speaking Lower Canada ( French Canada ) along the St. Lawrence River and Gaspé Peninsula and an anglophone Loyalist Upper Canada, with its capital settled by 1796 in York, in present-day Toronto.
So long as the separate art of music had a real organic life-need in it there was nowhere to be found a Jewish composer .... Only when a body ’ s inner death is manifest, do outside elements win the power of lodgement in it — yet merely to destroy it.
So a new character, the " half-hook a ", was devised to avoid the necessity of producing separate instructional materials for speakers of different accents.
So although Lee sought to be viewed as an integral part in the recovery of Christian truths and practices alongside a long line of Christian preachers, the result was to be separate from the same: " I am afraid that a number of us are still under the negative influence of Christendom.
So at least five centuries separate the time of Leo and Euphemia and this written account of their relationship.
So, in definition, while the five elements are the material cause of all living beings, they cannot be called evolvents because living beings are not separate from the five elements in essence.
So far, excavations have not revealed whether Netley had a separate infirmary complex.
So close was the alliance between both men that Robert's seal shows the arms of de Quincy on a separate shield before his horse
So students in Kawanabe high school also separate garbage in their school days.
So students in Kawanabe high school also separate garbage in their school days.
So Intel began a rushed project to design the 8086 as a low-risk incremental evolution from the 8080, using a separate design team.
So in 1983, after most of the Unparty executive had gone their separate ways, Robert Metz and Marc Emery of London, Ontario offered to take over control and management of the Unparty, with the promise that they would keep the Unparty going forever ( a promise that Robert Metz has continued to keep to this day ).
So even with Unicode available, it is recommended to encode ij as two separate letters.
So the Criollos ' failure to support Gual, España and Miranda, which would have created a state under their control, needs to also be understood by the fact that a national identity separate from the Spanish had not yet emerged among them.
So Aldi and Trader Joe's, while owned by the brothers, have separate and distinct ownership and operations.
William George Aston, in his translation of the Nihongi, says Kumaso refers to two separate tribes, Kuma ( meaning " bear ") and So ( written with the character for " attack " or " layer on ").
The band originally announced two separate releases, an EP titled Fire and Ice, and a full-length album to follow, titled Gone So Long.
So, the telephone company needs to buy and maintain a separate signalling card for every D channel.
So, even a multi-cell upset leads to only a number of separate single-bit upsets in multiple correction words, rather than a multi-bit upset in a single correction word.
So, the particle size of the powdered ingredients need to be maintained at less than 200 µm, for the mixture to not readily separate.
So, a separate company was set up to construct a branch from the Ludgate-Farringdon line that would terminate at a new station located on Holborn Viaduct, which would have a new hotel forming its frontage.

So and from
So all-important are ideas, we are told, that persons successful in business and happy in social life usually fall into two classes: those who invent new ideas of their own, and those who borrow, beg, or steal from others.
So what Fred and Ralph did was to attempt to prorate the money fairly by taking into account what each of the five had received, if anything, from the estate before Papa's death.
So Meltzer learned a new trade from Banks, who supplied the town and the hotels with meat.
So whenever the Romans finally withdrew from the island, the Saxon Shore disappeared in the first decade of the fifth century.
So, all in all, the infield can't be expected to supply the added improvement to propel the Birds from second to first.
So our innate generosity of spirit prompts us to share our trials, errors and solutions with any who are taking the pool plunge for the first time -- in the pious hope that some may profit from our experience.
So Prokofieff was able to cultivate his musical talents and harvest a rich reward from them.
`` So from raw materials to finished erection the costs of materials handling ( most of it inefficient ) add up to one-fourth of the total construction cost of housing ''.
So Mr. Crombie sat on a wooden box and talked in order to keep Mr. Blatz's mind from funny things.
So it is with Great Expectations, whether the hands be Orlick's as he strikes down Mrs. Gargery or Pip's as he steals a pie from her pantry.
So wrote a ten year old student in a letter to his parents from North Country School, Lake Placid, New York.
So: Means edged around on the north side of her, Jones moved in from the south.
So the Christian Youth Crusade against Communisn developed and more than 300 top teenagers and 65 adult advisers from Presbyterian churches of the area sat enthralled at the four-hour program.
So British subjects voluntarily naturalized in a foreign state are deemed aliens from the time of such naturalization, unless, in the case of persons naturalized before the passing of the act, they have declared their desire to remain British subjects within two years from the passing of the act.
She has referenced this independence from major labels in song more than once, including " The Million You Never Made " ( Not A Pretty Girl ), which discusses the act of turning down a lucrative contract, " The Next Big Thing " ( Not So Soft ), which describes an imagined meeting with a label head-hunter who evaluates the singer based on her looks, and " Napoleon " ( Dilate ), which sympathizes sarcastically with an unnamed friend who did sign with a label.
So the movement mounts up from the atoms and gradually emerges to the level of our senses, so that those bodies are in motion that we see in sunbeams, moved by blows that remain invisible.
So it is actually a fundamentally healthy thing from a consumer point of view.
So I came up with the title ‘ Sabbath Bloody Sabbath ,’ and sort of put it in how the band was feeling at the time, getting away from management, mixed with the state Ireland was in.
So far, only a single bird species, which has not been named, has been confidently identified from both above and below the K-Pg boundary ( it is present in the Maastrichtian Hell Creek Formation and Danian Fort Union Formation ).
So all their crafts initially stemmed from necessity but later on they started exporting their goods to the other places as well.
So assume ƒ is differentiable at 0, as a function of two real variables from Ω to C. This is equivalent to the existence of two complex numbers and ( which are the partial derivatives of ƒ ) such that we have the linear approximation
So, due to the above mentioned, especially in the consecutive sequences of events, the Hierarchs of Alexandria were considered holding too much of power from one hand, and on the other hand, due to the conflict of the Schools of Theology, there would be an impasse and a scapegoat, i. e. Pope Dioscorus.

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