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So and issue
So a great deal of philosophical and theological work on the nature of God surrounds the issue of the nature of the divine spirit and what its relationship to the world might be.
So a horse may jump " A " and " B " without issue, but have a refusal at the third fence ( C ), at which time the rider would have to circle and return to jump fence " A " again, giving the horse a second chance to refuse or knock down " A " and " B ".
So far there is no sign of movement on this issue: the route, now the Parkland Walk, is highly valued by walkers and cyclists, and suggestions in the 1990s that it could, in part, become a road were met with fierce opposition.
So this issue became a bone of contention between the two.
A 1980 issue of Current Biography called " Feels So Good " the most recognized tune since " Michelle " by The Beatles.
So whether the issue was never raised, was raised but undecided on, was subjected to a decision taken informally, or was subjected to a decision taken formally, remains obscure on the basis of the 1948 cabinet documentation.
So rather than treat the issue as a rich text problem of glyph alternates, Unicode added the concept of variation selectors, first introduced in version 3. 2 and supplemented in version 4. 0.
* They appear in issue 15 of Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD, Volume 1 ( 1969 ), apparently performing " Superbird " and " Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine " at a concert in Central Park.
So long as the speech at issue is not " obscene " and thus not subject to First Amendment protection, it should be subject to the actual-malice standard when it concerns public figures.
He also stated that the current negotiations were, in effect, deadlocked: " So far, we have not reached an agreement on any issue.
So even if a home user could find a vertically-compliant cartridge for his phonograph, there was still the issue of disc size.
So long as Prince Albert remains without legitimate issue, Princess Caroline remains first in line to succeed him on the throne.
So each new issue of the antoninianus had less silver in it than the last, and each contributed to inflation.
So, in March 2009, Vernon De Maynard discussed the issue with CPWRA and Poynders Garden TRA, and applied to the London Community Foundation for a grant to restore the community garden.
So as not to upset its wide readership in the South, Harper ’ s took a moderate editorial position on the issue of slavery.
So, rather than having the issue hanging over her-and her party-Ms Alexander announced her resignation as leader on 28 June 2008.
Still, the issue has no apparent effect on Hari's love for Dors, and even that she concludes the talk " So you see, Hari.
So these countries issue most of their collector stamps as CTOs.
So, Goldman would argue, evidentialism, on which the justification of a belief always turns completely on the issue of the belief's evidential support, is false.
) So, while doing some checking on Süssmayr in general, it was somewhat of a surprise to read in the latest issue of Grove's this line in the section about him: “ Süssmayr may also have had some share ( along with Johan Anton Andre ’ and Friedrich Johann Eck ) in the work known as Mozart ’ s Violin Concerto in Eb ( K. 268 / Anh C14. 04 ), whose authenticity has long been questioned .”
So, on St. Martin's day ( 11 November ) of 1227 was convened a solemn congress of Piast rulers, bishops and nobles in the small Kuyavian district of Gąsawa, where this and others delicate issue were discussed in order to take further steps.
The Australian National Dictionary Centre ( ANDC ) included the word in its Australian dictionary project in 1991, and said the earliest use they found was in the September 1985 issue of surfing magazine Tracks: " So what if I have a mohawk and wear Dr Martens ( boots for all you uninformed bogans )?
So I'm knowledgeable of the issue and what's going on.
So the issue was resolved by less bloody means.

So and ",
A third single was released amid controversy before Christmas 1984: a revival of " It Ain't Necessarily So ", the George and Ira Gershwin classic ( from Porgy and Bess ) which questions the authenticity of Biblical tales.
Bill Haley's compositions included " Four Leaf Clover Blues ", " Crazy Man, Crazy ", " What ' Cha Gonna Do ", " Fractured ", " Live It Up ", " Farewell, So Long, Goodbye ", " Real Rock Drive ", " Rocking Chair on the Moon ", " Sundown Boogie ", " Birth Of The Boogie ", " Two Hound Dogs ", " Rock-A-Beatin ' Boogie ", " Hot Dog Buddy Buddy ", " R-O-C-K ", " Rudy's Rock ", " Calling All Comets ", " Tonight's the Night ", " Hook, Line and Sinker ", " Sway with Me ", " Paper Boy ( On Main Street U. S. A .)", " Skinny Minnie ", " B. B.
", " Vive la Rock and Roll ", " So Right Toight ", " Football Rock and Roll ", and " Chick Safari ".

So and up
So instead I come up ''.
So Dandy Brandon trustingly entered the house with Delphine Lalaurie and trudged up the rear steps to the attic room which was to be his new home.
So choosing a good tree, he clambered up into it, found a comfortable notch, and curled up in it to sleep, like the tousled bear he was, with his hands across his chest, as though surfeited with honey.
So when the Big House filled up and ran over, the sisters-in-law found beds for everyone in their own homes.
So Linda Kay gave up asking, and accepted her reprieve.
`` So from raw materials to finished erection the costs of materials handling ( most of it inefficient ) add up to one-fourth of the total construction cost of housing ''.
So this proxy situation has set up at least a partial barrier between the medium's ESP and the absent sitter's mind.
So each reading can be given a weight and each reading a score by adding up these weights.
So he wound up with a dozen.
So he picked up a stroke with the provisional ball and won the tournament by the margin of that stroke.
`` So that the man should not have thoughts of grandeur, and become lifted up, as if he had no lord, because of the dominion that had been given to him, and the freedom, fall into sin against God his Creator, overstepping his bounds, and take up an attitude of self-conceited arrogance towards God, a law was given him by God, that he might know that he had for lord the lord of all.
So, for that matter, are the newer dances -- the `` Kalmuk Dance '' with its animal movements, that genial juggling act by Sergei Tsvetkov called `` The Platter '', the rousing and beautiful betrothal celebration called `` Summer '', `` The Three Shepherds '' of Azerbaijan hopping up on their staffs, and, of course, the trenchant `` Rock 'n' Roll ''.
' So we'd come up with these shots that were really, really difficult, and sometimes they would take thirty-seven takes ".
So the movement mounts up from the atoms and gradually emerges to the level of our senses, so that those bodies are in motion that we see in sunbeams, moved by blows that remain invisible.
So it is up to the software to decide in which direction these " weak " characters will be placed.
So I came up with the title ‘ Sabbath Bloody Sabbath ,’ and sort of put it in how the band was feeling at the time, getting away from management, mixed with the state Ireland was in.
So after the firing, Paul Brown packed up all his equipment, which he then used for his new team in Cincinnati.
So I wind up in Berlin, Germany, with my wife, and we were in a cab, and the cab made a short stop, and in front of us was an Opel Commodore.
As he would later relate, " So I called up Bart and said, ' Bart, the film is a disaster.
T-shirts emblazoned with Earnhardt's face were quickly printed up, brandishing the caption, " It Hurt So Good.
So, most constraints ended up just being described as comments.
So we would have to drum it up on our own.

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