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So and next
So successful has been this program, worked out by white and Negro civic leaders, that further extensions are expected in the next few months.
So quite often he deduces the answer to the next question before asking it.
So that by the next morning the market-place was cleared, and the common people had an opportunity of seeing the pastime.
This resulted in the next Brown hit, " I Want You So Bad ", which peaked in the Top 20 on the Billboard R & B chart.
So even if the wheel has landed on red in ten consecutive spins the probability that the next spin will be black is still 48. 6 % ( assuming a fair European wheel with only one green zero: it would be exactly 50 % if there were no green zero and the wheel were fair, and 47. 4 % for a fair American wheel with one green " 0 " and one green " 00 ").
So we move on to the next order of operation, i. e., addition.
So we move on to the next and final order of operation, which is subtraction.
So the next evening she brought Benny in, because they were looking for a replacement for Helen Forrest.
So I thought, ' He'll sing it the next take.
Jesperson called Westerberg the next day, asking " So do you want to do a single or an album ?".
So paramount was the authority of Galen that for the next 1400 years, a succession of anatomists claimed to find these holes until finally Vesalius declared he could not find them.
So we will definitely be looking at doing a new Yes album next year I'm sure with new material with Jon Davison's involvement.
So, at her next seder, she chose an orange as a symbol of inclusion of gays and lesbians and others who are marginalized within the Jewish community.
So it was concluded that it was physicians who had been spreading disease from one laboring mother to the next.
So that it will be visible from afar to everyone in the street that someone lives there who is different from the imprisoned, enslaved, standardised man who lives next door.
He reached the Top 40 with two singles the same year with " You Still Touch Me " ( June ) and " I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying " ( December ) ( which became a country music hit the next year in a version recorded with American country singer Toby Keith ).
So logic paths that complete their calculations quickly are idle much of the time, waiting for the next clock pulse.
So Adela and Aziz, accompanied by a single guide, a local man, climb on up the hill to the next cluster of caves.
So, for the next fifteen years, two locations, several miles apart and on opposite sides of the Elkhorn, were referred to as ' Rock Creek ': one was the area around the Rock Creek stream near Lambrecht's mill and the other the area around the railway water stop and telegraph station.
So the various components can be viewed as forming a hierarchy of memories ( m < sub > 1 </ sub >, m < sub > 2 </ sub >,..., m < sub > n </ sub >) in which each member m < sub > i </ sub > is in a sense subordinate to the next highest member m < sub > i-1 </ sub > of the hierarchy.
So far as politics was concerned, Lilburne for the next two years remained quiet.
So, he was feeling very confident and he just asked Jordan, " Like, make your decision now whether you're going to pick us up or not ," and Jordan, sort of with his hands tied, with his back up against the wall, called him the next day and said, " Okay, we're cancelling you.
After Never So Few, the film's director John Sturges cast McQueen in his next movie, promising to " give him the camera.
So while Styron was researching and composing his next novel, narrated from the perspective of a militant slave, he was living in a time that coincided with the Black Power movement, political struggle, civil unrest, and racial tension.
So in some episodes Ataru is extremely ( but subtly ) attached at Lum, but in the next he tries to get rid of her forever.

So and day
So it was that when Mr. Brown and Mr. Sharpe first saw the French tool on exhibition in Paris in 1868, they brought a sample with them to the United States and started Brown & Sharpe in yet another field where it retains its leadership to this day.
So in closing, fellow retired members, I advise you to make the most of each day, enjoy each one to the n'th degree.
So obvious are these advantages that nearly 95 per cent of the population of New York State now has access to a system, and enthusiastic librarians foresee the day, not too distant, when all the libraries in the state will belong to a co-op.
So by reducing the number of tracks used and thus capacity, it was possible to further reduce cost-in contrast to Double Density drives used e. g. in IBM PC computers of the day which saved 180 kB on one side ( by using a 40 tracks format ).
" So Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the presence of his brothers, and from that day on the Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon David.
So the net acceleration ( actually a deceleration ) of the rotation of the Earth, or the change in the length of the mean solar day ( LOD ), is + 1. 7 ms / day / cy.
So, Isaac unearthed them and began to dig for more wells all the way to Beersheba, where he made a pact with Abimelech, just like in the day of his father.
Again, on average the worker can transfer no more than the value of these means of labor previously possessed to the finished cup of coffee So the value of coffee produced in a day equals the sum of both the value of the means of labor — this constant capital — and the value newly added by the worker in proportion to the duration and intensity of their work.
So rigorous is their domestic training regime that each commando is subjected to a training timetable consisting of 20 hours per day for 3 months, which is divided into different stages.
Macbeth's first line is " So foul and fair a day I have not seen " ( 1. 3. 38 ).
" So Peace is on me the day I was born, the day that I die and the day that I shall be raised up to life ( again )"!
" So What " and " All Blues " had been played by the sextet at performances prior to the recording sessions, but for the other three compositions, Davis and Evans prepared skeletal harmonic frameworks that the other musicians saw for the first time on the day of recording, to allow a fresher approach to their improvisations.
So, that day, German diplomat Hans von Herwarth, whose grandmother was Jewish, informed Guido Relli, an Italian diplomat, and American chargé d ' affaires Charles Bohlen on the secret protocol regarding vital interests in the countries ' allotted " spheres of influence ", without revealing the annexation rights for " territorial and political rearrangement ".
[...] So those 50 set-ups day might only be 25 set-ups except I'm covering in the set-up.
So such a colony might be possible some day.
So I wore that 12 to 16 hours a day, seven days a week, for a month.
So on a day when the barometric pressure is 760 your absolute pressure is actually.
' So I went on the set ... The day after I went back to see my mum and told her that I was going to make films and stop school and ' bye.
So ever the king had a custom that at the feast of Pentecost in especial, afore other feasts in the year, he would not go that day to meat until he had heard or seen of a great marvel.
So after a sidereal day has passed the Earth still needs to rotate a bit more before the sun reaches its highest point.
" So peace is upon me the day I was born, and the day I die, and the day I shall be raised alive!

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