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So and official
So the President would make a hearty breakfast official by inviting Government officials to attend.
So the media controlled by the East German government emphasised the use of the official name, DDR, while West Germans, western media and statesmen may have used other names such as Middle Germany, emphasising the location of East Germany in the centre of pre-1937 Germany.
So " between 1880 and 1890 " with the " perspective of an immanent revolution ," who was " opposed to the official workers ' movement, which was then in the process of formation ( general Social Democratisation ).
So Nederland ( singular ) is used for the modern nation and de Nederlanden ( plural ) for the domains of Charles V. However, in official use the name of the Dutch kingdom is still Kingdom of the Netherlands ( Koninkrijk der Nederlanden ); the plural has not been dropped.
So, more correctly, it is considered a regional official language of Pondicherry while being the official language of Yanam District.
So many pirates used Newport as their base of operations that the London Board of Trade made an official complaint to the English government.
* In the band Garbage's official music video for their hit song " You Look So Fine ," the myth of Selene and Endymion is the main theme of the video.
So I Married an Axe Murderer was first shown at a screening to benefit the local San Francisco film office on July 27, 1993 at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater and had its official world premiere at the Galaxy Theater in Hollywood on July 28 with Myers, Travis, and LaPaglia in attendance.
So far, public authorities in no country provide an official certification that an item must undergo before being described as hypoallergenic.
So the term Germany had an importance as part of the official name, which is reflected in the naming conventions which developed in the Cold War.
So using the abbreviation BRD ( FRG ) perfectly fitted in the official East German policy to silence about Germany.
So far, at least eleven official remakes have been produced:
So official representatives of Germany ( soldiers, government officials and the like ) left the Kreis Wirsitz between January 17 and February 4, 1920 which was then factually taken over by Poland.
Recently, Ginoli announced on Pansy Division's official website that 2009 would see the release of their seventh studio album, titled That ’ s So Gay, a live DVD, another national tour, and his memoirs, a biography of the band entitled Deflowered: My Life in Pansy Division.
So it is debatable whether it was actually devised by Lord Dalhousie in 1848, though he arguably did make it official by putting it to paper-and-ink.
So close had his efforts for security been that not even the local official knew of his presence or identity.
So, for example, targeting former White House security official Admiral John Poindexter with sousveillance follows this more political narrative.
So popular and influential were Landseer's paintings of dogs in the service of humanity that the name Landseer came to be the official name for the variety of Newfoundland dog that, rather than being black or mostly black, features a mix of both black and white ; it was this variety Landseer popularised in his paintings celebrating Newfoundlands as water rescue dogs, most notably Off to the Rescue ( 1827 ), A Distinguished Member of the Humane Society ( 1838 ), and Saved ( 1856 ), which combines the Victorian conception of childhood with the appealing idea of noble animals devoted to humankind — a devotion indicated, in Saved, by the fact the dog has rescued the child without any apparent human involvement.
This ' in joke ' was a good example of Australia's sometimes ' off-beat ' humour, but also a subtle means of supporting So, who had been pushed out of the limelight by Premier Steve Bracks during official celebrations throughout the Games.
So the official designation for the first Little Joe flight was " LJ-1.
So, notwithstanding the " official " prize, market value of the painting remained low.
So no there's no big official story on a wedding, but we are married.
So at the 1891 Erfurt Congress, the party program enshrined Marxism -- and the overthrow of capitalism -- as the " official " thinking of the SPD, but argued for practical tasks appropriate for a time when revolution wasn't on the immediate agenda.

So and recognition
So once Henry was recognised as King he re-summoned the same parliament hence validating its previous recognition of him as king.
So as to provide for men and women who feel a calling to the eremitic or anchoritic life without being or becoming a member of an institute of consecrated life, but desire its recognition by the Roman Catholic Church as a form of consecrated life nonetheless, the Code of Canon Law 1983 legislates in the Section on Consecrated Life ( canon 603 ) as follows:
They released the " So I'm Wrong and You Are Right " b / w " The People Had No Faces " single on Verve Records, but did not gain the band much recognition.
So pain recognition is less common a means of detection than the visible gait and other abnormalities described above.
In 2007, So received an Honorary degree of Doctor of the University from Victoria University, in recognition of his services to local government.
So complete was the absence of any presence of living or struggling life in them that [...] it was imagined that the burning carriages were destitute of passengers. Local farm labourers and quarry workers eventually formed a bucket chain to fetch water from the sea 200 yards away to put out the fire in these carriages ; when they did the victims were found to be burnt beyond recognition " charred pieces of flesh and bone ".
So instrumentation indicating operating units with the plant was grouped together for recognition sake and ease of problem solution.
" So " The recognition that this trajectory must be brought to an end and new ways of living and relating developed if we are to achieve full autonomy and freedom.
So confident were they of their success that their colleague Joseph Keily wrote "… today in America the real battle for the recognition of pictorial photography is over.
So does the recognition that the " constitution and statutes of the State of Hawaii ... acknowledge the distinct land rights of the Native Hawaiian people as beneficiaries of the public lands trust ... reaffirm and protect the unique right of the Native Hawaiian people to practice and perpetuate their cultural and religious customs, beliefs, practices, and language " ( 42 U. S. C.
So, anxiety may be a possibility for sin, but anxiety can also be a recognition or realization of one's true identity and freedoms.

So and instead
So instead I come up ''.
So instead of being tests of the South's loyalty, the Spanish War, the two World Wars, and the Korean War all served to overcome old grievances and cement reunion.
So escalation proceeds, ad infinitum or, more accurately, until the contestants begin dropping them on each other instead of on their respective proving grounds.
So, this is sometimes avoided by using " pointers " to data instead.
So, instead of " the end of the world " we may speak of " the end of the age " or " the end of an era ", and be referring to the end of " life as we know it " and the beginning of a new reality.
So we get () instead of.
So instead, Digital used their existing line of logic modules to build a Programmable Data Processor and aimed it at a market which could not afford the larger computers.
So milligram ( mg ) is used instead of microkilogram ( µkg ), for example.
So, instead, they used vast coercion, in the form of forced collectivisation, enabling them to both control the peasantry and to create an influx of new labour for rapid industrial expansion.
So David instead commissioned an extension to be built to the abbey, east of the Old Church.
So dark blackish brown ( udmah ) is used instead of true black ( sawād ).
So in this type of approach, instead of being derived from the application of a number of phrase structure rules, the sentence Colorless green ideas sleep furiously would be generated by filling the words into the slots of a schema having the following structure:
So instead of Amiga delivering the chipset, Commodore delivered a check of $ 500, 000 to Atari on Amiga's behalf, in effect returning the funds invested into Amiga for completion of the Lorraine chipset.
So, he looked to the upstart WHA instead.
So in the case that the time is short, it is better to talk about the rate of change of the probability instead of the absolute change in the probability.
So when Polymestor was instigated by the Greeks to kill the son of Priam, he killed Deipylus instead, taking him for Polydorus.
So instead of the man going to the woman, as is the custom now, the woman went to live with the man.
These objects have been featured and mentioned in various media, including the television show Unsolved Mysteries and an episode of King of the Hill (" Of Mice and Little Green Men ") and in an episode of Disney Channel Original Series So Weird, however the producers / writers had made the countryside of Marfa as a forest area instead of a desert area which Marfa is actually located in.
It sends the message that I don't know enough !.... So instead of trying to learn, I'm just concentrating on liking myself the way I am '.
So Leopold Stokowski was engaged on a three-year contract instead and served as the NBC Symphony's music director from 1941 until 1944.
So, the California state boxing commission decided to sanction it as a ten round, non title bout instead.
So instead of searching on the unlikeliest places, King decided to bring the almost-original lineup back together ( Hank Shermann, Michael Denner and Timi Hansen with Bjarne T. Holm sitting in on drums ) and they re-recorded the songs specifically for the game ( though " Curse of the Pharaohs " was cut from the final game due to gameplay reasons ).
So instead, the " new " school began its first year in the buildings of Villa Cabrini Academy, a former Catholic girls ' school on the edge of downtown Burbank.
So instead of putting us on Saturday night right before Otis Redding, they wound up putting us on at sunset on Friday when there was nobody in the place.

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