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So and party
So then the regions of the earth were covered over, lost to sight under the spray of her war party.
So, they both return to the after party as the fireworks spell out the words " The End ", ending the series and the movie.
So many of them were received into communion with Rome that in 1662, when the Patriarchate had fallen vacant, the Catholic party was able to elect one of its own, Andrew Akijan, as Patriarch of the Syriac Church.
So great was the SLP's influence that the newly elected Sovereign promised to appoint a member of the party as editor of the Journal of the Knights of Labor.
So is Sir Peter, when he arrives, and rather breaks up the party with his comments.
So long as it does not hold this majority, the party must fight to win it.
So when Dudley made a speech in support of the Dreadnought campaign, he was straying into party politics, leading to a tense relationship with Fisher.
So much so that this former ruling party did not enter parliament due to falling below the 8 % threshold for coalitions.
So far, every Speaker from an opposition party has been a Liberal.
So only the dominant party of an immune complex is detectable in blood sera.
So I hope when we bring forward proposals in the next few weeks that we will have a little less party politics and a little more support for national security.
" So the concept of a " political party at European level " was born.
So the party you were referring to doesn ’ t even exist.
So, the Progressive Party ( Framsóknarflokkurinn, member LI ) is an agrarian liberal centrist party.
The full chorus goes: " Throw the Jew down the well / So my country can be free / You must grab him by his horns / Then we have a big party.
So in March 1986, on his tenth year in prison, he threw a big party for his prisoner and guard friends and, having drugged them with sleeping pills, walked out of the jail.
So at the 1891 Erfurt Congress, the party program enshrined Marxism -- and the overthrow of capitalism -- as the " official " thinking of the SPD, but argued for practical tasks appropriate for a time when revolution wasn't on the immediate agenda.
So the auditory system can concentrate on only one speaker if other speakers are also talking ( the cocktail party effect ).
So named by the Southern Party of the New Zealand Geological Survey Antarctic Expedition ( NZGSAE ) ( 1961 – 62 ) because it was at this landfall that the party arrived after their first crossing of Mill Glacier in November 1961.
So the MTS also served as a party ( and police ) stronghold in the countryside.
So, when an option is traded with one party opening and one party closing, the open interest remains unchanged.
So much so that this former ruling party did not enter parliament, falling below the 8 % threshold for coalitions ( they had failed to form a formal political party, which has only a 5 % threshold, and formally remained a " coalition " of parties ).
So as long as another party held topsoil rights, the party holding subsoil did not have right to actively use the land or evict the topsoil owner.

So and takes
' So we'd come up with these shots that were really, really difficult, and sometimes they would take thirty-seven takes ".
So to classify these groups one takes every central extension of every known finite simple group, and finds all simple groups with a centralizer of involution with this as a component.
So for an observer in front ( left ) of the car, each wave takes slightly less time to reach him than the previous wave.
So in the time it takes for the water to reach the boiling point ( 212 ° F or 100 ° C ) from 160 ° F ( 70 ° C ), all pathogens will be killed, even at high altitude.
He takes the first two letters of his name, S and O to wonder if the syllable ' So ' is knowable while the individual letters are not ( 203b-d ).
So to meditate and remember the Almighty at all times in one's mind takes the person into a state of Samadhi.
So the Devil takes that and distorts it just a little bit.
" ( prog 1316 ) So, with a change of uniform ( he takes Dredd's ) and all Dredd's spare ammo, he returns to his beat under the city.
" Finding So White hard at work doing the laundry, the prince takes her hand and the two swing out into a wild jitterbug.
Wandering through the woods by herself, So White runs into the Sebben Dwarfs, seven diminutive army men in uniform who sing " We're in the Army Now ," with two dwarfs singing " it takes us cats ... to catch them rats " at the end, and So White declares in a 1940s swing-style singing voice, " I'm wacky over khaki now!
: So graciously takes he pity on the infants.
: So graciously he takes pity on the infants.
So although it is an ancient and well established locality, it has only recently been officially defined, by the Natural England National Character Area ( NCA ) process, which takes a somewhat wider definition than many previous attempts to define the area.
* " So, in the NBC debate, Gephardt takes out a. 357 Magnum and blows Bambi's head off.
So it takes all our time to get enough done.
So he cuts off that finger and takes the entire finger with him.
So at this stage Hegel takes his idea of sublation a bit further and introduces " absolute indifference.
So in other words, this film takes place between the late 19th and early 20th century.
The construction requires that each computation step in M ' corresponds to at least 2 computation steps of M. So M ' takes no more than f ( n )/ 2 steps, after an initial linear number of steps to convert the input tape into the compressed representation.
So that takes all my energy.
So she decides to write a note and takes a walk.
So, after two stages, the curve takes the appearance of three sides of a rectangle with the same length as the original line, but only half as wide.
So the use of the full F / B algorithm takes into account all evidence.
So it's absolutely, intentionally in E, not E ." " Today " is one of the Siamese Dream songs on which Corgan took over Iha and D ' arcy's duties on guitar and bass to ensure quality ; Wretzky later stated that Corgan " can do something in three takes where it would maybe take me 20.

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