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So and optimize
So in this case, the compiler cannot optimize division by two by replacing it by a bit shift, when the dividend could possibly be negative.

So and performance
" So powerful was the performance, that the band said they were not sure the song should have been used in the film, and after watching the film, they considered not playing it on future tours.
So, for example, if extended low-frequency performance and small box size are important, one must accept low efficiency.
So much so, in 1848, he did a command performance for Queen Victoria.
So long as the Load Balancer itself is not overloaded this feature will not noticeably degrade the performance perceived by the end users.
So servers that retry higher numbered MX records gain a performance advantage.
Mary-Kate was nominated for Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series at the 2002 Daytime Emmy Awards for her performance in So Little Time.
Both shows were cancelled after one season, although Mary-Kate received a Daytime Emmy Awards nomination for her performance on So Little Time.
So impressed was the King by the band's performance that he made a successful personal request for EWF to perform in Morocco for his 37th birthday celebration, on August 21, 2000.
So, while the measure itself is independent of disease prevalence, the performance of this random classifier depends on disease prevalence.
In the documentary Look, Up in the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman, Jack Larson described how when he first met Reeves he told him that he enjoyed his performance in So Proudly We Hail!
So ingrained was the belief that parallel computing was the future of all performance gains that the Fifth-Generation project generated a great deal of apprehension in the computer field.
Goddard was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in So Proudly We Hail!
So it is possible, for example, to develop an application on a single server then compare multi-processor version of the same application with the aim of optimising the performance.
" They eventually arrived at Velvet Revolver, announcing it at a press conference and performance showcase at the El Rey Theatre while also performing the songs " Set Me Free " and " Slither " as well as covers of Nirvana's " Negative Creep ", Sex Pistols ' " Pretty Vacant ", and Guns N ' Roses ' " It's So Easy ".
So popular was his performance that Bode re-engaged him for a further two shows, the musical farce In Gay Piccadilly!
# The performance of " It's Oh So Quiet " is previously unreleased.
It also contains the audio from the band's performance of " Suicide A Go Go " on their Granada TV appearance of 23 March 1978 ( on Tony Wilson's, So It Goes ).
During the show, guitarist Tim Brennan proposed to his girlfriend Diana onstage which was followed by a performance of the Springsteen song, " So Young And In Love.
So it felt as though my riding was a lot like doing a performance .”
So all these performance units, in a theoretical sense, report to me, which means they don't report to anybody, because nobody can have 80 or 100 people reporting to them.
So equipped, this compact Chrysler cop car tripped the quarter-mile lights in 16. 4 seconds with trap speeds of and could catch nearly all the so-called " performance cars " of the day.
So dangerous was considered the popularity of the play, with its glorification of the prison-breaking felon, that the Lord Chamberlain ultimately forbade the performance of any piece upon the subject.
So, there are still important differences in performance of pulse oximeters during challenging conditions.
So availability is a performance factor of the algorithm and characterizes each one of the different kinds of RAIM algorithms and methodologies.

So and for
So we are faced with a vast network of amorphous entities perpetuating themselves in whatever manner they can, without regard to the needs of society, controlling society and forcing upon it a regime representing only the corporation's needs for survival.
Again omitting recent developments, E.T. Leeds' dictum of 1913 has stood unchallenged: `` So far as archaeology is concerned, there is not the least warrant for the second ( shore occupied by ) of these theories ''.
So far as I am concerned, the child is unmistakably father to the man, despite the obvious fact that child and father differ greatly -- sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.
So much for all that.
So be it -- then we must embark on a crash program for 200-megaton bombs of the common or hydrogen variety, and neutron bombs, which do not exist but are said to be the coming thing.
`` So, we have to protect the old man for his own good.
`` So that's sculpture '', commented Argiento wryly, when he had sluiced down the floor for a week, `` making mud pies ''.
So when the Big House filled up and ran over, the sisters-in-law found beds for everyone in their own homes.
So, I say, Mr. Speaker, God bless you and keep you for many years not only for this body but for the United States of America and the free world.
So many times I have wondered why veterinarians do not wipe the table clean before each new canine patient is placed on it for examination.
So much for the prototype.
So our innate generosity of spirit prompts us to share our trials, errors and solutions with any who are taking the pool plunge for the first time -- in the pious hope that some may profit from our experience.
So much for the tiresome facts, as familiar to you, I'm sure, as to the constables and state troopers who followed in your wake.
So far as I can see, there is only one way out for the positivist.
So strenuous it was physically, with its days of horseback riding over rough roads that it seems an amazing feat of endurance for both Miss Packard and Miss Upton.
`` So you're looking for a woman who married a man who might have lived here a year ago and might have been poisoned.
So it wouldn't be for days or even a week before you could do anything.
So in the name of justice the magistrate cleared the court of all except officials to allow the captain to elaborate for almost an hour.
So they go looking for mergers with other firms that have publicly quoted stock, and almost daily they pound on the doors of firms like Frito.
So junior's bedroom was usually tricked out with heavy, nondescript pieces that supposedly could take the `` hard knocks '', while the fine secretary was relegated to the parlor where it was for show only.
The biblical symbol for this affirmation is expressed in the words: `` So God created man in his own image ; ;
`` So that the man should not have thoughts of grandeur, and become lifted up, as if he had no lord, because of the dominion that had been given to him, and the freedom, fall into sin against God his Creator, overstepping his bounds, and take up an attitude of self-conceited arrogance towards God, a law was given him by God, that he might know that he had for lord the lord of all.

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