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So and we
So we ran away ''.
So we see that a specialist is a man who knows more and more about less and less as he develops, as contrasted to the generalist, who knows less and less about more and more.
So we must first analyze our present institutions with respect to the effect of each on man's major needs.
So we are faced with a vast network of amorphous entities perpetuating themselves in whatever manner they can, without regard to the needs of society, controlling society and forcing upon it a regime representing only the corporation's needs for survival.
So all-important are ideas, we are told, that persons successful in business and happy in social life usually fall into two classes: those who invent new ideas of their own, and those who borrow, beg, or steal from others.
So it is that we relive his opening statement in the first television address with the dramatic immediacy of the present.
So when textbooks, like that of Baker set out drawings of the ' Ptolemaic System ', complete with earth in the center and the seven heavenly bodies epicyclically arranged on their several deferents, we have nothing but a misleading 20th-century idea of what never existed historically.
So there we were talking around and about it.
So we note approvingly a fresh sample of unanimity.
So be it -- then we must embark on a crash program for 200-megaton bombs of the common or hydrogen variety, and neutron bombs, which do not exist but are said to be the coming thing.
So, while we properly inveigh against the new poisoning, history is not likely to justify the pose of righteousness which some in the West were so quick to assume when Mr. Khrushchev made his cynical and irresponsible threat.
So we hurried over.
`` So, we have to protect the old man for his own good.
So we have three children and responsibilities.
So rules we made, in unabashed collusion.
So we asked such men in major companies in the design field to offer their opinions on the `` dual-road-up '' problem -- and more importantly -- their solutions.
But the greater part of semester time was actually centered around the attitudes: `` So we are married -- now how do we make the best of it ''??
So we may conceive the coexistence of the infinite number of universal, apparently momentary states of matter, successive one after another in consciousness, but permanent each on its own basic phase of the progressive frequencies.
So it is too with many other spirits which we all know: the spirit of Nazism or Communism, school spirit, the spirit of a street corner gang or a football team, the spirit of Rotary or the Ku Klux Klan.
So we are the more prepared to give Parker the credit for having taken the right side in an unnecessary controversy, to salute his courage, and to pass on, happily forgetting both him and the entire episode.
So we had some dazzling and memorable Milstein, but not great Brahms.
So I made no mention of air transport until we could get at least some of it ''.
So we fell apart ".
So the movement mounts up from the atoms and gradually emerges to the level of our senses, so that those bodies are in motion that we see in sunbeams, moved by blows that remain invisible.

So and worked
So successful has been this program, worked out by white and Negro civic leaders, that further extensions are expected in the next few months.
So, I put my Bible to the practical test of noting what it says about itself, and then tested it to see how it worked.
So far, we have worked with discrete observables.
P. Schuyler Miller gave the book a favorable review as " a first-rate historical novel of the near future ," saying " So subtly has the scientific detail been interwoven with plot and action that the reader never realizes how painstakingly it has been worked out.
Eleanor Bron's earliest work for television included appearances on David Frost's Not So Much a Programme, More a Way of Life, My Father Knew Lloyd George and BBC-3, where she performed in sketches with John Fortune ; they had already worked together at Peter Cook's Establishment Club.
" So, the boppers worked out a music that was hard to steal.
So mourning the restaurant's passing is left to other people, like the Cimboras-who think the Vonbergs have done a great job with the restaurant and hate to see them give it up-and Garnett, who has worked there 17 years and four months.
So finally the bomb exploded and we never worked together again.
Prior to formally leaving the band, Taylor worked with Duran Duran bandmates Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes on the album So Red The Rose for their side project Arcadia in 1985.
So, most of the songs that were written when we usually worked with Liza were written by them.
Hyman and Bazilian worked with Cyndi Lauper on the She's So Unusual album leading to Columbia Records offering the band a contract.
He worked as a writer for CBS Radio and wrote four novels: So It Doesn't Whistle ( 1946 ) ( 1941, according to Avon Publishing Co., Inc., reprint edition ... Plus Blood in Their Veins copyright 1952 ); The Journey, ( 1943 ); Because of My Love ( 1946 ); The Time and the Place ( 1951 ).
So to make gifts to Freyr, Eitri threw a pig's skin into a furnace as Brokkr worked on the bellows, and together they manufactured the boar Gullinbursti which had bristles in its mane that glowed in the dark.
So I worked as an actor until I could afford to retire.
So whenever the Orioles were on the primary ABC game, Weaver worked the backup game.
We worked out a deal with their management that we just wanted to play and we weren't going to drink, so they got a marker and put a big ' X ' on our hand, So we came back to Washington D. C. and went to this nightclub, the 9: 30, and said ' Hey look, we're not going to drink and we will put this ' X ' on our hand.
So, later when I had married her sister ( Eva ), we worked with her other sister and Bob Summers ( her brother ) on guitar ( sounds like Les Paul too ) and Mary's other sister Carol.
So that a record of the Eyak language would survive, she worked with linguist Michael E. Krauss, who compiled a dictionary and grammar of it.
So after we made the decision to go ahead with that game plan, this offer ( Dimitri ) came on the table and when we worked out all the figures moneywise it was a great opportunity.
So, I just kind of played the way I played and then eventually we kind of figured out what worked best for the band.
Bush administration, said, " Doug Coe or someone who worked with him would call and say, ' So and so would like to have a word with the president.
So when it began to get heated up some, why I knew that group and we worked together rather effectively .”
Other artists she has worked with include Handsome Boy Modeling School on the album So ... How's Your Girl ?, DJ Towa Tei, Stephin Merritt's The 6ths, The Baldwin Brothers, Beastie Boys, Blackalicious, Peter Daily, Greg Kurstin ( Action Figure Party ), Forró in the Dark, John Zorn, and The Incredible Moses Leroy.
Rumored suitors include Core Media Group, whose 19 Entertainment produces So You Think You Can Dance with dc, and Ryan Seacrest Productions, whose namesake founder worked with and was mentored by Dick Clark.
So while yeoman farmers owned enough land to support a comfortable lifestyle, they nevertheless farmed it themselves and were excluded from the " landed gentry " because they worked for a living, and were thus " in trade " as it was termed.

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