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So and while
So I can hear you while I'm checkin' the car.
So, while we properly inveigh against the new poisoning, history is not likely to justify the pose of righteousness which some in the West were so quick to assume when Mr. Khrushchev made his cynical and irresponsible threat.
So right away Claude introduced Henri to his famous `` moon '' bench and proceeded to teach him his first Push-Pull Super-Set consisting of the wide-grip Straight-Arm Pullover ( the `` pull '' part of the Push-Pull Super-Set ) which dramatically widens the ribcage and strongly affects the muscles of the upper back and chest and the collar-to-collar Bench Press which specifically works on the chest to build those wide, Reeves-type `` gladiator '' pecs, while stimulating the upper lats and frontal deltoids.
So somebody else could have come in, too -- then or later while she was out of the room.
So junior's bedroom was usually tricked out with heavy, nondescript pieces that supposedly could take the `` hard knocks '', while the fine secretary was relegated to the parlor where it was for show only.
So Armenia has to maintain good relations at least with Iran and Georgia though international pressure against trade with Iran and while separatist tends of Armenian minority in Javakheti.
So, a taiga or boreal forest is at the mercy of whatever abiotic stress factors may come along, while tropical zones are much less susceptible to such stressors.
So, for example, while R < sup > n </ sup > is a Banach space with respect to any norm defined on it, it is only a Hilbert space with respect to the Euclidean norm.
So while there are many factors affecting the outcome of a trial, the cross-examination of a witness will often have an impact on an open minded unbiased jury searching for the certainty of facts upon which to base their decision.
So a map made in English may use the name Germany for that country, while a German map would use Deutschland and a French map Allemagne.
So his only choice was to put down work for a while and try to come to an agreement with Egmont.
So strong was Galenism that other authors such as Hippocrates began to be seen through a Galenic lens, while his opponents became marginalised and other medical sects such as Asclepiadism slowly disappeared.
So the media controlled by the East German government emphasised the use of the official name, DDR, while West Germans, western media and statesmen may have used other names such as Middle Germany, emphasising the location of East Germany in the centre of pre-1937 Germany.
So the interrupt latency for a blocked interrupt is extended to the end of the critical section, plus any interrupts with equal and higher priority that arrived while the block was in place.
So while the Ace had only one text video mode, redefinition of the character shapes could provide graphics in a low resolution of 64x48, and a higher resolution mode of 256x192 graphics, limited by the 128 available ( definable ) 8x8 chars.
" So as long as wages rose, and they did, hours fell, and they did, security increased, and it appeared to, the AFL could grow fat while neglecting millions of labourers doomed to lives of misery and want.
So, while many forms of animal communication exist, they differ from human languages, in that they have a limited range of non-syntactically structured vocabulary tokens that lack cross cultural variation between groups.
Although not required, presidents have traditionally palmed a Bible while swearing the oath and have added, " So help me God!
So while all male Israelites had the sign of the covenant performed on them in a once off ceremony soon after birth, such a signifier was external only and not a true indicator of whether or not they would later exhibit true faith in Yahweh.
So while I have a special attachment to one mediator, I have respect for them all.
So, while natural signs serve as the source of signification, the human mind is the agency through which signs signify naturally occurring things, such as objects, states, qualities, quantities, events, processes, or relationships.
" So, while " each and every law must be rooted in either the Qur ' an or the Sunnah ," without contradiction, tribal life brought about a sense of participation.
So while in a conventional game the announcement that one's character is going to leap over a seven-meters-wide canyon will be greeted with the request to roll a number of dice, a player in a storytelling game who wishes to have a character perform a similar feat will have to convince the others ( especially the storyteller ) why it is both probable and keeping within the established traits of their character to successfully do so.
So, for example, pre-Old English * mūsi " mice " shifted to * mȳsi, which eventually developed to modern mice, while the singular form * mūs lacked a following / i / and was unaffected, eventually becoming modern mouse.
So, while the Constitution says that the President and Vice President are chosen separately, in practice they are chosen together.

So and large
So large numbers of Dutch traders / pirates joined their English and French brethren on the Spanish main.
So large numbers of Dutch traders / pirates joined their English and French brethren trading on the remote coasts of Hispaniola.
So I don't have a huge amount of sympathy for the complaints of large companies.
So even for local applications, a large number of satellites are needed if the mission requires uninterrupted connectivity.
So Lustig not only received the funds for the Eiffel Tower, he also collected a large bribe.
So a large number of small American chestnut trees still exist as shoots growing from existing root bases.
So, between the large spring runoff and a heavy summer rain storm, whichever resulted in more runoff would be considered the extreme event, while the smaller event would be ignored in the analysis ( even though both may have been capable of causing terrible flooding in their own right ).
So unlike a probability theory, a quantum theory has a large number of different bases in which it can be equally well described.
So in large magnets there is a minimum amount of heat loss that can't be reduced.
So much so that one of them, The Homer Fitts Co. put a large traverse sled on exhibition and also as a prize for any scout troup obtaining the greatest number of votes.
So while subsidies allow small farms to exist, large farms tend to get the larger share of the subsidies.
Erlandson also noted that Billy Corgan, who co-wrote a large portion of the album, played bass on " Hit So Hard ".
So successful were these innovations that Santos-Dumont's father gathered a large fortune and became known as the " Coffee King of Brazil.
" Neither for its quality, nor by their strength to compete with seasoned and numerous troops of the enemy ", So much for the troops, so that makes heads between Castanos and Palafox were large disagreements: failed to agree operations.
During the oil supply crisis of the 1970s, like many other manufacturers of action figures, Takara was struggling with the costs associated with making the large 11 ½ inch figures, So, a smaller version of the cyborg toy was developed, standing at 3-3 / 4 inches high, and was first sold in 1974 as Microman.
So large was the project that the BBC couldn't finance it alone and required an American partner who would guarantee access to the United States market, deemed essential for the series to recoup its costs.
However, he is best-known today for his numerous large genre scenes based on proverbs in the manner of his contemporary Jan Brueghel the Elder, depicting The King Drinks and As the Old Sing, So Pipe the Young.
So as consistent with the meaning of the chi-squared distribution, we are measuring how probable the observed number of standard deviations away from the mean is under the Gaussian approximation ( which is a good approximation for large n ).
So unlike the previous case of x and 2x we don't get a proof of Legendre's conjecture even for all large n. Error estimates on the PNT are not ( indeed, cannot be ) sufficient to prove the existence of even one prime in this interval.
So we should correct the basic cycle ( of 1 full moon cycle ~ 14 lunations ) after 18 full moon cycles ; with the proper epoch ( starting date ), this can be done by skipping the first entry of the first full moon cycle ( of the next large cycle of 18 full moon cycle ), i. e. use the entry with value-8 instead of 0 from the first basic 14-month table above.
So large that they eclipse a planet's sun when in orbit, they are supposedly impregnable, though Zaphod Beeblebrox somehow managed it as a child.
The " Dopey " dwarf then saunters over to So White, and, to the tune of " You're in the Army Now ," lays a kiss on the girl so dynamic that not only does So White wake up, but her eyes become large as saucers and her pigtails fly straight up into the air ( depicted in Rod Scribner's typically extreme animation style ) as she jumps into the air.
So Arkwright built a large number of cottages near the mill and imported workers from outside the area.

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