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Socialist and theories
Russ was a self-described socialist feminist, expressing particular admiration for the work and theories of Clara Fraser and her Freedom Socialist Party.
Marxist theories receive little attention in the United States where no significant Socialist party has flourished.
Some of the political theories adopted by the ISO had been developed in the British Socialist Workers Party ( SWP ), including that of state capitalism.
Besides Cliff's theory of state capitalism, and an adaptation of the idea of permanent arms economy, central to the ideology of the International Socialist tradition has been Cliff's theories on " Deflected Permanent Revolution ," and the social roots of reformism.
Their interpretation was mainly based on the 1958 theories of the Central Committee of the SED ( Socialist Unity Party of Germany ) according to which the German Revolution was defined as a " bourgeois-democratic revolution ", lead in certain aspects with proletarian means and methods.
One of the early supporters of Hörbiger's theories was Houston Stewart Chamberlain, the leading theorist behind the early development of the National Socialist Party in Germany in 1923.
She is best known for her contribution to the development – jointly with Ernesto Laclau, with whom she co-authored Hegemony and Socialist Strategy-of the so-called Essex School of discourse analysis, a type of post-marxist political inquiry drawing on Gramsci, post-structuralism and theories of identity, and redefining Left politics in terms of radical democracy.

Socialist and favored
Like the Japan Socialist Party, it favored the gradual modification and dissolution of the Japan-United States Mutual Security Assistance Pact.
Like the Japan Socialist Party, it favored the gradual modification and dissolution of the Japan-United States Mutual Security Assistance Pact.
Hagerty favored direct action, as opposed to political action of the Socialist Party and its left wing rival, the Socialist Labor Party, referring to them as " slowcialists.
Socialist voters were divided ; in a February 1968 survey a majority had favored allying with the Communists, but 44 % believed that Communists would attempt to seize power once in government.
This event led a number of Greek communists who were ideologically leaning with the so-called opportunist faction to break with KKE that was loyal to the Socialist Republic's policy and to follow the nascent Eurocommunist line, which favored a more pluralistic approach to socialism.
In the past, the Japan Socialist Party had favored the Kim Il-sung regime in Pyongyang, and in the early 1990s it still refused to recognize the 1965 normalization of relations between Tokyo and Seoul.
* National Socialist Dutch Workers Party ( favored German annexation of the Netherlands )

Socialist and market
Socialist economists dismiss the term as an apologetic for failures of neoliberal policy and, more fundamentally, their perception of the weaknesses of market allocation.
However in recent decades an alternative Marxist-Leninist economy that exists is the Socialist market economy that has been used by the People's Republic of China, Socialist Republic of Vietnam and historically by the People's Republic of Hungary and the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
The current economic system in China is formally referred to as a Socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics.
In the journal Critique ( Journal of Socialist Theory ), Hillel H. Ticktin argues that the new Soviet rulers found themselves unable to use the market to control and exploit the peasantry and workers.
H. D. Dickinson published two articles proposing a form of market socialism: " Price Formation in a Socialist Community " ( The Economic Journal 1933 ) and " The Problems of a Socialist Economy " ( The Economic Journal 1934 ).
O ' Donnell ( 2003 ) set up a model that could be used as a blueprint for transition economies, and the results suggested that although market socialist models were inherently unstable in the long term, in the short term they would provide the economic infrastructure necessary for a successful transition from Socialist to market economy.
Although the name is similar, it markedly differs from the socialist market economy and Socialist-oriented market economy, which is practiced within the People's Republic of China and Socialist Republic of Vietnam, respectively.
During the later stages there was talk within top circles that the government should create the Socialist Market Economy ; however, they never reached an agreement of how much socialism and market was to be featured.
The Socialist Republic of Vietnam pursued market-oriented reforms in 1986, resulting in what is officially called a " Socialist-oriented market economy ", a system that utilizes market forces to distribute consumer goods produced by state-run, collectively owned and privately owned enterprises.
* Socialist market economy
* Socialist market economy
* Socialist market economy, an economic system of the People's Republic of China
# REDIRECT Socialist market economy
He chose the former, starting the Socialist Party's acceptance of the private market economy.
From the 1970s to the 1990s, Michel Rocard's group inside the Socialist Party, known as " les rocardiens ", advocated a re-alignment of French socialism through a clearer acceptance of the market economy, more decentralisation and less state control.
Socialist Party councillor Dave Nellist calls climate change " the outcome of a gigantic market failure " citing a United Nations report.
In an issue of The Socialist headlined " Climate change: ' gigantic market failure '", the Socialist Party calls for " green job creation ", proposing that unemployed construction workers be employed to build " new and affordable housing, insulating existing properties and installing solar panels ".

Socialist and date
Albanians celebrate their independence day on 28 November ( which is the date on which they declared their independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1912 ), while in the former People's Socialist Republic of Albania the National Liberation festivity date was 29 November.
The year 1890 has long been regarded as a watershed by the Socialist Labor Party, as it marked the date when the organization came under the influence of Daniel DeLeon.
Inspired in part by the American socialists, German Socialist Luise Zietz proposed the establishment of an annual ' International Woman's Day ' ( singular ) and was seconded by communist Clara Zetkin, although no date was specified at that conference.
In 1960, the capital of Tatarstan was appointed host of the first RSFSR ( Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic ) national koresh championship, an event that has been repeated every year since that date.
On November 29, 2005-the date specifically chosen as Republic Day, former public holiday in socialist Yugoslavia-a group of Socialist Labour Party of Croatia dissidents in Vukovar tried to found new political party called Communist Party of Croatia, but in the end they failed to register and organize.
World Socialist was a bi-annual journal that was produced by the international from 1983 to 1987 and the international's only publication to date ( World Socialism 69 was a multilingual publication by the Socialist Party of Great Britain ).
Incumbent Prime Minister Felipe González of the Spanish Socialist Workers ' Party lost the elections to the People's Party and their leader José María Aznar, thus ending almost 13 and a half years of Socialist rule: to date, the largest period of time a Spanish party has been in power.
It is also the date on which, in 1944, a People's Republic of Macedonia was proclaimed at ASNOM as a constituent republic of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
The origins of the current party date from the end of 1989, when the League of Communists of Slovenia decided to renounce the absolute monopoly over political, social and economic life in the Socialist Republic of Slovenia, and agreed to introduce a system of political pluralism.
The Electoral Commission refused to register the party under the name ' November 9th Society National Socialist Party ' on the basis that the juxtaposition of the date with the words ' national socialist ' rendered the name offensive.
Beginning with an issue dated April 21, 1917, The Internationalist was moved to New York City and published by the Socialist Propaganda League as The New International. Louis Fraina became the publication's editor at that date.
In December 1932, he was invited by Donald Flamm, owner of New York's WMCA, to debate a Socialist on radio, and when the Socialist was unable to make the date, Heatter had the program almost to himself.

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