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Sodano and turned
When in 2002 Sodano turned 75, John Paul specifically invited him to stay on as Secretary of State, though this is the customary retirement age for heads of major Vatican departments.

Sodano and on
The first Holy Mass in the new cathedral was celebrated by Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Vatican's Secretary of State, and Archbishop Mirdita on January 27, 2002.
After studying philosophy and theology at the seminary of Asti, Sodano was ordained a priest by Bishop Umberto Rossi on 23 September 1950, and then did pastoral work and taught dogmatic theology at the Asti seminary.
What the Pope did in fact in the following year was to appoint Sodano the Holy See's Secretary of the Council for the Public Affairs of the Church, a post corresponding to that of a foreign minister, and on 1 December 1990 named him to the highest post in the Roman Curia, that of Secretary of State, creating him Cardinal-Priest of the titular church of S. Maria Nuova on 28 June 1991.
On 10 January 1994, Pope John Paul II named Sodano Cardinal Bishop of the suburbicarian see of Albano, and on 30 November 2002, exactly twenty-five years after he was first appointed a bishop, he was elected vice-dean of the College of Cardinals in succession to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who became Dean.
When Pope John Paul II died on 2 April 2005, Sodano, who participated in the 2005 papal conclave, was not generally seen as one of the papabili, the cardinals likely to become the next pope.
The coat of arms on the left is that of Cardinal Sodano, Cardinal Protector of the PEA.
The Cathedral of St Louis is in Plovdiv and there is a new co-cathedral in Sofia — the Cathedral of St. Joseph, consecrated on May 21, 2006 by Cardinal Angelo Sodano.
It was announced by Cardinal Sodano on 13 May 2000, 83 years after the first apparition of the Lady to the children in the Cova da Iria, that the Third Secret would finally be released.
In his announcement, Cardinal Sodano implied that the secret was about the persecution of Christians in the 20th century that culminated in the failed assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II on 13 May 1981.
A funeral Mass in the Roman Rite took place on 10 April 2012, at Saint Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, with the Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals, former Cardinal Secretary of State Angelo Sodano, as principal celebrant.

Sodano and 23
Angelo Sodano ( born 23 November 1927 ) is an Italian Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.

Sodano and November
On 30 November 1977, Sodano, who speaks English and German, as well as Spanish, French and Italian, was appointed a titular archbishop of Nova Caesaris and the apostolic nuncio to Chile, one of the countries where he had served as nunciature secretary.

Sodano and is
In particular, it is alleged that Cardinals Bertone, Ratzinger and Sodano engaged in a systematic deception to cover-up the existence of a one-page document containing the so-called words of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which some believe contains information about the Apocalypse and a great apostasy.
Angelo Sodano, as Cardinal Bishop of Albano, is titular bishop of the see, while Bishop Marcello Semeraro is its actual diocesan bishop.
Along with Joseph Ratzinger, Angelo Sodano, and the Pope's private secretary, Archbishop Stanisław Dziwisz, Herranz Casado is believed to have been largely responsible for leading the Curia at times when the Pope was incapacitated by illness.
Cardinal Angelo Sodano is the current dean.

Sodano and Dean
Angelo Sodano | Cardinal Sodano, current Dean of the College
* Angelo Sodano, Cardinal Bishop of Ostia and Albano, Dean of the College of Cardinals, former Cardinal Secretary of State
Angelo Sodano, the current Dean of the College of Cardinals.
( For example, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was the Dean when he himself was elected Pope in 2005 ; thus the questions about acceptance and name came from the Sub-Dean, Cardinal Angelo Sodano.
Angelo Sodano, however, has the highest precedence as a Cardinal Bishop as Dean of the College of Cardinals.
Sodano was the first person since 1828 to serve simultaneously as Dean and Secretary of State.
On Ratzinger's election as Pope in the 2005 conclave, it fell to Sodano to perform the functions allotted to the Dean at the end of the conclave ( asking the pope-elect if he accepted the election, and then asking what name the new pope wanted to use ) and at Benedict XVI's Papal Inauguration.

Sodano and .
The launching took place at the Permanent Observation Mission of the Vatican to the United Nations, with the presence of the Vatican's then State Secretary, Cardinal Angelo Sodano.
However some members of RpS, including Giusto Catania, Milziade Caprili and Tommaso Sodano, decided not to leave the PRC and re-organized themselves into To the Left with Refoundation.
The second of six children, Angelo Sodano was born in Isola d ' Asti, Piedmont, to Giovanni and Delfina Sodano.
On the other hand, Sodano arranged a meeting in the nunciature between the Pope and the leaders of the opposition.
Seven Chilean priests then wrote to the Pope to have Sodano removed from his post as Nuncio.
The two Secretaries of State: Cardinal Sodano ( Secretary of State of the Holy See ) with Condoleezza Rice ( Secretary of State of the United States | U. S. ).
Due to the deteriorating health of John Paul II, it was Cardinal Sodano, as Secretary of State, who was the principal celebrant at the funeral Masses for Cardinal John O ' Connor and Mother Teresa.
On 22 June 2006, Benedict XVI appointed Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone to replace Sodano as the Secretary of State.

turned and 80
Bogart had just turned 57 and weighed 80 pounds ( 36 kg ) when he died on January 14, 1957, after falling into a coma.
It was after the veteran TV globetrotter Alan Whicker and journalist Miles Kington turned down presenting the first of these, Around the World in 80 Days, that gave Palin the opportunity to present his first and subsequent travel shows.
The rights to the game were initially licensed to Selchow and Righter in 1982, then to Parker Brothers ( now part of Hasbro ) in 1988, after initially being turned down by the Virgin Group ; in 2008, Hasbro bought out the rights in full, for US $ 80 million.
Despite threats of reprisal, however, 80 percent of the Muslim electorate turned out to vote in September, and of these 96 percent approved the constitution.
Later in life, he turned to character parts in such films as: Around the World in 80 Days ( 1956 ), How to Steal a Million ( 1966, featuring Audrey Hepburn ), Is Paris Burning?
In July 2003, 80 plaintiffs from Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands and Kazakhstan turned to the European Court for Human Rights, claiming that their right to life had been violated by Russia authorities ' handling of the standoff.
By 1938 on Sundays upwards of 80 % of the British audience turned their dials away from the BBC to these IBC stations which followed an American format of commercial broadcasting.
No. 3 became the first new locomotive to travel on the railway for over 80 years in 1951, but it frequently derailed, and on inspection it turned out that the Talyllyn track was laid approximately half an inch ( 13 mm ) wider than the official gauge, a deliberate policy by the old company to accommodate the long wheelbase of Talyllyn.
Things turned around in 1959 as the Dodgers captured another NL title, with Hodges contributing 25 HRs and 80 RBI and hitting. 276, coming in seventh in the league with a. 513 slugging mark ; he also led the NL with a. 992 fielding average.
Dunlops arranged the pacing for the plain chain men, and turned out some 80 riders and £ 2 000-worth of pacing machines.
Those three and Rio Grande do Sul harvested 60 % of Brazil's crops, turned out 75 % of its industrial and meat products, and held 80 % of its banking resources.
One of those three, Joseph Ratzinger, was elected Pope in the resulting conclave and took the name Benedict XVI, another one ( Jaime Sin ) did not attend that conclave for health reasons and died shortly afterwards, and the third, William Wakefield Baum, turned 80 on 21 November 2006.
: King turned the question to Kelley, saying, " Kitty, it is kind of hoi polloi, although it is an incredible sport in which, I have been told, that the horse is 80 percent of the game, the rider 20 percent.
Because he turned 80 on 8 May 2002, Cardinal Gantin was not eligible to vote in the 2005 Papal Election.
It is worth noting that this attendance was probably bettered, when Albion played Newcastle in a fifth round tie in 1954, when over 80, 000 people turned up.
After she turned 80, she asked Paul Haenen to write a play ( Een bijzonder prettig vergezicht ) in which she and her daughter Petra played.
A 10-year, $ 80 million deal was turned down by Gáborík, and the Wild consequently began entertaining trade offers from NHL teams.
At 350, 000 French Francs ($ 80, 000 ) per week for a group of 10 people, the operation quickly turned in to a sinking disaster, for lack of customers.
Etchegaray turned 80 in 2002 and thus lost the right to participate in a conclave, and so did not participate in the 2005 conclave, which elected Pope Benedict XVI.
There were some 80 major uprisings in the republic, which often turned into armed rebellions.
The most famous Italian drivers, who won a lot even in Europe, are Ludovico Scarfiotti ( famous Ferrari driver who won the F1 race in Monza 1966 ), " Noris " ( he won almost every race in Italy until 1972, when he died ), Domenico Scola ( who runs a Sport Prototype even now at the age of 80 ), Mauro Nesti ( over 20 championships between Italy and Europe, from the 1970s to the 1990s ), Ezio Baribbi ( three times Italian champion ), Fabio Danti ( 1994 Italian champion, 1995-96 European champion, died in 2000 ), Pasquale Irlando ( Italian champion in the early 1990s and European champion in the last 1990s, the one who turned the Osella PA20 in the monster we all know ), Franz Tschager ( three times European champion in the early 2000s ), Simone Faggioli ( the real Italian champion of the 2000s ) and Denny Zardo ( Italian champion in 2005 and 2008, European champion in 2003, he wins with every car he drives )
Over three days ( 17 – 19 September ), over 30 million people from 80 nations turned out in order to Clean Up their world in May 2009.
What began as a short-term project turned into a seventeen year quest, with Ravilious making some 80, 000 black and white images for Beaford Arts, and preserving some additional 5, 000 old photographs of the area.
He turned his energies to recruiting more Fenians within his regiment, bringing in up to 80 new members.

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