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Solek's and is
On the eve of Solek's bar mitzvah, Kristallnacht occurs, and his sister is killed by Nazis.
( This is much to Solek's consternation, but of course he cannot refuse.
Solek's relief is tempered by Gerd's death in the bombing.

Solek's and when
They are about to have Solek shot by an elderly Communist political prisoner ( wearing a red triangle on his camp uniform ) when Solek's brother Isaak, just released from a concentration camp, identifies Solek and saves him.

pretense and is
Its pretense to operate in the public interest is little more than a sham.
the heroic act is the casting off of pretense.
In its worst form, crony capitalism can devolve into simple corruption, where any pretense of a free market is dispensed with.
The Baron's intent to exterminate the Atreides line seems close to fruition as Duke Leto Atreides is lured to the desert planet Arrakis on the pretense of taking over the valuable melange operation there.
In other cases, the association is mere pretense.
Some Christian theologians, some fundamentalists, and others pejoratively refer to any philosophy which they see as literal-minded or they believe carries a pretense of being the sole source of objective truth as fundamentalist, regardless of whether it is usually called a religion.
which would possess the ability " really and truly to be what it is, without the ideological pretense of being something else.
He wrote that " the same thing is offered to everybody by the standardised production of consumption goods " but this is concealed under " the manipulation of taste and the official culture's pretense of individualism ".
They do not use names, but instead are assigned numbers ; the protagonist is assigned Number Six, but ostentatiously refuses to go by this, refusing to give into the pretense.
His statements in this respect call to mind the statements of US Supreme Court Chief Justice Harlan Fiske Stone who wrote " Chief US prosecutor Jackson is away conducting his high-grade lynching party in Nuremberg, I don't mind what he does to the Nazis, but I hate to see the pretense that he is running a court and proceeding according to common law.
In the present day, necromancy is more generally used as a term to describe the pretense of manipulation of death and the dead, often facilitated through the use of ritual magic or some other kind of occult ceremony.
Stuart Hall asserts that mainstream mass communication in the United States holds the illusion of democratic pluralism-“ the pretense that society is held together by common norms, including equal opportunity, respect for diversity, one person-one vote, individual rights and rule of law ”.
Kleptocracy, alternatively cleptocracy or kleptarchy, ( from-kleptēs, " thief " and κράτος-kratos, " power, rule ", hence " rule by thieves ") is a form of political and government corruption where the government exists to increase the personal wealth and political power of its officials and the ruling class at the expense of the wider population, often without pretense of honest service.
This has seen culture become, in his words, " a profession one of whose aspects is the pretense of overthrowing it.
The couple grow distant, however, as Hurstwood abandons any pretense of fine manners toward Carrie, and she realizes that Hurstwood no longer is the suave, powerful manager of his Chicago days.
There is no need to put on airs or pretense.
But the emotion fueling her pretense is cathartic nevertheless.
A large majority of microloans is awarded to women, often under the pretense of ensuring their empowerment.
This storyline is a continuation of a plot idea that originally began in the fourth season, when the Douglases visit Scotland on the pretense of having been told they had inherited a castle in the highlands.
While many victims of these persecutions did not, in fact, have any connection to those regimes, cooperation between German minority organisations and Nazi regime did occur, as the example of Selbstschutz shows, which is still used as a pretense of hostilities against those who did not take part in such organisations.
In the text the pretense of Gub-Gub's authorship is dropped, Tommy Stubbins, Dr. Dolittle's assistant, explains that he is reporting a series of Gub-Gub's discourses to the other animals of the Dolittle household around the evening fire.
Although in U. S. media Barak's offer was often portrayed as being " generous ," the Israeli group Gush Shalom stated that " the offer is a pretense of generosity for the benefit of the media ", and included detailed maps of what the offer specifically entailed.

pretense and when
Boniface's political ambitions directly affected Dante when the pope, under the pretense of peacemaking, invited Charles of Valois to intervene in the affairs of Florence.
In a flash, The Dude unravels the whole scheme: when the Big Lebowski heard that Bunny was kidnapped, he used it as a pretense for an embezzlement scheme, in which he withdrew the ransom money from the family charity to keep for himself.
The King failed to move against the Mussolini regime's abuses of power ( including, as early as 1924, the assassination of Giacomo Matteotti and other opposition MPs ) and remained silent during the winter of 1925 – 26 when Mussolini dropped all pretense of democracy.
The king remained silent as Mussolini engaged in one abuse of power after another from 1924 onward, culminating in December 1925 when he dropped all pretense of democracy.
Hunt's folksy manner, lack of pretense and unbridled enthusiasm led Emerson to gush, " I could only think of the immense advantage which a thinking soul possesses when horsed on a robust and vivacious temperament.
Chu has been released from prison on the pretense that he is terminally ill, and Chu and his clan continue to harass Chan and his girlfriend May as Chan gets reinstated to the detective unit when criminal bombers begin extorting money from businessmen.
The whole army was assembled under pretense of a general review and lustration, when the king, at the instigation of Perdiccas, suddenly demanded the surrender and punishment of all the leaders in the late disorders.
Stunned by the rigors of Air Force recruit training, Jeena tried to leave under the pretense that her father was ill, and when that ruse failed, she tried claiming to be a lesbian.
However, he abandoned his pretense out of remorse when his attention-seeking behavior attracted a serial killer who murdered his wife and daughter.
Nonetheless, the pretense of having a choice through elections was important for the nobility, and when in 1530 Sigismund I the Old attempted to secure the hereditary throne for his 10-year old son, this provoked a political crisis, and the Polish parliament, the sejm, ruled that a new king cannot be chosen during the life of his predecessor ( this issue became known in the Polish politics as the vivente rege ).
Tosh reveals the redemption segment is really an " intervention " about 2 / 3 of the way through when he lures Tim into leaving the room with him on the pretense of going to see " a Lady Antebellum laser light show "; when they open the door to leave the interview room, Tim discovers they are in a small hotel conference room, in which Tim's " family and friends " are gathered all around.
When the triangulated category is K ( A ) for some abelian category A, and when X, Y, Z are objects of A placed in degree 0 in their eponymous complexes, and when the maps are injections in A, then the cones are literally the above quotients, and the pretense becomes truth.
In 1961, when announcing the wedding the future Juan Carlos I of Spain and Sofia of Greece, the Spanish Royal House issued the young prince, as titles of pretense, the style of " Prince of Asturias ," " Prince of Girona ," and " Prince of Viana " — these three titles referring to his status as heir apparent to the kingdoms of Castile, Aragon and Navarre respectively.
Although Bernardo is sometimes portrayed as a little silly even when no pretense is required, he is also a capable and invaluable disciple for Zorro and Diego, even wearing the mask himself occasionally when the need arises.
However, the release of Ten Years of Harmony kept the pretense going and, unexpectedly, the M. I. U. Album cover of " Come Go with Me " became a US top-twenty hit when released as a single from this collection.
He later saw her again when the three tricked Goro into working at an abandoned site under the pretense of a part-time job but to use him as a sacrifice to revive Gou.
* Nov. 9, 1924-North Side Gang leader Dion O ' Banion was shot multiple times and died, when three men identified as Albert Anselmi, John Scalise and the handshaker, Frankie Yale, entered O ' Bannion's flower shop, " Schofield's ," 736 N. State Street, across from Holy Name Cathedral, on the pretense of picking up a floral arrangement.
Although Bernardo is sometimes portrayed as a little silly even when no pretense is required, he is also a capable and invaluable disciple for Zorro and Diego, even wearing the mask himself occasionally when the need arises.

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