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Solek's and is
On the eve of Solek's bar mitzvah, Kristallnacht occurs, and his sister is killed by Nazis.
( This is much to Solek's consternation, but of course he cannot refuse.
Solek's pretense is nearly exposed when the Gestapo investigates " Jupp "' s supposed parentage.

Solek's and by
They are about to have Solek shot by an elderly Communist political prisoner ( wearing a red triangle on his camp uniform ) when Solek's brother Isaak, just released from a concentration camp, identifies Solek and saves him.

relief and is
The chancellor of the Exchequer wrote on the petition: `` in myn opinion it is very resonable and conscionable for hir maiestie to graunt in relief of this towne twise afflicted and almost wasted by fire ''.
-- Your July 26 editorial regarding the position of Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy on prospective tax relief for DuPont stockholders is based on an erroneous statement of fact.
the difference between Mr. Parker and the Association is a difference between no Christianity and Christianity '' -- despite these supposed conclusive assurances, the modern liberal heaves repeatedly a sigh of relief, of positive thanksgiving, that the Association never quite brought itself officially to expel Parker.
As he gazes seaward, Tarrou says with a sense of relief that it is good to be there.
* 1897 – Anglo-Afghan War: The Siege of Malakand ends when a relief column is able to reach the British garrison in the Malakand states adjacent to India's North West Frontier Province.
While paracetamol is usually taken orally or rectally, an intravenous preparation introduced in 2002 has been shown to improve pain relief and reduce opioid consumption in the perioperative setting.
Nefopam is used in Europe for pain relief with concurrent opioids.
The sword carried by the Republic in the Marseillaise relief broke off on the day, it is said, that the Battle of Verdun began in 1916.
Abated, an ancient technical term applied in masonry and metal work to those portions which are sunk beneath the surface, as in inscriptions where the ground is sunk round the letters so as to leave the letters or ornament in relief.
Lake Foy Sagar is situated in the outskirts of the city, it is a picturesque artificial lake that was created as a famine relief project in 1892.
An anti-diarrhoeal drug ( or anti-diarrheal drug ( American English )) is any medication which provides symptomatic relief for diarrhoea.
* Opioids ' classical use besides pain relief is as an anti-diarrhoeal drug.
A notable opioid for the purpose of relief of diarrhoea is loperamide which is only an agonist of the μ opioid receptors in the large intestine and does not have opioid affects in the central nervous system as it doesn't cross the blood – brain barrier in significant amounts.
British Columbia's geography is epitomized by the variety and intensity of its physical relief, which has defined patterns of Human settlement | settlement and industry since colonization.
However, the run scored by the batter is counted as earned against the relief pitcher, but unearned to the team ( since there should have already been three outs ).
It is doubtful any individual has ever given more entertainment, pleasure and relief to so many human beings when they needed it the most ".
Initial treatment is aimed at providing symptomatic relief.
Before 1873, England had two parallel court systems: courts of " law " that could only award money damages and recognized only the legal owner of property, and courts of " equity " ( courts of chancery ) that could issue injunctive relief ( that is, a court order to a party to do something, give something to someone, or stop doing something ) and recognized trusts of property.
The 13th century Terrace of the Leper King is known for its dynamic relief sculptures of demon kings, dancers, and nāgas.
It is one of a series of projects and reforms required by the International Monetary Fund as prerequisites for foreign debt relief.
So the amount of solar radiation that it receive is much lower than it would if it had without the Island's relief which intercepts much of the sun.
Conversely, the islands do not receive the upwellings ( cold streams ) that affect the West African coast, so the air temperature is cooler than in Senegal, but the sea is actually warmer, because the orographic relief of some islands, as Sao Miguel with steep mountains, cover it with rich woods and luxuriant vegetation where the dense moisture condense and soak the plants, rocks, soil, logs, moss etc.

relief and tempered
Gravano's relief at being acquitted was tempered by news close friend, D ' Angelo, had been killed by a Colombo family associate celebrating his having been proposed for membership.
Romania's relief was tempered by tough opposition in the last eight, and Italy, who would end up seconds from being crowned European champions in an agonizing final, comfortably saw them off 2 – 0 in Brussels.

relief and by
In 1961 the first important legislative victory of the Kennedy Administration came when the principle of national responsibility for local economic distress won out over a `` state's-responsibility '' proposal -- provision was made for payment for unemployment relief by nation-wide taxation rather than by a levy only on those states afflicted with manpower surplus.
To the extent that the jurisdictional principle of 1875 stands unmodified by subsequent legislation, federal equitable relief against state action must be available -- or so it seems to Mr. Justice Frankfurter.
People who have not been able to get relief from regular medical doctors are especially apt to be taken in by quacks ''.
For wasp stings onion juice, obtained by scraping an onion, gave quick relief.
What she felt was a bone-deep loss with a sense of waste to it, not so much sorrow for handsome, ambitious Bobbie, but for the lost years that had been brought into high relief by his death.
Most of their original objections about `` shells '' were overridden by the relief that these hideous ( to them ) bodies were mercifully concealed.
Gettysburg was his finest hour, but his relief by Maj. Gen. George G. Meade caused lasting enmity between the two men.
Justina and her son fled ; but Ambrose remained at his post, and did good service to many of the sufferers by causing the plate of the church to be melted for their relief.
There, Alfred blockaded them, and with a relief fleet having been scattered by a storm, the Danes were forced to submit.
Algardi died in Rome within a year of completing his famous relief, which was admired by contemporaries.
* Ainia, presumably accompanied Penthesilea to the Trojan War, killed by Achilles ; known only from an Attic terracotta relief fragment.
The most remarkable of his works are Mercury and Ignorance, the Deluge, Pharaoh's Host Drowned in the Red Sea ( after Titian ), the Triumph of Caesar ( after Mantegna ), and Christ retiring from the judgment-seat of Pilate after a relief by Giambologna.
The relief was immediately hidden by tarpaulins to conceal the accident and avoid any undesired ominous interpretations.
Impalement of Judea ns by Assyrian soldiers ( Assyria | Neo-Assyrian relief )
BBC Breakfast business bulletins are presented by Steph McGovern with Penny Haslam offering relief.
The laurel forest is a type of cloud forest, the cloud forests, are developed preferably about mountains, where the dense moisture from the sea or ocean, is precipitated by the action of the relief.
Some relief was provided by the Anglo-American loan, negotiated in December 1945.
:: If patients fail to experience the healing power of Christian Science, and think they can be benefited by certain ordinary physical methods of medical treatment, then the Mind-physician should give up such cases, and leave invalids free to resort to whatever other systems they fancy will afford relief.
In 2006, the company completed its promise, having paid a total of $ 180 million ( and an additional $ 17 million from a relief fund run by Lutnick's sister, Edie ).

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