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Some and 43
Some time before Claudius ' conquest of AD 43, power shifted to the Trinovantes, who held the region northeast of the Thames estuary from a capital at Camulodunum.
Some studies show that consuming spinach or collard greens five times a week cuts the risk of macular degeneration by 43 %.
Some were fitted with a high-velocity KwK 40 L / 43 75-mm gun, the same gun used in a Panzer IV Ausf F2.
Some of Nearco's descendants were ranked among the Top 100 U. S. Racehorses of the 20th Century by The Blood-Horse magazine: # 2 Secretariat, # 9 Seattle Slew, # 19 Bold Ruler, # 24 Nashua, # 35 Ruffian, # 43 Northern Dancer, # 57 Riva Ridge and # 86 Fort Marcy.
Some of these ammunition had a 43. 56 kg high-explosive shell, or a 48. 78 kg armour-piercing shell, or the heaviest of all, the 53-G-545 ( 53-Г-545 ) long range concrete-piercing ammunition with a 56 kg shell.
Some 3, 662, 374 military service certificates were issued, with a face value of $ 3. 638 billion ( 2010: $ 43. 7 billion ).
Some 450 international observers from 43 countries monitored the polls in one of the largest and longest election observation missions in the OSCE's history
Some of the stones are broken ; some of these fragments may originally have been joined together, such that there were originally between 41 and 43 stones.
The Demography of Cecil Sharp ’ s Somerset Folk Singers " in Historical Journal: 43 ( 2000 ): 3: 751-75, and " Cecil Sharp in Somerset: Some Reflections on the Work of David Harker " in Folklore 113 ( 2002 ): 11-34 ), were a devastating deconstruction of Dave Harker ’ s " orthodoxy ", charging Harker with having misrepresenting the data and distorted statistics for ideological reasons.
Some 43, 000 non-Jewish Belgians were also deported to German camps of which 13, 000 died.
#" Grow Some Funk of Your Own " ( John, Davey Johnstone, Taupin )-4: 43
Some 43, 000 people complied with the order to evacuate the region immediately ; those who refused were forced to leave their homes.
For a Protestant perspective, see J. Rendel Harris, “ Some Notes on the Gospel-Harmony of Zacharias Chrysopolitanus ,” Journal of Biblical Literature 43 no.
Some 18, 000 people in the ghetto are believed to have died during a famine in 1942, and altogether, about 43, 500 people died in the ghetto from starvation and disease.
Some references list his actual birth date as August 22, 1811 ( Waters, p. 43 ), while others list it as August 26, 1811 ( Congress Bioguide ; and Massachusetts Vital Records ).
* Bert Hodges, " Notes on the History of the Creek Nation and Some of Its Leaders ," Chronicles of Oklahoma 43 ( 1965 ): 9-18.
# " Some Lie 4 Love "-3: 43

Some and million
Some companies also use BtuE6 in order to reduce confusion between a thousand Btu vs. a million Btu.
Some estimates put the total number of species, described and undescribed, at as high as 100 million, but a figure of 1 million is more widely accepted.
Some accounts regard members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church ( roughly 45 million ), the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church ( roughly 2. 5 million ), as members of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Some 2. 1 million tourists arrived in the country in 1999, not including visiting Dominicans.
Some granites contain around 10 to 20 parts per million of uranium.
Some 2. 6 million people had fled East Germany by 1961 when he built the Berlin Wall to stop them — shooting those who attempted it.
Some have expressed surprise that Heinz has responded to what they view as a small number of complainants, relative to the United Kingdom's 3. 6 million gay and lesbian consumers.
Some estimates suggest that 10 million mammoths are still buried in Siberia.
Some sources suggest that there are about ten million known compounds.
Some have also included the deaths of 6 to 8 million people in the 1932 – 1933 famine among the victims of Stalin's repression.
Some researchers estimate that altogether more than 3 million people were captured and enslaved during the time of the Crimean Khanate.
Some historians estimate that between 11 and 18 million African slaves crossed the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, and Sahara Desert from 650 AD to 1900 AD.
Some sources estimate that over 30, 000 people were working on the canal at any given period, that altogether more than 1. 5 million people from various countries were employed, and that thousands of laborers died on the project.
Some 23 million children received school meals or take-home rations.
Some 4. 4 million people received assistance through cash or voucher programmes in 2011.
Some estimate the spill to be 428 million gallons, making it the largest unintentional oil spill until it was surpassed by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in 2010.
Also, two large tracts totaling $ 1. 5 million were sold, and smaller tracts of flatlands and cattle pastures were purchased by exotic-sounding companies such as the Latin-American Development and Management Corporation and the Reedy Creek Ranch Corporation ( Some of these names are now memorialized on a window above Main Street, U. S. A. in the Magic Kingdom ).
Some soils may contain up to one million species of microbes per gram ( most of those species being unknown ), making soil the most abundant ecosystem on Earth.
Some of the world's major rivers, the Indus, the Ganges, and the Tsangpo-Brahmaputra, rise in the Himalayas, and their combined drainage basin is home to some 600 million people.
Some researchers estimate that altogether more than 3 million people, predominantly Ukrainians but also Russians, Belarusians and Poles, were captured and enslaved during the time of the Crimean Khanate.
Some countries with an opt-out system like Spain ( 34 effective donors per million inhabitants ) or Austria ( 21 donors / million ) have high donor rates and some countries with opt-in systems like Germany ( 16 donors / million ) or Greece ( six donors / million ) have effective donation lower rates.

Some and Americans
Some others, like in Europe wanted republican independence as the French and Americans.
Some friendly Native Americans ( including Squanto ) helped the Pilgrims survive through the first winter.
Some early Americans used trees or bamboo poles to cross small caverns or wells to get from one place to another.
Some Native Americans treated meteorites as ceremonial objects.
Some Americans tried to organize a boycott of advertisers on the show, in protest of Lewinsky capitalizing on her notoriety.
Some pagans are influenced by Animist traditions of the indigenous Native Americans and Africans and other indigenous or shamanic traditions.
Some devout Christian Americans have been disinclined to believe that there may have been non-religious ( or even non-Christian ) presidents, especially amongst the Founding Fathers of the United States.
Some Native Americans captured Europeans and used them as both labourers and bargaining chips ; see for example John R. Jewitt, an Englishman who wrote a memoir about his years as a captive of the Nootka people on the Pacific Northwest Coast from 1802 – 1805.
Some Native Americans regard dancing as a form of prayer.
Some activists within the New Left and the social justice movements compared America's prison system to concentration camps designed to oppress African Americans.
Some Chicano nationalist groups seek to " recreate " Aztlán, the legendary homeland of the Aztecs comprising the Southwestern United States which is home to the majority of Mexican Americans.
Some Italian Americans on the East Coast and around the Chicago area refer to tomato sauce as " gravy ", " tomato gravy ", or " Sunday gravy ", especially sauces with a large quantity of meat simmered in them, similar to the Italian Neapolitan ragù.
Some Americans may build a shrine in their home dedicated to loved ones who have died, with pictures of them.
Some historians state that the Bermudian-built privateers played a decisive role in the Americans achieving independence.
Some traditional diplomats quaked at the thought of thousands of young Americans scattered across their world.
Some Native Americans use soapstone for smoking pipes ; numerous examples have been found among artifacts of different cultures and are still in use today.
Some historians credit the large number of Bermuda sloops ( reckoned at over a thousand ) built in Bermuda as privateers and sold illegally to the Americans as enabling the rebellious colonies to win their independence.
Some have suggested that the Americans ' preference for the term " street railway " at that time was influenced by German emigrants to the United States ( who were more numerous than British immigrants in the industrialized Northeast ), as it is the same as the German term for the mode, Straßenbahn ( meaning " street railway ").
Some individuals and religious groups, for example, retain beliefs or practices which involve acts contrary to established law, such as the use of cannabis by members of the Rastafari movement, the religious use of eagle feathers by non-Native Americans ( contrary to the eagle feather law, 50 CFR 22 ), or the practice of polygamy amongst Mormons in the 19th century.
Some studies have shown that Native Americans inhabited the peninsula since about 8000 – 10000 BC, since the last Ice Age.
Some ranchos, such as Rancho El Escorpión and Rancho Little Temecula, were land grants directly to Native Americans.
Some islanders, especially in St David's, trace their ancestry to Native Americans, and many more are ignorant of such ancestry.
Some viewers, however, saw Oscar as a " surrogate for poor, urban Americans " during the show's early seasons.
Some Ho-Chunk and Potawatomi warriors with grievances against Americans took part in these raids, although most members of those tribes tried to avoid the conflict.

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