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Some and Hindus
Some Indian regions, such as Rajasthan, Gujarat and Karnataka, have been strongly influenced by Jains and often the majority of the local Hindus of every denomination have also become vegetarian.
Some 18 chapters of Vyasa's Jaya constitutes the Bhagavad Gita, the sacred text of the Hindus.
Some Hindus find support for, or foreshadowing of evolutionary ideas in scriptures, namely the Vedas.
Some cultures exchange additional rings: In some parts of India, Hindus may use a toe ring or bichiya which is worn instead of a ring on a finger ; although this is only for women, and increasingly worn along with a finger ring.
Some Jews argue that God has a relationship with all gentile monotheists ( or perceived monotheists ), including Hindus, who in the past may have been ( mis ) interpreted as having a polytheist faith ( see also Hindu views on monotheism ), as well as with members of other religions such as Buddhism.
Some Hindus believe the Buddha accepted and incorporated many tenets of Hinduism in his doctrine, however, Buddhists disagree and state there was no such thing as Hinduism at the time of Buddha and in fact, " Indeed, it absorbed so many Buddhist traits that it is virtually impossible to distinguish the latter in medieval and later Hinduism.
Some 18 chapters of Vyasa's Jaya constitutes the Bhagavad Gita, the sacred text of the Hindus.
Some historians strike a middle ground, saying that Qasim was torn between the political expediency of making peace with the Hindus and Buddhists ; having to call upon non-Muslims to serve under him as part of his mandate to administer newly conquered land ; and orthodoxy by refraining from seeking the co-operation of " infidels ".
Some academics assert that such practices were influenced by Hinduism long ago when Muslims and Hindus co-existed in the sub-continent.
Some Punjabi Hindus can also be found in the surrounding areas as well as the recent cosmopolitan migrants in big cities like Mumbai.
Some Hindus believe that third-sex people have special powers allowing them to bless or curse others.
Some strict Gaudiya Vaishnavas, most commonly initiated ISKCON devotees, will eat only prasada, i. e., everything they eat is first offered to Lord Krishna, not simply a few items like most other Hindus do.
Some of the essays have been criticized by peer reviewers as being insufficiently objective about relations between Indian Muslims, Hindus and the British political classes.
Some Hindus believe that Indian tribals are close to the romantic ideal of the ancient silvan culture of the Vedic people.
Some Patuas are Hindus, while others are Muslims and Buddhists.
Some of the people from East Bengal, mainly Hindus, migrated to West Bengal during the Partition of India in 1947.
Some of the people considered by Hindus to be sāttvika are:
Some 18 chapters of Vyasa's Jaya constitutes the Bhagavad Gita, the sacred text of the Hindus.
During the partition period, the Muslim population of the district, Some 30 %, left for Pakistan while Hindus and Sikhs from West Punjab in newly created Pakistan migrated in the opposite direction.
Some Pashtuns, in particular, do refer to Punjabis as Hindus as an insult to their perceived lax interpretation of Islam, but such terminology is not widespread, and the slur is not used to refer to Punjabis outside of an insulting context in general.

Some and support
Some of the most dramatic successes of Communism in winning local support can be traced to the identification -- correct or not -- of Communist regimes with personal honesty and pro-Western regimes with corruption.
Some elements support the others, but all have limitations.
Some analysis is required in support of the design of the
Some types of motions will not be accepted by the court unless accompanied by an independent sworn statement or other evidence, in support of the need for the motion.
Supporters of this view believe that “ to a hypothetical outside reader, presents Christianity as enlightened, harmless, even beneficent .” Some believe that through this work, Luke intended to show the Roman Empire that the root of Christianity is within Judaism so that the Christians “ may receive the same freedom to practice their faith that the Roman Empire afforded the Jews .” Those who support the view of Luke ’ s work as political apology generally draw evidence from the facts that Christians are found innocent of committing any political crime ( Acts 25: 25 ; 19: 37 ; 19: 40 ) and that Roman officials ’ views towards Christians are generally positive.
Some scientific testing of astrology has been conducted, and no evidence has been found to support any of the premises or purported effects outlined in astrological traditions.
Some high performance permanent PSAs exhibit high adhesion values and can support kilograms of weight per square centimeter of contact area, even at elevated temperature.
Some clinicians emphasize the need to talk with individuals experiencing mania, to develop a therapeutic alliance in support of recovery.
Some historians have cited the U. S. intervention and bombing campaign ( spanning 1965 – 1973 ) as a significant factor leading to increased support of the Khmer Rouge among the Cambodian peasantry.
Some interpreters find support for the " midtrib " position by comparing a passage in Paul's epistles with the book of Revelation.
Some dissenting groups continue to solicit support among current members of the church.
Some take this as evidence in support of " the Celtic rather than the German theory ".
Some economists advocated state support of public works and education.
Some processors, like the Intel 80386 and its successors, have hardware support for context switches, by making use of a special data segment designated the Task State Segment or TSS.
Some of these technologies include speech recognition software to allow computers to handle first level of customer support, text mining and natural language processing to allow better customer handling, agent training by automatic mining of best practices from past interactions, support automation and many other technologies to improve agent productivity and customer satisfaction.
Some Jews contend that Christians cite commandments from the Old Testament to support one point of view but then ignore other commandments of a similar class that are also of equal weight.
Some Christians agree that Jews who accept Jesus should still observe all of Torah, see for example Dual-covenant theology, based on warnings by Jesus to Jews not to use him as an excuse to disregard it, and they support efforts of those such as Messianic Jews ( Messianic Judaism is considered by most Christians and Jews to be a form of Christianity ) to do that, but some Protestant forms of Christianity oppose all observance to the Mosaic law, even by Jews, which Luther criticised as Antinomianism, see Antinomianism # Antinomian Controversies in Lutheranism and Luther # Anti-Antinomianism for details.
Some have hardware support for operations like scanning for a substring, arbitrary-precision BCD arithmetic, or transcendental functions, while others have only 8-bit addition and subtraction.
Some levels are interdependent but a PBX may omit support of some levels ( above 6 ) and support others.
Some modern scholars and archaeologists have argued that Essenes inhabited the settlement at Qumran, a plateau in the Judean Desert along the Dead Sea, citing Pliny the Elder in support, and giving credence that the Dead Sea Scrolls are the product of the Essenes.
Some, like theologian and ecclesiastical historian John Henry Newman, understand Eusebius ' statement that he had heard Dorotheus of Tyre " expound the Scriptures wisely in the Church " to indicate that Eusebius was Dorotheus ' pupil while the priest was resident in Antioch ; others, like the scholar D. S. Wallace-Hadrill, deem the phrase too ambiguous to support the contention.
Some economic theories have been developed that support the idea of expanding or shrinking a money supply as economic conditions warrant.
Some Islamic organizations cite it in support of the Islamic view of Jesus.

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