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Some and Japanese
Some observers ( including George Kennan ) believed that the Japanese treaty led Stalin to approve a plan to invade U. S .- supported South Korea on June 25, 1950.
Some Chaosium products have been translated into French, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Spanish and Italian, and were available in France from Jeux Descartes, in Germany from Pegasus Press, in Spain from Joc Internacional and La factoría de ideas and in Italy from Stratelibri and Grifo Edizioni.
Some television shows such as Deadliest Warrior have incorrectly portrayed butted mail as having been used historically in Europe or the Middle East ( in reality, Japanese mail ( kusari ) is one of the few historically correct examples of mail being constructed with such butted links ).
Some blamed him for not doing enough against the Japanese forces in the lead-up to, and during, the Second Sino-Japanese War, preferring to withhold his armies for the fight against the Communists, or merely waiting and hoping that the United States would get involved.
Some of the gadgets ( dōgu ) are based on real Japanese household devices with fanciful twists, but most are completely science fiction ( although some may be based on folklore or religious stories ).
Some Japanese Portraits.
Some 7, 000 Germans, Italians and Japanese would be detained at Ellis Island.
Some popular types of ethnic foods include Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, American, Cajun, Thai, and Indian cuisine.
Some notable Japanese films are Tokyo Story, Seven Samurai, Ugetsu, Tampopo, In the Realm of the Senses, and Godzilla.
Some manual representations of non-Roman scripts such as Chinese, Japanese, Devanagari, Hebrew, Greek, Thai and Russian alphabets are based to some extent on the one-handed Latin alphabet described above.
Some websites and tools exist which provide a phonetic guide for Japanese web pages ( in hiragana, romaji or kiriji ); these are popular with both Japanese children and foreign Japanese learners.
Some scientists say that the 2011 Japanese nuclear accidents have revealed that the nuclear industry lacks sufficient oversight, leading to renewed calls to redefine the mandate of the IAEA so that it can better police nuclear power plants worldwide.
Some Canadian – Japanese contacts predate the mutual establishment of permanent legations.
Some forms rather more familiar to Modern Japanese speakers begin to appear – the continuative ending-te begins to reduce onto the verb ( e. g. yonde for earlier yomite ), the-k-in the final syllable of adjectives drops out ( shiroi for earlier shiroki ); and some forms exist where modern standard Japanese has retained the earlier form ( e. g. hayaku > hayau > hayɔɔ, where modern Japanese just has hayaku, though the alternative form is preserved in the standard greeting o-hayō gozaimasu " good morning "; this ending is also seen in o-medetō " congratulations ", from medetaku ).
Some Japanese consonants have several allophones, which may give the impression of a larger inventory of sounds.
Some of Japanese dishes in this sense that are well known outside the country are sushi, sashimi, tempura, and buckwheat noodles ( soba ).
Some of the less formal kinds of foods that foreigners typically associate with Japanese food may not fall under this washoku definition in this strict sense.
Some standard osōzai or dishes feature stir fried Japanese greens with age or ( dried small fish, young sardines ).
Some critics class him with Akira Kurosawa, Kenji Mizoguchi and Yasujirō Ozu as one of the masters of Japanese cinema.
Some sociologists have suggested that Japanese social interactions in later life are modeled on the mother-child amae.
Some, such as Japanese r, are not defined by centrality ; Japanese r varies between a central flap and a lateral flap.

Some and macrobiotic
Some macrobiotic practitioners also discourage the use of nightshades because of the alkaloid solanine, thought to affect calcium balance.
Some proponents of a macrobiotic diet believe that nightshade vegetables can cause inflammation in the body and osteoporosis.
Some basic macrobiotic ingredients
Some general guidelines for the Japanese style macrobiotic diet are the following ( it is also said that a macrobiotic diet varies greatly, depending on geographical and life circumstances ):
Some macrobiotic ingredients are also standard ingredients in Japanese cuisine.
Some dietary methods may contribute to sustainability such as macrobiotic, vegan, vegetarianism or restricting animal products to those produced using the above methods.

Some and theorists
Some theorists, however, have speculated on what they consider suitable pre-conditions, and basic mechanisms that might have been important driving forces.
Some theorists argue that Dada was actually the beginning of postmodern art.
Some theorists prefer to stick to Euclidean space and say that there is no dual.
Some historians and political theorists believe that the term feudalism has been deprived of specific meaning by the many ways it has been used, leading them to reject it as a useful concept for understanding society.
Some property rights theorists also take a consequentialist view of distributive justice and argue that property rights based justice also has the effect of maximizing the overall wealth of an economic system.
" Some left-wing theorists have tried to shield Marxism from any connection to the Soviet regime.
Some theorists argue that a metaphysical account of morality is necessary for the proper evaluation of actual moral theories and for making practical moral decisions ; others reason from opposite premises and suggest that we must impart ideas of moral intuition onto proper action before we can give a proper account of morality's metaphysics.
Some theorists argue that the common language is not homogenizing ; and that there still remain strong differences expressed within the mass media.
Some theorists have suggested that metaphors are not merely stylistic, but that they are cognitively important as well.
Some theorists and writers argued that human rights, liberal democracy and capitalist free market economics had become the only remaining ideological alternative for nations in the post – Cold War world.
Some 20th-century literary theorists, relying less on the opposition of prose and poetry, focused on the poet as simply one who creates using language, and poetry as what the poet creates.
Some anthropological theorists, however, while finding considerable fault with Lévi-Strauss's version of structuralism, did not turn away from a fundamental structural basis for human culture.
Some theorists propose that memory is unitary over all time scales, from milliseconds to years.
Some continuity theorists point to earlier intellectual revolutions occurring in the Middle Ages, usually referring to either a European " Renaissance of the 12th century " or a medieval " Muslim scientific revolution ", as a sign of continuity.
Some economic theorists consider the concept to be intellectually dishonest since, in reality, money is fungible.
Some theorists take this to mean that God is timeless — categories of past, present, and future just do not apply when we are talking about God.
Some chemical theorists apply statistical mechanics to provide a bridge between the microscopic phenomena of the quantum world and the macroscopic bulk properties of systems.
Some theorists have argued that family tends to be the strongest, most influential force which exists over the lifetime ; one essay has credited the majority of the student activism of the 1930s to the influence of parents.
Some theorists are interested in distinguishing between causal processes and non-causal processes ( Russell 1948 ; Salmon 1984 ).
Some art / literary theorists ( Wheeler, 2006 ; Alexander, 2011 ) have proposed alternatives to postmodern understandings of " authorship " using the complexity sciences and emergence theory.
Some of America's founding fathers are alleged by conspiracy theorists to have been members of this sect.
Some sociologists and theorists of culture have recognized the power of mass communication as a socialization device.
Some Communist states claimed to have abolished capitalism, although some Marxist theorists describe them as state capitalist, rather than anti-capitalist.
Some theorists hold that tribes represent a stage in social evolution intermediate between bands and states.

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